Friday, April 24, 2009

RHCE, RHCSS is Recession Proof

RHCE and RHCSS are definitely recessionproof international certiifications. At least, that is what IPSR Career Centre statistics reveal. In the last three months, out of the entire recruitment that IPSR Career centre generated, a plum 55% placements were realised by those with RHCE, RHCSS Certified. Read More ...

Those of you who still have doubts could read the highlights of the latest IDC MarketScape Report which shows that Redhat Certifications are really the best.

The 92nd RHCE Bootcamp at IPSR starts on May 4th at IPSR Kochi North Centre. For more details talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

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