Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RHCA Bootcamp Training in India

Do you know how many people have qualified the RHCA exam in India? JUST TWO! Yes, that’s true.
But IPSR plans to change that statistics soon. We who have mapped the Redhat Certification Training Scene (just google us, you’ll understand what we are saying) in the world are planning to take RHCA Certification by storm now. We are extremely happy to inform you that RHCA will be commencing from 1st week of September 2009 at IPSR. It goes without saying that if you join these initial batches you would become part of history. THE INCREDIBLE LIST OF THOSE WHO FIRST QUALIFIED RHCA IN INDIA.
Another great feature of RHCA@ipsr is that the Trainers’ Team will be headed by Arun Eapen from Redhat who is the first RHCA Certified from India, Regi Cyriac from IPSR who is the First RHCSS Certified Faculty in South India and Sarath Sasindran who is the second RHCSS Certified Faculty in South India.

The intake for each batch is only 6 candidates.
Duration : 4/6 days depending on the module
Location : Kochi -24, Kerala
Check the Course Schedule here
For more details contact us at +91 94472 94635

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