Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RHCE Bootcamp Testimonial - Agboola Michael Ojomo

RHCE International Bootcamp Participant Agboola Ojomo leaves IPSR Kochi, a thoroughly contented person. Read his testimonial.
"My RHCE experience in India has been one of the best knowledge share I have had in my academic history. The desire to impart this knowledge comes from the MD Dr Mendus right through to the lectures and even other staff of his organization. I specially thank my lecturers Mr Blesson and Mojan for taking pains to break down RHCE to me. Also Anish my wonderful escort in Cochin South and all my friends from Penguin Planet. Madam Coordinator Reshmi, thank you too. I hope to come back for RHCA classes so expect me 1st quarter of 2010.
Bye to India, Cochi, Kottayam for now till 2010."
Agboola Micheal Ojomo
Agboola Ojomo's Kottayam Visit

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