Monday, April 26, 2010

My Experience at IPSR - Tim Kitonyi, Kenya

I was preparing to sit for my RHCE exam in the month of April 2010, and I had some grey areas in the Network and Security sections, for which I lacked proper explanation when I attended the course earlier elsewhere.

My web search came up with IPSR, and I found that they were willing to give me the Rapid Track course I required. I wrote to them and got a response from Ms. Varsha Nevgi that I could attend the course within the month of April, and be able to take the exam thereafter.

At a very reasonable rate, IPSR provided me transportation from and to airport, accommodation, lunch, daily pickups and drops from hotel, the course, course material, and the exam.

They lived to their promise

I was picked from the airport as promised, and along the way, Mr. Robin Joseph, IPSR Business Manager joined me to help register at hotel and arranged for currency exchange. Mr. Robin took me for lunch thereafter, and escorted me to the IPSR IT Finishing School.

At Finishing School, I met two very humble people; Dr. Mendus Jacob, the Managing Director and CEO of IPSR Solutions and Mr. Sujith M, the Technical Director.

In addtion to this, at IPSR, I got a very good trainer Anand, who made every grey area I had as clear as daylight. Unlike my earlier trainer for the Network and Security course, Mr. Anand was keen to ensure that I understood what he was training me, and answered my questions sincerely. In fact at some instances, he went beyond the syllabus.

The Branch coordinator, Ms. Reshmi Nair was equally helpful and charming. She helped me a lot during the course of my training and it went smoothly.

When a National strike appeared to disrupt my examination plans scheduled for 27th April, everyone at IPSR went out of their way to help where they could. I had a flight to catch on 28th and an appointment in Nairobi on 29th April. To delay by a day was a nightmare.

Dr. Mendus Jacob called me with the good news that an alternative exam site had been found at Coimbatore. IPSR would even provide a car to take me there.

Tim Kitonyi,
Education Director,
Institute of Software Technologies,
P.O. Box 48487, Nairobi,

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