Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IPSR RHCE from the Land of Dodo

We got a chance to meet Mr. Sumesh Ramdayal from Mauritius who had been here at IPSR for Red Hat's gold standard IT certification program, RHCE that molds strong Linux Administrators to implement and manage Linux networks in corporate. Sumesh took his Diploma in Hospitality Management from American College, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. He is also a self-made entrepreneur who achieved two top honors of Mauritius Government, the Youth Excellence Award for young people aged between 14-29 and Best Entrepreneurship Award for thriving young entrepreneurs.

When we asked him of his experience at IPSR, he started enthusiastically and said, “It is elegant, the facilities are great, the weather is superb and some what similar to my country, but by far the best part of IPSR is the faculty and the calm atmosphere to learn and win your targeted IT certification. As an IT education institution, IPSR is very sharp and driven to really understand the fabric of students pulse especially students like me. But more importantly they are warm and welcoming and any visitor is quickly part of their tight-knit community. The CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob is highly inspiring and caring. The amount of learning between students is incredible, and my experience at IPSR has given me a window into the vivacity of Indians.”

In the holidays he found time to visit various places and he says the backwater cruise from Kottayam to Alappuzha was really an unforgettable experience. He got the company of French Couple Benat and Kamille on the way to Alappuzha and the parting was such a sweet sorrow when they told him “Tu nous manques!” (we miss you). Sumesh says about his trip to Mattancherry Palace, Kochi “I am so glad that I was able to experience Kerala on my own. I didn’t have to rush through places. I like to experience the history, nature, and atmosphere of the God’s own Country.”

Sumesh Ramdoyal at Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

The Kottayam Pakal Pooram was really eye-catching. About the festival he says “At evening when I heard the trembling echoes of drums I came to the crowded area. While walking around Temple I got a chance to meet mahouts and asked for some snapshots. They said sure & I took that very personally; I mean, I was feeling great passion!”

Sumesh Ramdayal along with Mr. Rajan (mahout) (Kottayam, Pakal Pooram)

Before we end up the discussion, he talked about the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Thekkady. He was very happy to see lot of elephants together. He says “it’s my first time I saw herds”. He showed us the life like pictures of elephants drinking water from small rivulets, roaring tigers standing so close and lots and lots. He spotted the location of Mauritius in Google Maps and emotionally explained the location by saying “its so close”. He stood up and said I may come back to IPSR for another course and like the French couples we too said “Tu nous manques!”

We Miss You!!!

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