Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Academic Projects of our Trainees make us Proud

IPSR is happy to know that the academic projects done by some of our student-trainees have been rated as the "Best Academic Projects" in their campuses. We congratulate Ms. Soji Joy, Mr. Partheeban, Anju P. Rajan, Mathew, Lubina Latheef, Melwin Marian Isac and Preeja Prasad in the successful completion of the efforts they made. Take this initial accomplishment a foothold to more possibilities.

1. The Academic Project "REMOTE FIREWALL CONTROL SYSTEM" done by Soji Joy and her group from College of Engineering, Kalloppara, as part of their B. Tech curriculum, has been rated as the "Best Academic Project" in their campus. The project study was primarily focusing on network administration that can help LAN administrators to systematically control the firewall settings of all client systems. The project was successfully finished in making a Remote Firewall Control System, which facilitates administrators to manage and control all the client systems' firewall configuration without much effort. Other group members of the project are Anju P. Rajan, Mathew, Lubina Latheef, Melwin Marian Isac and Preeja Prasad.

2. "Architecture and Algorithm for Web Server Cluster based on Linux Virtual Server", project done by P. Partheeban from Tamil Nadu, also wins the best academic project award in Sastra University. The project study was on resolving the SPOF and bottleneck problems caused by the single head Balancer. He is a B. Tech in IT with RHCE, RHCSS and CCNA certifications. Moreover, he is a young with high proficiency in Linux, who took RHCSS certification at the age of 20 from IPSR during his B. Tech studies. Now he is at IPSR Linux Training division as a Linux faculty.

IPSR is a leader in Kerala, in offering academic projects to students of various IT courses. We offer MCA Projects, B. Tech/Engineering Projects, BCA Projects, BSc/MSc Projects etc.

Update: in 2011 also, out student projects are being rated as best.

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