Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fame to IPSR, Fortune to INDOOR!!!!

A group of young B-Tech graduates from Indore, Madhya Pradesh reached IPSR for Red Hat certification. They are Mr. Vinayakumar Shukla, Mr. Pavan Gupta and Mr. Rajesh Gupta. They all completed their B-Tec graduation and joined IPSR for they are vehemently interested in Open Source Technology. After completing their RHCE, they are now advancing with RHCSS certification in IPSR. Let’s listen to what they have to tell about their experience at IPSR.

It was a very nice experience to have RHCSS training with IPSR. I specially thank the faculty team for their efforts & dedication to clear my doubts regarding Linux Security Module. I’m also thankful to Benila Madam for the accommodation arrangement. I would like to give 10/10 for training facility provided by IPSR inclusive of the training methodology, infrastructure, Hi-Tec lab facilities etc. The credit goes to the expert faculty team and the entire IPSR crew members. I would like to come again to IPSR for my further certifications. Once again my sincere thanks to IPSR & special thanks to Anish for opening the Lab at 8.00 AM for us.

Vinaykumar Shukla (RHCE, RHCSS)
B-Tec graduate from Indore

I was totally ignorant of RHCSS and its applications when I joined IPSR. But thereafter my experience turned. I learned much about Red Hat and the power of Open Source. My sincere thanks goes to faculty team whose support make us to grab better experience and knowledge. He trained us in a simple way so that we could get on with things easily. He taught easy methods for many applications which created a kind of interest in us to learn more. I express my heartful thanks to the IPSR family.

Pavan Gupta(RHCE, RHCSS)
B-Tec graduate from Indore

I have been here with IPSR, Cochin for the last one month. At beginning it was very difficuilt for me to adjust with since the life style here is totally different from my hometown Indore. But everything became ok after few days. The facilities available here are fine grained and are exclusive. The instructor as well as exam preparations are extremely well designed. The environment here to learn for a new comer from different states is adoptable. Thanks to IPSR.

Rajesh Gupta(RHCE, RHCSS)
B-Tec graduate from Indore

IPSR family relished to wish you all the very success. And we invite you to the IPSR RHCSS family.

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