Monday, December 20, 2010

RHCSA: A newbie in Red Hat Certifications

Red Hat has just released new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL 6. With this new arrival, certifications under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 will no longer be current. RHCT Exam under RHEL 4 and RHEL 5 will no longer be offered form Red Hat. In the new line of Red Hat certifications, RHCSA has become base level certification from Red Hat.

Are you a RHCE under RHEL 4?

Become non-current 6o days after release of RHEL 6
RHCT’s can become current with an RHCSA certificate by passing RHCSA Exam (EX 200)
RHCE can re-certify by passing RHCSA Exam (EX 200) and RHCE Exam (EX 300)

Are you a RHCE under RHEL 5?

Become non-current 60 days after the release of RHEL 7. Hence it’s not necessary to re-certify under RHEL 6.
RHCT will automatically become RHCSA under RHEL 5.
RHCT’s who wish to become RHCE under RHEL 6 must pass RHCSA (EX 200) and RHCE (EX 300)

All about RHEL 6

Become non-current only after 3 calendar year
RHCSA under RHEL 6 can extend current window by passing a single exam (EX 300)

Main changes in RHCE Exam on RHEL 6 are; earlier RHCE Exam (RH302) will be replaced by RHCSA Exam (EX 200) and updated RHCE Exam (EX300). RHCSA certification is not a prerequisite for RHCE Exam. One can write RHCE exam before getting RHCSA certification. When they pass RHCSA the earlier RHCE will be considered and get RHCE Certification under RHEL 6. 

IPSR now offers RHCSA training as regular and bootcamp courses.  We offer the RHCSA modules Red Hat Linux Essentials (RH033) and Red Hat Linux System Administration (RH133) along with the required RHCE modules. To know about special exam offers click here.

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