Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31st RHCSS Batch Commencing

IPSR Kochi North (Edappally) shall be hosting the 31st RHCSS batch, from 4th April 2011. The batch commences with RH 423, followed by RHS 429 and RHS 333 modules. Each module shall be followed by the certification exams EX 423, EX 429 and EX 333. Details are available on the RHCSS Course Schedule page.

This batch has students from various parts of 'Incredible India'. From Pune, Maharashtra, which is also called Punya-Nagari, and has close relationship to Chhatrapati Shivaji, Nikhil Shinde and Amol Arun Mustare are participating. Amol Arun Mustare was previously a System Engineer at 3i infotech, Pune and was a student in our second RHCE 6 Boot Camp.

Jyothi Ranjan Nanda is from Bhubaneswar, a Temple City of India and the capital city of Odisha (Orissa). Mr. Nanda has been doing RHCVA at our Trivandrum Branch and was also student in our second RHCE 6 Boot Camp.

Antony Pradeep is coming down from Bengaluru (Banglore, Karnataka) the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India. Vinay Mishra is from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), one of the oldest industrial township in India.

We wish the very best to all participants and keenly await our 40th Red Hat Security Specialist.

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