Tuesday, April 5, 2011

40th RHCSS & 5th RHCDS from IPSR

We knew this is coming, but that does not lessen the delight. It happened on 30th March, 2011, two days before Team India lifted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

IPSR Edappally hosted another EX423 (Directory Services and Authentication) Exam and 3 of our students passed, with Mr. Mohsin Hakkim A.A securing a 100% result. Mr. Mohsin is the System Admin Manager at Keltron, Cochin and was a student in our 25th RHS 429 Batch & 28th RHS 333 batch.

40th RHCSS

Rithesh Kumar, RHCSS
With this very exam, IPSR also produced the much awaited 40th RHCSS, in the form of Mr. Ritesh Kumar from New Delhi. He is the Asst. Director (Systems) at Petroleum Federation of India, New Delhi. He had initially joined IPSR, Trivandrum, for his RHCVA certification and completed the same successfully. Satisfied with the success, he joined the RHCSS batch at IPSR, Kochi North and completed the RHS333 (Enterprise Network Services Security), RHS429 (SELinux Policy Administration) and RH423  (Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication) modules.


A. V Radhakrishnan, RHCDS
Another milestone that we passed with this EX423 exam was the 5th RHCDS from IPSR. It was a while, since we had our 4th RHCDS and Mr. A. V Radhakrishnan from Palakkad had made us proud. He is an Ex. Service Man, with 20 years of experience with Indian Air Force. He was the Senior In Charge of Net & IT, while he was releaved from duties. He completed the EX401 (Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management), EX436 (Clustering and Storage Management) and now the EX423 (Directory Services and Authentication) exams to be our 5th Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist.

We wish the very best for Mr. Mohsin, Mr. Ritesh Kumar and Mr. Radhakrishnan, in their careers.

And Team India... You made the whole nation proud. Congratulations and Thank You...!!!

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