Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IPSR - Truly Professional...!!!!!

No proletarian shadows in IPSR’s professionalism. The moments of glory and laurels in Red Hat certifications keeps on accelerating and the faces of the brainiacs of IPSR’s home is always lit with profound satisfaction.

IPSR creates yet another episode of victory as a batch of employees from HCL gets certified as RHCEs...
Tokens of Appreciation to these IT aspirants

  • Mr. Gopiraj
  • Mr. Kishore
  • Mr. Manoj
  • Mr. Sandeep
  • Mr. Shammy
  • Mr. Sreenivasan

IPSR. Trivandrum registers their pleasure of training a competent team of professionals from HCL. It was reported that an exclusive evening batch was scheduled solely for the convenience of the beneficiaries. When the efforts of the Manager of Technical Services, IPSR Trivandrum,  Mr.Aneesh P.V and those professional brains of HCL met on the IPSR’s platform there could be nothing less than a cool shower in the glory of unbeaten excellence.

Here are the words over flown from their excitement.

Had a wonderful training from ipsr on RHEL 6.0...We were able to complete the course and got certified within the stipulated time..A great learning experience...!!!!
-Mr.Manoj M

Good Classes..Infrastructure and Management...Course completion on time..I am truly impressed..All the best to ipsr..!!!!
-Mr.Sandeep G

Mr.Aneesh P.V has put on record about pleasant experience he shared with this batch:
Teaching the Team from HCL was challenging-at the same time-enriching..Unlike the normal student categories, they had many doubts regarding the live environment since they were a group with 8-14 years of work experience..I appreciate their enthusiasm and good spirit in taking up the course after their work hours and the sincere efforts they took in getting certified..Even in the midst of their tight work schedule, they co-operated really well when exam preparation and mock classes were arranged for them..I am proud to be a part of the success story of this bunch of professionals..!!!!

Congratulations to the entire students and team for defining this success..!!!!

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