Saturday, October 8, 2011

Virtualization ….a trend in enterprise IT

Virtualization turns out to be a very prospective opening in IT industry. The virtual version of operating system, servers, storage devices and network resources is unfolding a new revolution in enterprise IT. This could be viewed as a drastic movement to centralize administrative tasks by improving scalability and work loads.
The magic of a hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time helps in saving processing power. Pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single virtual storage devices and masking of server resources from server users open a new arena in networking.
IPSR turns out to be the masters in dissemination of Enterprise Linux Virtualization technologies with ample live exposures. The RHCVA certification provided by IPSR is gaining much appreciation from the global community.
The recently started batch of RHCVA at IPSR International Centre is packed with students from various location of India and abroad.

  • Abhilash.S.V, Kollam
  • Sayyed Abdul Muksith
  • Mahesh Kumar.R, Senior Support Engineer(network), CB infotech India Pvt LtdCoimbatore
  • Ananthakrishnan.V.R, System Engineer, Extramarks Education Pvt Ltd, Noida
  • Sajin
  • Muthunambi Haran, Senior system Administrator, Trade India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Venkateswaralu Vaddineni, System Administrator, Ventura scurities Ltd, Mumbai-Hyderabad (RHCSS student at IPSR)
  • Sreejith Gopal, Thrissur, RHCE student of IPSR

IPSR extends a cordial welcome to all and wish them a good career ahead

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