Friday, February 3, 2012

Shadow man mantras echoed vibrantly from the temple of Linux

Auspicious were the three days from 26th January 2012, when IPSR ernakulam the temple of Linux excelled as a techno garden for the penguin masters of IPSR training division. They were carried off by the fragrance of newly bloomed concepts in cloud computing and lessons on virtualization, the contemporary technology in the open source space. The entire team member of all our branches actively interacted and explored the virtualization features and services of RHEL which is managed by RedHat Enterprise virtualization suite. The hands-on labs and in-depth vision of technology had made this session ever memorable and highly revealing. The shadow man mantras were effectively delivered and sections were led by our most enthusiastic Linux guru Mr. Mojan K. Iype RHCE, RHCSS & RHCVA

The team members who assembled in the session include
Justin – RHCE, RHCSS, Sanju – RHCE, RHCSS , Renjith – RHCE, Jithin – RHCE, Mary – RHCE, Ambu – RHCE, Arun – RHCE, Nisha – RHCE, Sreenath – RHCE, Sojan- RHCE , Vineeth - CCNA , Ninosh - CCNA , Yethu – MCITP
Having melted in the mesmerizing ambiance of virtualization every one of team remarked that RHCVA is now at a heartbeat distance.

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