Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open source a viable alternative to traditional proprietary software

The dream of a fully open-source enterprise world is not as crazy as it sounds remarked Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat. It's already happening for Web startups. Plus, "the Amazons and Googles and Facebooks and Twitters are all running open source" he adds and by open source, he doesn't mean Red Hat. This is "broader than Red Hat," he says

When the global trend in the IT scenario emerges with Cloud computing, Service-centric architecture, Data privacy, IT security, Social platforms as a stack of business intelligence and prioritized user experience, the open-source is not viewed as a trend rather a potential enabler to all of these trends.

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat to the press states “Now that Red Hat has become the first and only pure open-source company with a billion dollars in annual revenues, his goal is  the death (more or less) of proprietary software.”

He continues "We got to a billion dollars by convincing the world that open source is a viable alternative to traditional proprietary software," Whitehurst told Business Insider. "The next step is to make open source the default choice in this next generation of computing. That's what takes us from $1 billion to $5 billion and beyond."

When the global happening has set such a landmark, the hesitation in the choice of the technology that ought to rule the world and industry is baseless. So be prepared for the reality

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