Friday, August 17, 2012

RHCE examination: turns out to be a celebration of 100% scores

Ipsr the centre for academic marvel has always excelled with sustainable success in certification examination. The amazing track record in Redhat certification has blazed ipsr into the annals of global ranking. Reports on previous RHCE exam results from ipsr kottayam, as always was quite auspicious and to serve as an icing on the cake Mr. Anish George C and Jithin Philip picks up their certification with a marvelous 100% scores in both RHCSA and RHCE. This win has engrossed the centurion club of ipsr to a huge tally.

Both Mr. Anish George C and Jithin Philip are B.Tech graduates who reached ipsr to get trained in essentials of linux, but in a short span they mastered the in-depth concepts in system administration. Their dedication and support of ipsr has made the awesome win a reality. Here are the words of gratitude from Mr. Anish George C and Jithin Philip ”We thank the IPSR team, especially teaching staff for the excellent training they’re giving for the students”

The entire team of ipsr congratulates the centurions on their meritorious win

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