Thursday, February 21, 2013

With Linux in the Industry

The scenario of the IT industry in the recent past mirror a drastic growth in the open source technologies  Linux related accomplishment over these year tend to view the industry as a barometer for gauging the efficiency, scope and immense possibilities in this sector. The advancement in embedded and mobile platforms has integrated open source solutions into platforms such as automotive computers, android-based mobile devices, tablets, Chrome books and many other related areas.

With the establishment of the Open Stack Foundation and the maturation of Big Data platform open source has paved the toehold in the cloud market. Despite of this huge accomplishment Linux foundation paid relatively little heed to the success. The issue is highly topical, perhaps these technologies are open source but not powered with Linux Kernal but sill their prevalence in the enterprise cloud infrastructures means Linux.

Recently Ubuntu has launched an intense development effort to port Linux over to Goolge’s Nexus 7. This would be a promising effort for the fact that Nexus device sales continue to rise and availability on popular standard platform like Nexus would make it easy accessible in reasonable pricing. Also a notable explosion in the sales of the system with desktop Linux pre-installed has opened the possibilities to substitute proprietary software from desktop environment. Dells Project Sputnik which released a high-end Ubuntu based laptop might turn to be a big deal in US and Europe. Thus commercialization of desktop Linux has been a remarkable development in the open source channel.

Booming Asian Market shows an even higher percentage of respondents looking for Linux talent. Nearly nine in 10 (86%) of survey respondents from Asia say that hiring Linux talent is a priority in the year ahead, citing an increased use of Linux as the primary driver. This is consistent with reports about the increasing use of Linux among consumer electronics makers largely concentrated in the Asia/Pacific market. Hence for people with well-honed Linux skills and up-to-date training, the job market is thriving — and the opportunities put Linux professionals directly in the center of disruptive and exciting innovations that are changing the way we work and live.

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