Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aliens to IPSR- Mohamed Alim from Maldives, Zulkarnain from US

The days with them were really rousing!! Besides students, they are truly like IPSR family members!!!

Mr. Mohamed Alim Murad from the Republic of Maldives, the idyllic paradise of the Southern Atolls and cobalt blue beaches, came to know about IPSR through our website. Having 7 years of experience in troubleshooting hardware, networks and servers, he is currently working as a computer technician with the Ministry of Health & Family IT section, Government of Maldives. He got selected for the training program funded from WHO hence now here with IPSR, Cochin for RHCE bootcamp.

Mr. Zulkarnain Kagalwala is from US, the land where we can experience the spectrum of arts, culture, and literature unparalleled anywhere in the world. He is a US Citizen having keen interest in visiting historical monuments and places. He is an IT Consultant (Former Sun & Swift) and now in IPSR, Cochin for RHCE bootcamp.

After the baffling training days, they were taken to a top drawer backwater cruise and Ayurvedic body massage. That was really a reveling and unforeseen experience for them. They have a lot of experience to share with. But now they are gearing up with their portions for the RHCE exam scheduled on 17th Sept. So we will meet them again for their marvelous experience over here.
Best of Luck for your exams. We are anxiously waiting for your exam results.

Joy is not in the present moment, but always over that next hill, until the hills become mountains..

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