Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridging Expectation to Perceived Reality in a Career Matrix

If seeing is believing let the figures speak

In the Wipro Recruitment Drive conducted by IPSR, from the population of 750 IT aspirants who participated in the drive, 105 were selected and it is quite praiseworthy to note that out of the selected professionals 18 were from BVM College, Cherpungal.

Without doubt these statistical figures give a clear indication on the vastness and potentials of the job opportunities that unfold in the IT industry. If a single company gets to the job market in search of 105 competent professionals at a time, then let us imagine what would be the vastness in the status of the job openings that prevails in the entire MNC's that flourishes in the IT sector.

Despite of the vastness in the opportunity, the real winners in the job sector who get placed are the real competent professionals with smart work culture. In this context a big salute is due to BVM College students for the awesome performance in the placement drive.

The epics has told us that if Lord Krishna steers the chariot and the vigor of Drona's lessons drives who else can block Arjuna on the onward march to success.

The big Arjuna performance of the students of BVM College bears ample testimony to the fruitful alliance of BVM college and ipsr solutions the real Drona in training and mending smart professionals in the IT industry.

The magical spell of IPSR in dissemination of training at the colleges with tie ups, is designed in a finishing school concept. The training covers multifarious magnitudes of training in contemporary technology, perfection in soft skills, tuning in mathematical aptitude etc. The web based training package of IPSR has yielded good results in this direction. The tie ups with engineering colleges and corporate consultancies have proved to be highly valuable and have always yielded its results.

Now it goes without saying that with IPSR there is no valley between career expectations and perceived reality.

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