Monday, December 12, 2011

IPSR lifts the Red Hat International Award 2011; This time it's a Triple Hat trick achievement !

IPSR.....Got drenched in the uniqueness of Redhat international award....and it rained as the best training partner, internationally.... The emperor of Linux certifications thus continues unchallengeable.

Highly auspicious were the moments when Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO of ipsr solution lifted up the Redhat international award for the best training partner. The entire stars of Red Stars League solemnly greeted the Big Star ipsr solutions ltd, for retaining the award for the 9th consecutive year. The triple hat trick win of Red Hat international award has made IPSR the real emperor of Linux Certification Programmes.

IPSR Receives the Red Hat International Award
for the 9th Year in a Row

The annual meet of the Red Hat Red Stars League, the Global learning services of Red Hat international community was hosted at 5S venue of Taj Malbar. A cocktail of various partners from various destinations of US and Asia Pacific witnessed the official gathering.

The road map 2012 was the chief agenda of the meetings. The delegates from US Mr. Randy Russel, Director of Certifications and Mr. Pete Knah, Director of Curriculum had detailed on curriculum and certifications issues. The future trend of the global open source industry and the massive opportunities that ought to unlock on virtualization and Cloud were the key focuses.

The interactions of the partners were viewed with much enthusiasm. In the sharing session of the success stories by leaders, all the eyes and ears were hooked onto the presentation by Dr. Mendus Jacob who detailed on the passage of IPSR in the road of success and the various strategies that IPSR uphold.

Dr. Mendus Jacob at the Red Stars League
Detailing About IPSR's Strategies

The meet was disbursed with new resolutions and plans to make India and the world open.

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