Thursday, March 29, 2012

In search of an aura that entwine a multilateral techno system

The zest for the best in technology, routed them from the land of legends to the most amazing techno hub with the manifold jewels of achievements and the most promising solutions provider - the ipsr solutions ltd.

The potentials of IPSR in bridging the technocrats to the contemporary technology have attained a global milieu. The world wide students seeking concepts in advanced technology has mounted to unprecedented heights. Our north Indian counterpart has always kept a steady flow to treasure the best from ipsr. The enriched and enjoyable environment that IPSR sustain is ever refreshing and beats any parameter of fatigue and distance.

This time we have a batch of students from Kutch most glamorous heritage city and pride of India. In this outset we register our wishes to Mr. Chaudhary Satish J, Mr. Sibtain Jagani, Mr.Pujara Jay Kumar Dinesh Kumar and Mr. Nakul Rajendrabhai Vegad for a wonderful stay and enriching sessions.

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