Monday, March 12, 2012

Rumbling concepts of cloud rained over the heath of IPSR

Drenched in the laden concepts of cloud computing the entire students of ITFS resonated in a wild glee. The master Cijo John has depicted the concept of the contemporary technology in cloud-based services with an incomparable strength and clarity. The two day session that happened on 22nd and 23rd February at ipsr Ernakulam had yielded a miraculous result on the participants. 12 out of 20 students of ITFS who participated in this session were short listed for the Agile Blaze Company in a placement drive that followed.

Now the common mans realization “Why to buy a cow for the sake of milk” penetrated the IT minds in the form of cloud computing. Today cloud delivers single application through the browsers of million customers using a multitenant architecture.
The session has chiseled the vision of cloud that: “The cloud services companies of all sizes; the cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a Democracy”

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