Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We complete your dreams…if it is of a certification or a career

There is no element of paradox when the students keep saying that “With IPSR the reality becomes better than our dreams”. The signs of potential training and enabling students participation in multifarious value addition programs have opened a sustainable territory in ipsrian success regime. The huge expertise in research and training has always prompted ipsr to do what is right in the right way at the right time. This worth has always paid its due and lit the mind and faces of our stakeholders. Here are the experiences of few of the ipsrian students

Akhil Raj S.L, a native of Trivandrum district joined for RHCE course here at IPSR and he has shared his experience of being an IPSRian.

"My experience while attending the RHCE exam was good. The exam was not that much difficult as expected and I thank IPSR for giving us good coaching on the subject. I think the institution have a good role in preparing us for attempting the examination. The exam atmosphere was fine and they provided  all support  for us to clear our doubts about the examination. Overall I thank the faculties who helped us to get a good knowledge about the subject."

Abin Peter,a native from Alappuzha and Bachelor in Engineering joined IPSR for the RHCE course and has happily completed his course.He was very happy to tell about IPSR.This is what he has stated:

“Nice work,good environment,dedicated staff. GOOD!!!”

Vineesh A.V,a B.Tech holder joined IPSR with the hope to successfully complete his RHCE course and attain a job was happy to tell about IPSR family:

“Dedicated faculty and ready availability of resources to work with.The best I have come across.Keep going higher.”

Vishnu Subhadan, a B.E joined IPSR after resigning from his job, placing upon IPSR the hope of reaching greater heights in his career. He was able to complete his course successfully and he has shared his experience at IPSR.Quoting down his own statements about IPSR:

“Its a pleasure to be an IPSRian.Very good environment and classes with well equipped labs and faculties.One of the best institutions I have studied.Good luck to all”

Julies J.M, a native from Trivandrum and a B.Tech holder joined IPSR for doing RHCE course.This what he has to say about IPSR:
“Am so satisfied with the experience I got from here.The faculties are very friendly and they are dedicated in their works. I earned a lot from here.”

Nijil Vijayan, a B.Tech holder from Pathanamtitta joined IPSR for his RHCE course. He was very satisfied with the RHCE course right from the beginning that he persuaded his brother Nikhil Vijayan also to do the same course at IPSR itself. These are his own words about IPSR and his experience

“I had a good time studying RHCE at IPSR. The facilities’ were good and was upto my expectations. The staffs were very supportive. All the classes were understandable In short I am pleased with the short time course at IPSR.”

Anand M.G, after completing his B.Tech course joined for RHCE course in IPSR last July. He has shared his experience of being an IPSRian:

“It is a very wonderful experience to be an IPSRian.The faculties,quality of teaching,the infrastructure at IPSR were all very great.The faculties were very supportive and was very keen in resolving our doubts.As an overall,It was a very great experience for me.”

Nikhil Vijayan,a B.E joined IPSR for RHCE after his brother's experience of being an IPSRian. This is what he has to tell about his experience:

”I had a good time studying RHCE at IPSR. The lab facilities are very good and the teaching methods were very interesting. Staffs were kind enough to clarify all sorts of doubts. Therefore I had a wonderful and useful time here.”

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