Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Add a mint flavor to your desktop and be proud to be an egalitarian in technology

An egalitarian outlook in technology will make you fall in love with open source technologies. When the global community moves towards the armor of recession proof technologies, Linux the free software with higher level of security and which was once caged to higher end server and industrial application is becoming a mate of desktop environment. Linux mint is one of the best linux based operating system compactable to desktop environment. It is available in many edition and different code basis of which most of them are based on Ubuntu linux distribution which in turn is based on Debian Linux mint is more comfortable to those who are new and do not have any previous experience in the linux platform. The ease in installation and configuration makes this OS your companion and makes you an engineer in system administration.

Here is Rajat Mendus RHCE, RHCSS and Rohan Sunil RHCE for ipsr online Linux chit chat bringing some essential tuto in installation and administration of linux mint.

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