Saturday, June 2, 2012

Explored the serenity of India and felt the pulse of redhat linux

The green memories of the tranquil India will ever linger in the heart of Mr. Edward John Greenoff who reached ipsr after a long quest to trace route the best in linux training. Mr. Greenoff is a master in Unix platform who began to dream of a footing in Redhat linux. The craving for this desire took him to the rich abode of linux technology, ipsr international centre. Without any boastful pride Mr Greenoff claim that he felt the heart beat of Redhat linux and with pride we put on record that he got certified as Redhat Certified Engineer just in 10 days of learning at ipsr. Adventurous man who loves scuba diving as his favorite sporting is much thrilled to explore our traditional cult of Kerala. He rate flavors of South Indian cuisine always make any taste buds watery. Mr. Greenoff remarks that his heart is stolen by the homely stay at vrindavan and flavors of Kayees and Bimbis cuisine.

Now with double joy of successful mission in India and delight to witness mind-blowing royal celebration of Queens diamond jubilee Mr. Greenoff took his flight back to England.
Here are words of Mr. Greenoff, overwhelming with excitement and gratitude

WoooooHoooooooo !!!!!!

I passed both RHCSA and RHCE exams – YEAH!!!
Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to;
Sanju Raj for training me, putting up with my bad jokes, answering all my mad questions, helping me to have a great time and getting me through my exams.
Vishnu (sorry don’t know his last name) for looking after me, collecting me and taking me back to my hotel, helping me with lunch and (again) helping me to have a great time (he still has to find me a bottle of Limca!)
To Morris, for looking after me on the Back Water boat ride. I didn’t mind all the questions, I did relax and unwind and I loved the food. He arranged the delivery of the Red Hat back pack and pullover – thank you. I will still be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of taking any courses in India and have some concerns and I will ensure all my friends all know about IPSR.
To Benila for answering all my emails and booking everything for me.
And my thanks to all those who helped in the background.
I had a great time, learning about Red Hat Linux and India at the same time.
See you all soon

 John Greenoff

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