Saturday, June 16, 2012

Engulfed in the delight of success, a well started hunt for RHCDS

An oceanic joy of success broke upon the smart and vibrant learning platform of ipsr international centre as our overseas students Mr. Bobby Prins and Mr. Renout Jerrits, Unix System Engineers from PROXY Services B.V, DELFTWEG 128, Rotterdam, Netherlands has passed EX436 exam of RHEL held on 9th June 2012. It is noteworthy that these men have made it happen in just one week of RHCDS boot camp section at ipsr international centre. Their commitment and smart learning has no other alternative other than a big success at Redhat EX 436 (Clustering and storage management) exam. With gained confidence they have set similar target to the next module of RHCDS – EX 401

Here are the words of Mr. Bobby Prins and Mr. Renout Jerrits about the classes at ipsr

“Really enjoyed the RH401 course we had enough time to get to know the rehat satellite product. The teacher was very good in explaining some of the more complex concepts of Deployment and System configuration”

Our congratulation to these successful men for their awesome win

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  2. Great work guys, congratz from NL!