Monday, June 29, 2009

Premium Group - A Great Career Opportunity

IPSR Premium Group is a great career opportunity for those who are on the job hunt. The Premium Group is a Special Recruitment Service which makes sure that your resume reaches plum job opportunities. For freshers this service will be charged at Rs. 750/- and for the experienced the charges will be a moderate Rs.1500/-.
This service ensures that you will get notified of exclusive job opportunties even where there are only 1 or 2 openings. We will find you a custom job depending upn your special requirements like areas of expertise than just land any job. Surely recruitment services can't get any better than that!
Within a short period of starting this service we have already placed Nibin V M at Ginusys.
To avail this service contact Georgy at 98958 68177.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

IPSR Success Stories, Biju

Biju is one of those who got a foothold into the IT Job Market via IPSR. Biju had a long gap after completion of his formal education. In the mean time he got engaged in rubber business. He joined IPSR as a student to do his RHCE certification. Subsequently he came out successfully and joined IPSR team as faculty. Now Biju is working at CTS, Coimbatore as System analyst.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Continued Success - IPSR IT Finishing School

IPSR IT Finsihing School continues to be guiding lightt for tehcnical students who are looking to add an edge to their careers. Here si the latest list of our placed ITF students.
1. Anandakumar (B.Tech) Kottayam
2. Manju (AMIE) Kottayam
3. Anu (MSc, PGDCA) Pathanamthitta
4. Bindu (MSc, PGDCA) Pathanamthitta
5. Jeena (B.Tech) Wayanad
6. Josna (BSc Computer Science) Kasarkode
7. Varghese P Thankachan (BCA) Wayanad
8. Sameena (B.Tech) Kannur
9. Khadeeja (B.Tech) Kannur
10. Muhammad Rafi (Electronics)
Admissions to the IT Finishing School are now open. For more details about IPSR IT Finishing School, Click Here...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Redhat Rules! 10 Reasons to get Certified

If you are an IT Professional, maybe its high time you added a certification or two to your list of achievements. Read Arun Eapen's article from the Redhat blog to understand why this is an absolute MUST.

Jis gets RHCE Certified

Usually it is the other way around. Jis Thomas our Calicut Course Coordinator was inspired to do the RHCE course after campigning for the course for a few months when she saw our students getting certififed one after another and saw the value the certification was adding to their career. She decided to follow suit. The result? Jis has joined the list of RHCE cerified. Jis has been placed at Wipro and will soon be leving us. All the Best for your future, Jis!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RHCSS Exam Dates Fast Approaching

RHCSS Exam Dates are around the corner. Best of luck to all IPSR candidates. We expect you to come out with flying colours, as always.
By the way, IPSR North centre has announced that the next bootcamp will commence on 27th June. For those of you who are planning to get certified in July, it is a great opportunity. RHCSS BootcampsThose interested may send us a message or talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

Congrats Ambili!

Ambili, Course Corodinator for IPSR South has done a tremendous job with Maya College Trichur. Ambili alongwith Dr. Sunil Job provided project guidance to the MBA students of Maya College, a tie-up college. One student's result has been published and it is a whopping 96%. Bravo Ambili!

Friday, June 12, 2009

RHCSS Testimonial - Ajay Panwar

"When I was planning to come to Kerala many questions arised in my mind.
I have seen all most all parts of this country this was the state which was remaining, at that time. I heard much about Kerala(God’s own country).
I did not know anybody in Kerala at that time so my biggest problem was accommodation. Benila mam helped me for tose and I found Brindavan. It’s a nice hostel to live . So it was a nice experience in God’s own country(Kerala) that too in monsoon."
Ajay Panwar

Anuj Ladkani's First Day Experience at IPSR

Anuj D Ladkani has just joined for an RHCSS bootcamp at IPSR. Here is his account of hist first day at IPSR North.
"Benila arranged a car for my airport pickup and she gave me the name and the number of the guy. She also called me when I reached Kochi to see if everything is fine. Driver Simmesh was good, he spoke Hindi too. He took me to the hostel. Hostel room was in a clean condition. Then I came to here to IPSR center. I was guided by Reshmi. She is very helpful too. Today she promised me to teach few Malayalam words daily. Because language is an issue here. The only small problem I faced is finding good vegetarian restaurants."

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Important Interview Questions

IPSR students who are undergoing the recruitment process might benefit from Mary Ann Gauthier's article where she says that you have to be ready with answers to these following questions before a job interview.
Tell me about yourself
Why should we hire you?
What is your worst characteristic?
Where do you want to be five years from now?
Why did you leave your last job?
Tell me a problem you had and how you solved it
Have you had difficulties getting along with supervisors or coworkers?
How do you deal with stress on the job?
What salary do you want for this job?
Do you have questions for me?
To read the full article click here...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worldclass RHCSS Bootcamp at IPSR

Kochi - the Queen of Arabian Sea will be the venue for the next RHCSS bootcampcamp of IPSR. IPSR North centre has announced that the bootcamp will commence on 27th June.
RHCSS Bootcamps
Those interested may send us a message or talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

RHCSS Advantage at IPSR
First training partner in SOUTH ASIA to conduct RHCSS exam
Conducted 58 RHCSS Exams
30 of our RHCSS candidates have passed independent RHCSS modules
1 out of 7 RHCSSs in South Asia is an IPSRian
6 Students have passed all RHCSS modules making them 1out of 7 RHCSS in South Asia
Conducted highest number of RHCE exams in the World (2357)
Produced World's Youngest RHCE (11 yrs old)
Global pass-rate for RHCE exam is 48%, whereas it is 95 -100% at IPSR
World Record for the institution with maximum number of RHCEs with 100% score
1 out of every 25 RHCEs in the world is from IPSR
1 out of 10 RHCEs in South Asia is from IPSR
Conducted First RHCE exam in KeralaResponsible for the success in RHCE
campus exam at Marian College Kuttikanam where the first time in the World an entire MCA Batch cleared the exam at one go
Responsible for the success in RHCE campus exam at BVM College Cherpunkal where the first time in the World an entire BCA Batch cleared the exam at one go
15 RHCEs and 2 RHCSSs as Faculty
RHCE, RHCSS Exams every week
Winner of Red Hat Asia Pacific International Award 08
Winner of Red Hat GLS Lifetime Achievement Award 2008
Winner of Red Hat GLS National Award 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

95th, 96th RHCE Bootcamps at IPSR

IPSR Kochi North welcomes the new batches for RHCE Bootcamp starting on 15 June
and 22 June at Kochi North.

Hurry! There are still some seats left for those who want to do the course in the month of June. To get more details of upcoming boot camps, send us a message or talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.