Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Dutch carnival with Redhat and IPSR

What happens when Linux geeks who share a passion for mastering the best in industry meet…????.... Definitely they toss new ideas at each other and see if one of those can be turned into realization. It was this realization that took the six Dutch men to the rich and recognized abode of ipsr for mastery and fine-tuning of the higher end Linux concepts in Directory Services

In the dazzle of excellence and commitment that ipsr was embracing. The men from Netherlands celebrated every moments of stay and enjoyed a hassle free learning to claim the title of RHCDS. This is really a big benchmark in the ipsrian archives and global wonder that to complete a record of 14 successful RHCDS.

Here are the Dutch men who made Linux learning at ipsr a carnival of successful events sharing there experience.

Rafael Bos currently working as a System Engineer at AT & T in Leidschendam

Fardi Lautenslager  a Network Engineer at Dutch Space

Richard Nigten the Systems Administrator, Systems Developer as well as Database Administrator at AT&T at Leidschendam

Job Daniels & Peter Noe colleagues, has also come along to know more about the Indian Culture, enjoy the Back Waters and most of all see “God’s Own Country”

Sliman Kalai a Free Lance Linux Specialist

These men have discovered the true flavours of RedHat. Honoring their commitment and success Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, Ipsr solutions, expressed the praise and tribute to the entire students of that batch on behalf of ipsr solutions. Here are the stills of the pleasant memories we cherish.


Ipsr wishes that............ let these men make redhat technologies great….!!!!!!!!!......

Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Architectural Symphony of Redhat certifications: ipsr in the mirth of 5th RHCA

Following the stars the three kings reached Bethlehem to adore the new born baby in the manger. And that it is the season of lights and jingle bells to light our hearts with hope, peace and joy that Christmas brings.

By following ipsr Mr Bimal Roy Mehta, Director of Trail Blazers, Kolkata could reach the heights of RHCA the pinnacle of Redhat certification. Enjoying the cakes of Christmas Mr Bimal Roy Mehta enjoys the most delicious cake that IT industry could serve. This achievement makes him an exclusive and distinctive Architect in Redhat empowered technologies. Mr. Bimal Roy reached ipsr to master the level of competence in RH401, RH436, RH442. It is this realization to move in the radiance of ipsrian spell took him to the throne of RHCA.

Both Mr. Bimal and the entire ipsrian crew were excited at this big win. Here are the words of Bimal Roy about his experience at ipsr.
"A home away from home! That’s how I would sum up my RHCA training experience at IPSR, Kochi. From the very inception, the management and staff went out of their way to assure that my sojourn in Kochi was pleasant and comfortable in every way. The accommodation facilities suggested by Benila Madam were all fit and proper and economical, and she was also particular to enquire at all times whether I was really enjoying my stay in Kochi in all respects.
A few words about the Kochi city itself. There is an old world charm about the city with its quiet, laid back lifestyle. There is some indefinable quality – I don’t know what – but I would love to visit Kochi again and again for one reason or another. Everywhere, I came across very warm, friendly, courteous, modest, unassuming people. The churches, mosques, all the old monuments, and beaches are so picturesque. The city has also rich cultural traditions and a rich, vibrant life style – there is a quaint blend of the old and the new. A visit to the Penta Menaka Complex is a must for all electronics enthusiasts as also the spice markets which are just behind the Penta Menaka. I was able to collect good souvenirs for my friends from these markets. Owing to my busy schedules, I couldn’t find the time to explore the city in much detail, but the little that I saw left an indelible mark on my mind. And the food there with its unique fusion of Kerala and Arabic styles is something one has to experience to be able to appreciate.
Honestly, when I set out on my RHCA journey about a year back, I had a fair amount of qualms and misgivings as to how it would all turn out, considering the hefty sum I was to spend for doing the three RHCA modules, travelling all the way from Kolkata. Self-appointed advisors had chorused that all my money would go down the drain as one can never imbibe and assimilate properly via such short term courses where the instructors simply go through the motions, treating the subject matter in a very superficial and perfunctory manner. But, how wrong they were ! Not only I, but any other candidate of our batches, would readily attest to the very thorough and painstakingly perfect manner in which all the three modules were covered by our instructor, Shri Sreejith Anujam. Here was a man who not only really knew what he was talking about but was equally keen to ensure that every student did actually absorb everything he had to deliver and get their money’s worth. Our lab practice sessions always went far beyond the normal stipulated closure hours and the IPSR staff was always kind enough to extend our class timings to the extent that we might require completing our lab assignments. Needless to say, all the machines and lab equipment were measuring up to the most exacting standards. Besides, this we always availed extra practice sessions prior to exam dates, thanks again to the co-operation from IPSR staff. With their multifarious training courses going on all the time, it was not exactly an easy thing to provide extra practice lab-sessions ahead of our exams as per wishes, but our wishes were somehow accommodated most of the times. Not much time was lost even during lunch-breaks, as the choicest dishes as per our desire were delivered right into our classrooms by IPSR staff from famous eateries like the Food Court and Dominoes.
All in all, it was an unforgettable experience. For anyone intending to RHCA courses, I can think of no better place in India – and I have seen quite a many of them !"

Entire ipsrian family would cherish every moment with Mr Bimal Roy and is honored by his achievement. This reflection will remain a lasting inspiration and we register a hearty congrats to this majestic achievement.

Friday, December 14, 2012

IPSR retains the Redhat International award

Red Oasis, the colorful Redhat award night at Jaipur, Rajastan was charmed with a perfect fusion of Rajasthan’s traditional music and dance. It was a stage that brought together some of the traditional dance forms of Rajasthan in fusion with the mind-blowing fast sequence of bollywood. The venue at Marriott international was full house as the night-long celebration of Redhat international award took off with a great start. The celebration touched the skies as the moment of declaration of the best training partner was about to be announced. The sudden broke of silence and trumpeting heart beat of hundreds turned out to an ocean of cheers and applause as the name ipsr echoed as the best training partner of asia-pacific. When Prof (Dr) Mendus Jacob, CEO of ipsrsolutions lifted the Redhat International award 2012 in the capital city of the land of Raja’s, The kingly record of the fifth consecutive triumph of the Redhat international award for the best training partner of SAARC Countries and the tenth consecutive Redhat award were chiseled in the golden crown. 

Ms. Daniel Tomlinson, Senior Director, Red Hat learning Services (Global) presenting the best training partner in  SAARC Countries award  to Dr. Mendus Jacob

The session came to a close with a wide range of entertainment and the resolutions of the partners to meet next year with challenging sprit to claim the crown. Speaking to the press Dr. Mendus Jacob remarked that It is the 3 – P’s of ipsrian cult (Patience, Persistence and Perspiration) make us an unbeatable combination of world class.

The Plenary Business session prelude to the award night was a great opportunity that Red Hat created for Redhat partners to meet, network and share experiences in Open Source business. The global leaders from US, UK and top level delegates presented on new trends and ideas in the open source business. 

The session on Opportunities of Redhat certification by Dr. Mendus Jacob has unveiled immense possibilities for a Redhat certified technocrat in the global IT industry. This analytic presentation on various technologies has positioned the Redhat certification in the top 5 pool in the global IT souk. 

Here are few images on the royals of pink city

The entire ipsrian team is in the excitement of this consistency of performance and is looking forward for a big celebration in the ipsrian Annual meet 2012 which is going to be organised at Green Berg.