Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IPSR RHCE from ' The Soul of India '

Mrs.Sashiprava Mohapatra and Mr. Naoria Tomchou Sana joined IPSR for RHCE certification.  Mrs. Mohapatra is from Orissa which is also called as Soul of India.  She is currently working at Emphasis.

Mr. Naoria Tomchou Sana is a native of Assam.He started his career as system administrator and is a currently working at HP, Bangalore.  He is a great enthusiastic of Open Source Technology and came to know about IPSR, the top leader in Red Hat training. He feels that  training sessions at IPSR were great experiences. He is much obliged to the way IPSR takes care of their students so that they are molded as skilled professionals instead of getting mere certification. 

About life at IPSR Mrs.Sashiprava Mohapatra says - “Time I spent at IPSR is some of the memorable days in my life. I was amused with the care and special attention IPSR renders for their students. Training sessions are very interesting and helps to understand the subject clearly. I express my sincere gratitude to IPSR.”

Both of them are on the verge of their RHCE exams. IPSR wishes colorful success for them. Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Amit Caleechurn: Resource Person of Scholar on Campus

'Scholar on Campus' is a seminar program conducted by Marian College, Kuttikanam every month. In this innovative program they usually invite eminent personalities. Mr. Amit Caleechurn was the invited personality of 'Scholar on Campus' on 21st October 2010. He is one among the 200 RHCDS in the world. Now he is an RHCSS student of IPSR, having a strong Linux background. The program was mainly focused for BCA and MCA students at the campus. It was informative for the participants as it gave complete idea about open source technology.
Program was conducted in two sessions. First session started at 10.30 a.m and second was at 6.30 p.m. Dr.Ruble Raj, Principal, Marian College Kuttikkanam, inaugurated the function. Participants were welcomed by Mr. Satheesh Kumar S, faculty, MCA Department. He is also an RHCE certified person. Mr. Amit Caleechurn was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO and MD, IPSR Solutions Ltd. He is the Director of PG Department of Computer Applications, Marian College.

Mr. Amit Caleechurn from Mauritius is one of the aspirer who joined IPSR for Red Hat Certifications. He is a graduate in Information Systems and also Novell certified Linux Administrator. He is also a Novell Data Center Technical Specialist. LPIC Certification from the Linux Professional Institute (Toronto Canada), Enterprise Network Security & Management from the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (French) are other achievements.  He was working at Mauritius as System Engineer. He joined IPSR to know more about open source technology.  He is now student of our RHCSS Boot Camp. IPSR offers an educational tourism project which is a blend of training and tourism.  Amit is the fourth RHCDS from IPSR. He visited many countries and speaks four languages. He is completing RHCSS by October 30, and then he will be the first one in the whole African region with RHCSS certification.

'Scholar on Campus'  was really a reveling experience for the participants. They got much knowledge about various Red Hat Certifications from the guy who was a successful RHCDS from IPSR. IPSR wishes very success for all the participants.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pioneer Institute for Red Hat Certifications

IPSR, hat trick Winner of Red Hat Asia Pacific International Award, delivers quality driven training to get Red Hat certifications effortlessly. IPSR offers Red Hat certification which includes RHCE - Gold Standard Certification for molding strong Linux Administrators, RHCSS – Security Certification, RHCDS, RHCVA and RHCA. Training program from IPSR for Red Hat Certification is of top demand due to superior quality. A special training package which is unique at IPSR is Boot Camp which attracts international students. They not only get value driven training but also get a chance to enjoy beauty of Kerala.

Mr. Chetan singh from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, Mr. A S Bala Kumar, Mr.Mohammed Zaffar and Mr. Vinod Kumar from Temple City, Madurai are students of RHCSS Boot Camp. They all are having a wonderful experience at IPSR, Edappaly. Mr.Mohammed Zaffar is much grateful to the way IPSR take care of their students. About life at IPSR he says,

“Getting Red Hat Certification from a pioneer institute is an amazing experience. The training sessions are very informative and interesting.  Mojan Sir is an excellent instructor and enthusiastically answers all questions. My special thanks to management staff Dali Madam. Hostel provides a homely feel with delicious food. Keep going IPSR.”

IPSR wishes you amazing success. Best Wishes!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4th RHCDS – Successfully from IPSR

Mr. Amit Caleechurn from the land of beaches – Mauritius, is the fourth IPSRian to attain RHCDS certification.  He is one among those IPSR students who is well versed with value driven Red Hat Training courses through our Boot Camps. We have designed our Boot Camps so that aspirant students are provided Red Hat certifications along with a golden opportunity to enjoy the cheerful experience by exploring the striking natural features of Kerala.

Getting RHCDS certification is an important milestone. RHCDS certification is obtained on successful completion of three Expertise Exams: EX401, EX423, and EX436. Amit had certified EX423 on 2nd September, 2010, EX436 on 11th October and certified as RHCDS when he cleared EX401 on 15th October. He is proceeding with the modules RHS333 (Enterprise Network Services Security) and RHS429 (SELinux Policy Administration) to make the most out of his visit to IPSR and get certified RHCSS as well.

He is much thankful to the dedicated faculty at IPSR who made such a task easier by providing enough technical and practical knowledge. He was greatly attracted by the art and culture of Gods own country. He also became a great fan of Kerala Cuisine which is a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

We are proud to announce that two of our RHCDS students, A.V Radhakrsihnan and Sanju Raj (IPSR Faculty) also passed one of the Expertise Exams, EX401, along with Amit and are enroute to their RHCDS certification.   

We are proud of you for your outstanding achievement and will be keeping our fingers crossed for announcing more winners.