Thursday, December 24, 2009

100% in RHCE Exam- Sreeram Vasudevan

You did us proud, Sreeram! Just like we thought. Sreeram Vasudevan who completed his RHCE Training at IPSR South got a 100% score in his RHCE Exam. This is what the ecstatic Sreeram say about his RHCE Training experience at IPSR:
"It is your precision and the depth of knowledge that you possess, which pulls people not only from God's own country, but also from the other states to get a taste of your knowledge content. The Clarity of concepts, more importantly imparting it to the students in a very elegant, simple and comprehensible manner is what keeps you apart from others in the crowd. Wishing you all the best for all your future endevours and keep the guidings light on and drive to achieve the pinacle."
View Sreeram's video testimonial
(A class topper in his B.Tech Programme and proficient in 11 languages, Sreeram is a scholarship holder. He has the privilege of getting the first call letter from those who attended the campus placements at Sastra University, Thanjavur.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RHCA Experience at IPSR - Dhaval Soni

Placed in TCS - Sreeram Vasudevan

Sreeram Vasudevan, who has just completed his RHCE Training at IPSR South has a reason to celebrate. He has the privilege of getting the first call letter from those who attended the campus placements at Sastra University, Thanjavur.
A class topper in his B.Tech Programme and proficient in 11 languages, Sreeram is a scholarship holder.
View Sreeram Vasudevan's Video Testimonial
Congrats Sreeram!
Sreeram is also writing his RHCE Exam at IPSR Kochi South tommorrow. You are definitely going to ace that test, Sreeram. All the Best!

RHCE/CCNA Testimnonial-Sarath Nair, Cynosure Infotech

Even in a time of recession our students are placed and happy. Read what Sarath Nair, one of our students has to say about his RHCE, CCNA Training and subsequent placement through IPSR:
"After completing my engineering graduation, I was really worried about my future. I was confused aboutwhich institute to join in order to get a promising career in the field of computer networking. I selected IPSR and now I realise that my decision was the apt one. I did RHCE and CCNA from here. I am cent percent satisfied with the quality and standard of coaching, the support and placement assistance I got.
The mock examination they conduct before RHCE global certification exam helped me a lot in getting good marks. The lab atmosphere they have is superb. The placement support wing here, especially Mr. Georgy worked hard to conduct placement drives even in this recession time. Their 100% placement assistance not only helped me but also my friends to get job in reputed companies. I wish them all the very best and recommend them for you people.
Sarath Nair
Linux System Administrator
Cynosure Infotech

Friday, December 18, 2009

RHCSS Testimonial - Philix, Yahoo, Bangalore

"Was skeptical at first but good exposure over the subject made me to step up the knowledge. Good Instructor, co-operative and patient. Keep the good work sharath and IPSR.

Good luck for IPSR & Sharath."


Sr System Engineer

RHCSS Testimonial-Roshith, Focus MT India Pvt Ltd

"Among the networking institutions I have seen, the experience here at IPSR is entirely different, especially the availability of LABs. The infrastructure is really enough for the course point of view. I really thank the entire IPSR team for the help and support."

Roshith L S
Desktop Support Engineer
Focus MT India Pvt ltd

RHCSS Testimonial - Umesh, Incite, Bahrain

"Thanks to IPSR to give me a training in RH 333. It was a real experience in my career. I learned a lot of new things after my RHCE. Also many thanks to faculty, whose class is fantastic. I learned a lot of tips. Very interactive class. I hope this will help in my future career. So finally my heartful thanks to team IPSR and Benila madam too."

Umesh M
System Administrator

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"IPSR Infrastructure is Top Notch"-S. Saiganesh, Fedora Ambassador

Students at IPSR are very happy with the top-notch infrastructure we provide for RHCSS Training. Here is what S. Saiganesh who has just completed his RHCSS Training at IPSR says:

"Had a pretty good experience. IPSR with its ‘Top-Notch’ I\infrastructure, well experienced faculty have certainly proved the point 'what it is to be No.1'. You cannot find an institute like this anywhere in India. Had my good time. Hope this tradition will continue."
S Saiganesh
Fedora Ambassador

RHCSS Bootcamps and training is conducted at our International Centre in Kochi North.

IPSR Salutes its 100% RHCSS Scorers

The Christmas Season heralds glad tidings for IPSR. But what brings special joy to our hearts is the fact that we have created a good number of RHCSS 100% scorers.
Vijayanand K V
Jay Brahmabhatt
Rejy M cyriac
Sarath Sasendran
Manu S
Jagdeesh Paruchuri
P Partheebhan
Roshan Stevan Colaco
Sagar Sathyan
Alfahed P M
SojanV M
Justin George
Safeer C M
May you all win many more accolades!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to 17th IPSR RHCSS Bootcamp Participants!

The 17th RHCSS Bootcamp has commenced at IPSR Kochi. At present the training for RH 423 is going on. The course participants are:
Akbar M. - Network Engineer, Yahoo
Philix - Sr System Engineer, Yahoo, Bangalore
Nadeer- Network Engineer, Oman
Geo Jose - Student, Muvattupuzha
Rajesh Rajendran - Verizon Communication, Chennai
K. Manosh - Student, Pondicherry
Pravin Sam - Technical Trainer, IIHT, Pondicherry
Welcome to IPSR!

Monday, December 14, 2009

CCNA Success Story - Patric, Intuit, Bangalore

Patric is another CCNA Success Story from IPSR.
Choose wise, like he did!

Why Choose IPSR?
  • Best CCNA Training in Kerala.
  • Produced 350 CCNAs
  • One of the best labs in Kerala for CCNA
  • ISR with advanced security IOS & SDM
  • Best faculty with industry experience
  • Personal monitoring and interaction with instructor
  • High Quality Training, which guarantees certification
  • Personal individual support and guidance
  • Expert interaction from highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Highest level quality education at an affordable and reasonable price
  • Focus on high quality training rather than on cosmetic appearance
  • Real time environment
  • Real VPN, Leased line & PSTN Exposure with public servers
  • Fully illustrated LAB WORKBOOK
  • Exclusive Practice Question Paper sets
  • Mock interview and Mock exam
  • Router simulations for your homework
  • Free unlimited post-course tech support
  • Fast Track Batches
  • Placement Assistance
  • Installment facility
  • Free training on network tools for those who successfully complete the course
  • Site to site VPN
  • Syslog Server
  • Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)
  • Cisco Remote VPN Client
  • Cisco SSL VPN Client
  • Radius server
For more details, visit this link

Saturday, December 12, 2009

IPSR Cisco Success Story - Hanil Das


IPSR which offers multiple certification platforms to the IT student, is a great IT Certifications learning facility which helps many persons like Hanil Das. To learn more about IPSR Cisco Courses, Click Here...

Friday, December 11, 2009

IPSR Faculty gets 100% in RHCSS Exams

Justin George and Sojan V. M. who are IPSR Faculty at IPSR Kochi South and IPSR Calicut respectively have bagged 100% score in RH 423 Exam.
Hats off to you guys!

Unbelievable 3-in-1 Combo Offer for RHCE!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quality Education in REDHAT, CISCO and Microsoft

Unnikrishnan M. is one of those IPSRians who has done certifications in multiple tracks at IPSR like RHCE, CCNA and MCP. Here is what he says about IPSR:
"It was a great experience undergoing training at IPSR. The faculty is highly professional and are very experienced. The infrastructure is excellent and well maintained. IPSR quality education in REDHAT, CISCO and MICROSOFT. This helps in providing a strong network foundation for the candidates. As I have taken certification in REDHAT and completed CCNA and MCP, I highly recommend IPSR for quality education in Networking.

Monday, December 7, 2009

IPSR CISCO Success Story - Aftab, Kuwait

IT Admin, Kuwait
After successful completion of his CISCO Training at IPSR Calicut, Aftab is now in a good position in Kuwait. If you want to follow his example, you could join for CCNA, CCNP, CCVP or CCIE at IPSR. A hall mark of our cisco labs is real time environment.

Why Cisco Certification?
Cisco Certification gives you a better pay.
Cisco Professionals rank as highest paid employers
Cisco Certified is a respectable position in the Networking industry.
In case you are already in the industry, Cisco Certification gives you 15% to 20% increase in salary and other benefits.
Surveys speak for themselves. Average incomes of CCNA- $45,000; CCIE- $60,000; CCNP-$55,000
Some more CISCO Testimonials
Ehsanulla Ahmedy, Afghanistan, CCNA
Muhammed Aafthabuddeen, B. Tech, CCIE(Q)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Migrate to Linux - Redhat Virtual Experience

Linux Made Easy
Are you one of those persons who wants to migrate to Linux, but can't figure out how. This is your chance.
You can join the Redhat Virtual Experience on December 9, 2009 for the Red Hat Virtual Experience, an event focused on Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions, including virtualization and cloud computing. And you can enjoy the webinar from the comfort of your couch or workstation. Isn't that just great?
For more details, visit Redhat Virtual Experience.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Redhat Course Schedules@IPSR for December

Bootcamp Dates for Redhat Courses at IPSR in the month of December
RHCE Bootcamp
Kochi North - 7th December
RHCSS Bootcamp
RH 333 Kochi North 30th Nov-4th Dec 2009
RH 429 Kochi North 7th Dec-11th Dec 2009
RH 423 Kochi North 14th Dec-18th Dec 2009
RHCA Bootcamps
RH 401 Banglore 1st Dec - 4th Dec
RH 436 Banglore 7th Dec - 10th Dec
RH 423 Kochi 14 Dec - 18th Dec
RH 442 Banglore 14th Dec - 17th Dec
RH 436 Kochi 28th Dec - 31st Dec
RHCDS Bootcamps
RH 401 Banglore 1st Dec - 4th Dec
RH 436 Banglore 7th Dec - 10th Dec
RH 423 Kochi North 14th Dec - 18th Dec
RH 436 Kochi North 28th Dec - 31st Dec
For more details, visit IPSR's Course Schedule Page.