Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Breathing life to CCIE dreams and that it is the10th from ipsr

Success is never a chance; it yields the fruit when one dreams of it and live on it. Mr. Nithin Jacob has anchored his dream of CCIE in the ipsrian port; together they lived the dream and successfully routed it to the class of elite CCIE club. A big honour and tribute is due to this smart young man Mr. Nithin Jacob for claiming the tile of CCIE, the most prestigious networking certification in the industry and that to in the very first attempt.

When this mood of ecstasy and festivity is in the heights, for the ipsrian team, celebration is in 10 fold spirit for ipsr touched a two digit number of 10 in the list of successful trained CCIE professionals from ipsr.

And now the entire crew of ipsr feels much proud and dignified of Mr, Nithin. Not just for his international success, but also for his tremendous determination, his passion for life, his continuing humility in thanking and praising many others for the help they have given him.

It is with legitimate pride we put on record the words of Mr. Nithin Jacob CCIE

“By God's grace and by the prayers & wishes from my family and friends, I am proud to say that I have become a CCIE #37189 (R&S). I would like to take some time off, to offer a whole hearted thanks to IPSR, Calicut in moulding me to clear my CCIE Lab in Routing & Switching. I am really happy and proud after achieving such a valuable certification from Cisco in the very first attempt. It’s indeed a dream come true for me to join the elite club of the CCIE's. Finding the right place to do this certification was a tough task & IPSR has truly lived up to my expectations. I travelled from vaduvanchal , wayanad to be part of the one day orientation program conducted by ipsr with Malayalam Manorama on networking topic, the day I made the aim of being a CCIE. After my completion of in 2011 I joined for work at Infosys in software stream and my decision quit job and switch to networking platform was a tough one, but today I am proud of myself and thank ipsr for showing the right path.

The training offered by the instructors was excellent with a good rack facility. I really thank Reneesh Sir and Sanjay Sir for all the valuable inputs they have given me throughout the duration of my course. They have delivered to the best of their abilities and the credit goes to Sanjay Sir for putting me on the right track right from the beginning. I would also like to thank Sreeraj Sir, who has helped me immensely with various things and for guiding me. I also thank my friends and other staff members at IPSR for their inspirational support.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the training that I received from IPSR, Calicut.”

Once again the entire team of ipsr congratulates you in making mission CCIE a success

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ipsrian success mantra continues

Mr. Samer Ali the seeker of RHCSS has strengthened his credential by successfully clearing EX 429 SE Linux Policy Administration Expertise Exam. To add sugar to the cake it is worthy to note that he made it possible in just a week class at ipsr international centre. The strong passion, dedication to work and ipsrian support has no alternative other than a huge success. Mr. Samer Ali has a sound experience of 7 years in the IT industry. Currently he is serving as a Senior System Engineer at Saudi Net Internet Centre, Saudi Arabia. Though there were some policy issues in the company to pursue training at south Asian region. Mr. Samer Ali has placed his confidence in IPSR. His sincerity and ipsrian training could underline the fact that ipsr is the right choice

Here is Mr. Samer Ali sharing his experience at ipsr

“This is my first time to India just to do my higher certifications. Among my choices I choose IPSR and I felt that I can achieve my dream. I was a bit tensed but still I got support and encouragement, and now I thank all those who supported me especially Mr. Mojan.
And now I have much confidence for my next papers and exams, and I am sure that I will become an RHCSS

Currently he is enjoying his classes in the 37th batch of (EX 423 Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication) at ipsr international centre with 3 other technocrats from various locations of India.

Ipsrian team wish the entire batch a wonderful training ahead.

At the heights of RHCSS

Cheers broke out as 25th Oct 2012, marked a great day for the ipsrian team. Mr. Aneesh P.V. Senior Manager, ipsr technical Service and Mr. Sanju Raj Senior Technical Consultant, ipsr solutions ltd, was crowned as RHCSS a prestigious higher end certification in Redhat Security. This is not something that comes in an ease to any corporate entity. More so when the global scenario of the higher end certification in Red hat linux is a rear happening. This triumphant performance of ipsrian faculty has made the team to put on record an aggressive growth in professional standards of the training team.

The signs of potential ipsrian team procuring higher end certification have opened new and unchartered territory in dissemination of quality training in IT. The trigger for this achievement is the passion build up in the team to excel the best in the industry.

Mr. Aneesh P.V, Senior Manager, ipsr technical Services versatile genius has to his credit a big list of international certification which includes CCNA, MCSE, MCT, RHCE, RHCVA and CCIEQ. And now the honour of RHCSS is newly added to his crown.

Mr. Sanju Raj Senior Technical consultant, ipsr solutions ltd, is a vibrant man who lives in linux in every breath. This new achievement RHCSS has put him one more step ahead in his onward quest to claim the title of RHCA.

The entire crew of ipsr salutes these men on their triumphant win.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the rings with Apple iOS 6 and Antroid 4.1 Jelly bean

Here the rings are not the boxing platform but the arena of apps, games and other digital contents and the title is to become Smart, Smatter and the Smartest, omg!!!….and now the battle is on to own the crown of the smartest.

The scenario of smart phone OS technology during the past few years witnessed a tech race to win the supremacy of the smartest icon. Android and the Apple iOS the twin Ace of the lot is entangled in a never ending battle to claim the chair. When google launched the latest version of Antroid operating system code Jelly bean to power the hundreds of millions of end users, Apple countered it with the latest iOS 6 to neutralize the hype of Jelly Bean. The dependence of Apple on Google applications like google Maps and others has been defied in new release of  iOS 6 by integrating self sustaining features like Apple maps etc.

 When punches and counterpunches dominate the rings it feels essential for a tech lover to watch out who hit a Bolo punch and who knocks out of the bout. Here for a better appreciation and evaluation of the strengths and weakness of the two tech giants an interrogation into their features are designed

Smart Widgets a straight punch

Android 4.1 introduces improved App Widgets that can automatically resize, based on where the user drops them on the home screen, the size to which the user expands them, and the amount of room available on the home screen. This new feature of responsive widget helps the user to manage the home screen space by dragging and dropping widgets where all the other icons and widgets will make space for them,
. Apple has not embraced widgets in iOS, and while Microsoft has created customizable "live tiles" for Windows Phone, they are still static boxes tied to a single home screen. Android's widgets are now smarter and will be easier to integrate on an Android's variety of home screens. 

Additions to Google Beam a Jab punch

In Android 4.1, Android Beam makes it easier to share images, videos, or other payloads by leveraging Bluetooth for the data transfer. When the user triggers a transfer, Android Beam hands over from NFC to Bluetooth, making it really easy to manage the transfer of a file from one device to another.
Google continues to lead on NFC smartphone integration. With two new Beam features, Android Jelly Bean is way ahead of the competition when it comes to NFC. For instance, this is the first time we have seen NFC connect devices over a wireless connection with the ability to tap your phone to a Bluetooth device.

New Google Voice Search a hook punch

Google voice search… looks like Apple's Siri but could ultimately be more robust. Apple ties its search results to particular databases and search engines like Wolfram Alpha or Yelp. Google voice search in Android ties it to the company's robust search engine. Add responsive voice feedback and the new card-based interface, and mobile search is taking a step ahead.

New "Platform Developer Kit" a straight right hand punch

The "Platform Developer Kit" is a really smart move by Google considering its large manufacturer and partner base. You don't often think of hardware as something that can be "opened," but the ability to institute the very basic aspects of Android with one simple kit will make it much easier for hardware companies to start building on new versions of the platform.

Smart App updates an upper cut punch

Smart app updates is a new feature of Google Play that introduces a better way of delivering app updates to devices. When developers publish an update, Google Play now delivers only the bits that have changed to devices, rather than the entire APK. This makes the updates much lighter-weight in most cases, so they are faster to download, save the device’s battery, and conserve bandwidth usage on users’ mobile data plan. On average, a smart app update is about 1/3 the size of a full APK update.

Rich Push Notifications a rabbit punch

Android 4.1 brings a major update to the Android notifications framework. Apps can now display larger, richer notifications to users that can be expanded and collapsed with a pinch. Notifications support new types of content, including photos, have configurable priority, and can even include multiple actions.
Google has long been ahead in push notifications with Android. Even Apple has had to catch up, with the prime example being how Apple created a drop-down menu for notifications in iOS 5 last year. Google has now taken that a step further by not just making notifications easy to develop for, but also integrating rich media into the drop-down menu. There are some things that iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone do better than Android. When it comes to notifications, Android will continue to lead the way.

Google Maps vs Apple Maps a combination punch

Google’s turn-by-turn navigation is better even though Jelly Bean pushes it to a separate app, Google just recently revamped their Maps to include 3D mapping and offline maps. The offline maps are a killer feature, they are useful when you have no service, Offline Maps, transit, and walking directions give Google a point in this category, Apple has a long way to go if it wants Maps to be on par with Google, When we first found out Apple was developing its own Maps app, we were excited, Then we actually saw the maps, and we were completely underwhelmed, Apple’s Maps don’t include walking directions or transit directions and that’s a big let down for a lot of users…

As the ring continues to be active

As of now Jelly Bean and iOS 6 are both great mobile operating systems and they’re both improvable, It is wise not to expect the outcome to end up like it did, Overall Google’s Android OS is much more robust and feature packed than Apple’s, Apple has polished its operating system and added a lot of nifty features.
So Let the ring continue to be active as, what we have seen is nothing when compared to what we ought to see and let us keep enjoying all great features that suits us the best…

Content courtesy: Ambily P.S, Technical Consultant, ipsr solutions                                    

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Global choice of inspired visionaries in IT

 If a choice on the best in Redhat is posed, then none would stand out other than ipsr, if the seekers do look out for a live linux training environment. Wowing the stakeholders with the trust and accountability ipsr has always proved to be a perfect training partner. It is this goodwill that inspires visionaries globally along the ipsrian lane.

This time in the newly happening RHCSS batch at ipsr international centre we have Mr. Samer Ali Haddad, a Senior System Engineer, Saudi Net Internet Centre, Saudi Arabia. It is with a legitimate appreciation we put on record that Mr. Samer Ali Haddad is a graduate in CS and a versatile genius in IT with ample experience of 7 years. He has with him a cluster of certifications in IT - RHCX, RHCE, NCLA, DCTS, LPIC, Linux+. It is his search for the best in linux took him to the ipsr. When each segment of class celebrates volume of concepts in RHCSS Mr. Samer Ali Haddad is living to it in every breath.

The entire crew of ipsr joins Dr. Mendus Jacob CEO, ipsr solutions in greeting him all the best  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We complete your dreams…if it is of a certification or a career

There is no element of paradox when the students keep saying that “With IPSR the reality becomes better than our dreams”. The signs of potential training and enabling students participation in multifarious value addition programs have opened a sustainable territory in ipsrian success regime. The huge expertise in research and training has always prompted ipsr to do what is right in the right way at the right time. This worth has always paid its due and lit the mind and faces of our stakeholders. Here are the experiences of few of the ipsrian students

Akhil Raj S.L, a native of Trivandrum district joined for RHCE course here at IPSR and he has shared his experience of being an IPSRian.

"My experience while attending the RHCE exam was good. The exam was not that much difficult as expected and I thank IPSR for giving us good coaching on the subject. I think the institution have a good role in preparing us for attempting the examination. The exam atmosphere was fine and they provided  all support  for us to clear our doubts about the examination. Overall I thank the faculties who helped us to get a good knowledge about the subject."

Abin Peter,a native from Alappuzha and Bachelor in Engineering joined IPSR for the RHCE course and has happily completed his course.He was very happy to tell about IPSR.This is what he has stated:

“Nice work,good environment,dedicated staff. GOOD!!!”

Vineesh A.V,a B.Tech holder joined IPSR with the hope to successfully complete his RHCE course and attain a job was happy to tell about IPSR family:

“Dedicated faculty and ready availability of resources to work with.The best I have come across.Keep going higher.”

Vishnu Subhadan, a B.E joined IPSR after resigning from his job, placing upon IPSR the hope of reaching greater heights in his career. He was able to complete his course successfully and he has shared his experience at IPSR.Quoting down his own statements about IPSR:

“Its a pleasure to be an IPSRian.Very good environment and classes with well equipped labs and faculties.One of the best institutions I have studied.Good luck to all”

Julies J.M, a native from Trivandrum and a B.Tech holder joined IPSR for doing RHCE course.This what he has to say about IPSR:
“Am so satisfied with the experience I got from here.The faculties are very friendly and they are dedicated in their works. I earned a lot from here.”

Nijil Vijayan, a B.Tech holder from Pathanamtitta joined IPSR for his RHCE course. He was very satisfied with the RHCE course right from the beginning that he persuaded his brother Nikhil Vijayan also to do the same course at IPSR itself. These are his own words about IPSR and his experience

“I had a good time studying RHCE at IPSR. The facilities’ were good and was upto my expectations. The staffs were very supportive. All the classes were understandable In short I am pleased with the short time course at IPSR.”

Anand M.G, after completing his B.Tech course joined for RHCE course in IPSR last July. He has shared his experience of being an IPSRian:

“It is a very wonderful experience to be an IPSRian.The faculties,quality of teaching,the infrastructure at IPSR were all very great.The faculties were very supportive and was very keen in resolving our doubts.As an overall,It was a very great experience for me.”

Nikhil Vijayan,a B.E joined IPSR for RHCE after his brother's experience of being an IPSRian. This is what he has to tell about his experience:

”I had a good time studying RHCE at IPSR. The lab facilities are very good and the teaching methods were very interesting. Staffs were kind enough to clarify all sorts of doubts. Therefore I had a wonderful and useful time here.”

A Triumphant RHCDS for Rumesh and a new saga for Sri Lanka

The royal lions of the paradise Isle of the east have now become technology empowered with the master technology of open source community. In the most recent times the strategic position of Sri Lankan IT sector has marked a drastic migration from proprietary software to open source. The spell of Redhat technologies has now started penetrating the IT aspirants of Ceylon.

It is in this context the Mr.Rumesh Athukorla a native of Sri Lanka has celebrated a triumphant win for RHCDS and became the first person form Sri Lanka to get certified as RHCDS. Before, it was in cricket world witnessed Sri Lankan centuries now Mr. Rumesh has made it happen in Redhat certifications exams. The win of Mr. Rumesh is so splendid that he scored a 100% score in RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and RHCDS – Ex 401 and got crowned as the emperor of centuries. The Linux guru IPSR is in profound happiness to witness all these events, as it is ipsr who has set the stage to ignite the minds.

 The entire crew of ipsr congratulates Mr. Rumesh Athukorla on his awesome win