Saturday, May 29, 2010

IPSR RHCE from the “resting place” of God

Pleasing, gentle and courteous, that’s what we felt after meeting Mr. Tim Kitonyi, Education Director, Institute of Software Technologies from Nairobi, Kenya- “the resting place of God”. Mr. Kitonyi holds a B.Sc. in Computing from University of Greenwich and he came to IPSR International Center, Kochi for doing RHCE Boot camp. He became very much excited when he began to speak about the whole training program and activities provided by IPSR:

"My experience at IPSR has been one of utmost satisfaction. These days most of the staff members helped me a lot. The CEO and other staffs were very caring whenever I wanted their assistance especially in arranging an exam centre when an unexpected national strike disrupted our plans.”

Mr. Tim Kitonyi with IPSR CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob

It was really a unique experience for Rajat Jaic and Rohan G Nair, the youngest RHCEs in the world when met with Mr. Tim Kitonyi at IPSR IT Finishing School, Kochi. He got wonder-struck and spellbound for a while when the two kids told him that their next target is RHCSS. About the stirring session the two little masters commented “it was really inspirational” where Mr. Tim points it out as a really “admirable” effort, the rest of the youngsters must follow.

Jaic Mendus and Rohan G Nair along with Mr. Tim Kitonyi at IPSR IT Finishing School, Kochi

We became very happy when he told that he had spent his leisure time visiting various places in the central part of Kerala. He got thrilled when he began to speak about the rustic backwater cruise and the bright green places of God’s Own Country. After the long description of backwater cruise we heard him say “the ambience of these places is matchless and great.” For boating he was accompanied by Mr. Robin Joseph, Manager, Business Development, IPSR Solutions, who remembers the trip “an unforgettable event in life”

At IPSR Tim spent his free time with the staff and kept a personal attachment with all. This may be the single thing that makes us to think of the “sweet sorrow” (“parting is such a sweet sorrow” Romeo and Juliet) of William Shakespeare at the end of our discussion. He shook our hands with a pleasing smile and began to write in the diary “You all gave me your best and almost everything was fine. Overall, I am greatly satisfied with IPSR and wish you all the best in future to keep up the good work that you do!”

Watch Mr. Tim Kitonyi’s Video Testimonial

Thursday, May 27, 2010

IPSR makes headway with New Successes

IPSR makes headway with the announcement of RHCE Exam results conducted in the months of April and May. IPSR Eranakulam South Branch makes a go of with an outstanding performance in hatching out the best Red Hat certified RHCEs with 100% score. Students who scored 100% in the RHCE exam are Aby Sebastian, Alex Thomas, Anto, Shyam Mohammed, Sujith S Nair, Geo Jose, Mani T Paulose, Nadiya Mariyat, Soniya Jose, Priyanka Urban, Abhishek Srivastava, Praveen, Anima Anand, R.Thilaga, Georly George and Sumitha E. Other candidates who have successfully completed RHCE course are:

1. Abhishek Srivastava
2. Anto Telvin Mathew
3. Bastian V S
4. Irshaad N A
5. Premkrishnan.J
6. Swapna Kuncheria
7. Kiran
8. Jaison Varghese
9. Viju Vincent
10. Melvin-De-Vincent
11. Deepthi Koshy
12. Italia Joseph Maria
13. James Mathew
14. Deepu K S
15. Mani T Paulose
16. Praveen M Thomas
17. Priya James
18. Ramdoyal Sumesh
19. Sarath M
20. Sreejith K R
21. Srijith E.K Raveendran
22. Shalton Correya
23. Vijayakumar R
24. Arun B Chandran
25. Diju D Nair
26. Mohammed Naufal P I
27. Risvan K
28. Vikrant Gupta
29. Purushotham Bhandare
30. Raghul R
31. Sarath R
32. Vipin V
33. Feby Joseph
34. Zacharia
35. Nitin Gosai
36. Preetha P K
37. Ribu Thomas Abraham
38. Sumitha E
39. Arun Krishnan A R
40. Hema Mathew
41. Jomon Mathew
42. Sanilkumar P S
43. Sarath R
44. Fazal Basheer
45. Jaseel K C
46. K V Basil Ibrahim
47. Nibin Sebastian
48. Sanil T
49. Sarath Babu V C
50. Srijil M
51. Aby Sebastian
52. Alex Thomas
53. Shyam Mohammed
54. Sujith S Nair
55. Geo Jose
56. Georly George
57. Nadiya Mariyat
58. Soniya Jose
59. Priyanka Urban
60. Anima Anand
61. R.Thilaga
62. Sumitha E

We congratulate and welcome all the winning students who successfully completed the RHCE course to IPSR RHCE Family.

Wish you all the best!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New RHCSS Batch on the Course of a Victory

The new RHCSS batch is on the course of a victory by creating another success in the last RHCSS exam RHS423 conducted on 24th May. This is one of the three modules of RHCSS program focusing on Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication. The students who have successfully completed the RHS423 exam are Amit Chaturvedi, Mmereole Mac-Donald, Murtuza Ibrahim Barodawala, Rajat Jaic Mendus and Rohan G Nair.

Amit Chaturvedi becomes the cream of the crop by winning all the three modules of Red Hat Security Certification, RHCSS. He is the 21st RHCSS from IPSR and we wish him the Best!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

“Ba wo ni E ka bo” - A Nigerian “welcome” to Mr. Olanrewaju

Giving a cheerful Nigerian welcome, IPSR International Centre for IT certifications in Kochi celebrates the advent of its new member Mr. Olanrewaju Olanposi. Mr. Olanrewaju is from ILEIFE City of Osun state in Nigeria. Mr. Olanrewaju came to know about IPSR from one of his colleagues who has undergone RHCE training in India from another Institute. Later, he met with an IPSR student working in Nigeria, who again recommended IPSR for Red Hat Certifications.

It beats us all that holding a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Microbiology and working as a Billing Administrator in Victoria Island City of Lagos state, he is grabbing various IT Certifications with flying colors. He already has certifications in Sun Solaris and Oracle (OCP) and is now on the way to obtain Red Hat Gold Standard Certification program, RHCE.

IPSR at its International Centre provides advanced international certifications like RHCSS & RHCA for students and professionals from regions including Europe, Middle East and the Far East. We wish you a Nice Time!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Third RHCA, Mr. Tejas Sevak from IPSR!!!

The path of success always starts with the right attitude, excellent planning, education, hard work and expert training. Mr. Tejas Sevak, the 3rd RHCA from IPSR proves this is true and practical. Mr. Tejas is from Gujarat, one of the most industrialized states in India. He took his B.Tech from Gujarat University and all the way he came to IPSR, Kochi for doing the master level Red Hat certification program RHCA. As a Red Hat Certified Architect, he is happy with the new achievement and says “Really, my experience with IPSR was great. I got very kind response from IPSR staff members. IPSR is the right place for any techie like me, who want to develop his/her career in open source.”

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mmereole Mac Donald from Nigeria joins IPSR

IPSR warmly welcomes Mr. Mmereole Mac Donald, from Asaba city of Delta, Nigeria. He is a BE in Electronics from Madonna University, Okija, Nigeria. Earlier Mr. Mmereole did RHCE course in India in Oct. 2009. He came to know about IPSR from a student and we are really happy to know that our training sessions and other efforts greatly support both fresh and experienced professionals.

IPSR CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob welcomes Mr. Mmereole Mac Donald

Mr. Mmereole has joined for IPSR Red Hat Security Certification program, RHCSS at our International Center, Cochin. We wish you a wonderful time here!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Sweet Memory of "IPSR days"

Abhishek Srivastava from Faizabad has just completed his RHCE training @IPSR with 100% score in the RHCE exam conducted on 15th May. He is a B-Tech graduate with a Diploma in Embedded Systems Design(C-DAC). Currently he is working as a Software Engineer at Poornam Info Vision Pvt. Ltd, Kochi. He is happy with IPSR training and says about the wonderful training as “IPSR days”:-

IPSR is a great institute with lot of specialties, but all the more, what set it apart is its excellent faculty. I thank my lucky stars that I got such a great chance to come here and meet great mentors. Mr. Sanju was a great help in my studies and I thank him so much. I am indebted to him for my final days and he gave me very good support for the preparation of RHCE exam. Other faculty including Justin and Mojan helped me to groom my Linux skills and gave me tips to face real time difficulties. Thank you to all whose name I have missed here. You all are the best. I am taking home a sweet memory called "IPSR days". “It’s a small world after all!”

Abhishek Srivastava
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A sound growth from Novice to Adroit

The possibilities and opportunities to learn and grow in the realm of IT are limitless. I am very proud to say that I am one among the successful pupils who have been benefited from IPSR. I came here as a novice in Linux and now I can say that I am adroit in the field. I was very fortunate to have a very devoted teaching and non-teaching staff who know what they are doing. They played a vital role in making me reach at my current position. The infrastructure & facilities at IPSR, I can say, is one of the best in the industry.

I got quite a number of chances for attending interviews while I was in IPSR. It helped me to learn how to attend interviews and the various tips for a successful interview. I got great support from the IPSR placement Cell especially from Mr. Georgy who gave me a good opportunity to attend professional interviews. Now I am working in reputed company in Kochi as Linux System Administrator. It is all through IPSR.

I thank IPSR for helping me become an RHCE certified IT professional. It was a brilliant learning experience! I am much more confident about my future now.


Rahul KM, Kochi

1 out of 4 RHCSS now an IPSRian

IPSR is on the crest of a wave by making another milestone in Red Hat Certifications. The latest two additions, Mr. Justine George and Mr. Sojan V M to the group of RHCSS certified, make an astounding change in the RHCSS statistics. Now 1 out of every 4 RHCSS in South Asia is an IPSRian! Furthermore, IPSR gets another feather to its Hat by producing a total of 20 successful Red Hat Certified Security Specialists.

The 24th RHCSS regular course starts from 2nd June to 1st July. The detailed schedule is as follows:



Date of Training


RHS 333

Kochi North

2nd June - 5th June 2010

11th June 2010

RH 423

Kochi North

14th June - 17th June 2010

24th June 2010

RH 429

Kochi North

28th June - 1st July 2010

9th July 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cake worth the Candle!!

IPSR racks up the number of RHCSS faculty by producing 2 more RHCSS, Mr. Justine George and Mr. Sojan V M making a total of 5 RHCSS certified faculty. Justine George is the Manager of Technical Services and Sojan VM is a Consultant in the IPSR Technical Services. Reji Cyriac, Sarath Sasendran and Mojan K Iype are the other faculty members who earlier got RHCSS certified. IPSR always prides in having an Excellent faculty and offers faculty to upgrade their knowledge. And the cake is really worth the candle as our efforts win to create successful RHCSS trainers and professionals into the arena!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

100% Pass in RHS429 Exams– That Takes the Cake!!

IPSR gets 100% pass in the RHS429 SELinux Policy Administration exams, one of the modules of RHCSS, conducted on 12th May. The candidates who have appeared for EX 429 exams are Amit Chaturvedi, Justine George, Rajat Jaic Mendus, Rohan G Nair and Sojan V M.

Rajat Jaic Mendus and Rohan G Nair are the youngest RHCEs in the world. IPSR takes the cake with two kids creating another stunning victory in the IT certification scenario.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IPSR is the Best!!!!!!- Murtuza Ibrahim, Ahmedabad

IPSR is a well known IT Certification institute in every state of India. For Linux training IPSR is the best especially for RHCE, RHCSS, RHCA and other CISCO courses. I came here to become an RHCSS. It’s my dream and I think very soon it would be a reality. Staffs and faculty are very helpful in every circumstance and support me to learn the real time difficulties. IPSR is the Best!!!!!!
Murtuza Ibrahim Barodawala

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IPSR RHCSS – Hub of Diverse Cultures

Welcome to IPSR RHCSS Training, arguably one of the best days of learning experience in your life. The new RHCSS batch makes IPSR a hub of diverse cultures as students from various parts of India joins the Red Hat IT certification program RHCSS.

The new RHCSS batch comprises 7 students from different parts of India and we are very excited to get to know the new additions to our IPSR family! They are Renjith Raju from Kollam, Syed Akramulla Hussain from Andra Pradesh, Murtuza Ibrahim Barodawala from Ahmedabad, I Gerald Nathan from Chennai, Rohan G Nair from Kottayam, Rajat Mendus from Kottayam and Jesmon Joy Karippery. Rajat Mendus and Rohan G Nair, Youngest RHCEs in the world, are on the way to grab new stunning records into their pockets.

IPSR wishes success to all of the new RHCSS students in both their academic and professional endeavors. Looking forward to having a Burns Supper Hang!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IPSR RHCE from the Land of Dodo

We got a chance to meet Mr. Sumesh Ramdayal from Mauritius who had been here at IPSR for Red Hat's gold standard IT certification program, RHCE that molds strong Linux Administrators to implement and manage Linux networks in corporate. Sumesh took his Diploma in Hospitality Management from American College, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. He is also a self-made entrepreneur who achieved two top honors of Mauritius Government, the Youth Excellence Award for young people aged between 14-29 and Best Entrepreneurship Award for thriving young entrepreneurs.

When we asked him of his experience at IPSR, he started enthusiastically and said, “It is elegant, the facilities are great, the weather is superb and some what similar to my country, but by far the best part of IPSR is the faculty and the calm atmosphere to learn and win your targeted IT certification. As an IT education institution, IPSR is very sharp and driven to really understand the fabric of students pulse especially students like me. But more importantly they are warm and welcoming and any visitor is quickly part of their tight-knit community. The CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob is highly inspiring and caring. The amount of learning between students is incredible, and my experience at IPSR has given me a window into the vivacity of Indians.”

In the holidays he found time to visit various places and he says the backwater cruise from Kottayam to Alappuzha was really an unforgettable experience. He got the company of French Couple Benat and Kamille on the way to Alappuzha and the parting was such a sweet sorrow when they told him “Tu nous manques!” (we miss you). Sumesh says about his trip to Mattancherry Palace, Kochi “I am so glad that I was able to experience Kerala on my own. I didn’t have to rush through places. I like to experience the history, nature, and atmosphere of the God’s own Country.”

Sumesh Ramdoyal at Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

The Kottayam Pakal Pooram was really eye-catching. About the festival he says “At evening when I heard the trembling echoes of drums I came to the crowded area. While walking around Temple I got a chance to meet mahouts and asked for some snapshots. They said sure & I took that very personally; I mean, I was feeling great passion!”

Sumesh Ramdayal along with Mr. Rajan (mahout) (Kottayam, Pakal Pooram)

Before we end up the discussion, he talked about the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Thekkady. He was very happy to see lot of elephants together. He says “it’s my first time I saw herds”. He showed us the life like pictures of elephants drinking water from small rivulets, roaring tigers standing so close and lots and lots. He spotted the location of Mauritius in Google Maps and emotionally explained the location by saying “its so close”. He stood up and said I may come back to IPSR for another course and like the French couples we too said “Tu nous manques!”

We Miss You!!!