Thursday, June 28, 2012

New RHCSS Batch triggered dynamically with Network Service Security RH333

A group of highly competent men with a high profile in linux industry reached ipsr international centre from various locations of India and serenely dissolved into unity for mastering higher-end concepts of Redhat Network Service Security. The new version of RH333 course in RHEL 5.8 has unveiled with error free configurations and solutions related to network service security. The entire team was consumed in the passion for the mastery of the technology and to conquer the heights of RHCSS. Their meticulous involvement has generated an ambience conducive for mastery of the technology. The versatile aspirant of this session includes.
Mr.Allamprabhu Kamble, B .E, System administrator, 
Juniper Networks, Bangalure
Mr.Vinayaka Trasi, BSc Computer science,System Engineer, 
Fujitsu Consulting India Ltd. Bangalure
Mr.Nanjunda Swamy, B .E Graduate, Senior Consultant
Linux ESI Software India P Ltd Bangalure.

Mr.Harsha Raj D, BSc. Graduate, System admin,
 Langoor Digital, Bangalure

 Mr.Rajanish Babu Bhavani from Hydrabad, Linux Engineer, 
Financial Times U.K.
Mr.Rajnish Kumar, B.E Scholar, Maharashtra  
The entire team of ipsr wishes a successful endeavor in their mission

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Add a mint flavor to your desktop and be proud to be an egalitarian in technology

An egalitarian outlook in technology will make you fall in love with open source technologies. When the global community moves towards the armor of recession proof technologies, Linux the free software with higher level of security and which was once caged to higher end server and industrial application is becoming a mate of desktop environment. Linux mint is one of the best linux based operating system compactable to desktop environment. It is available in many edition and different code basis of which most of them are based on Ubuntu linux distribution which in turn is based on Debian Linux mint is more comfortable to those who are new and do not have any previous experience in the linux platform. The ease in installation and configuration makes this OS your companion and makes you an engineer in system administration.

Here is Rajat Mendus RHCE, RHCSS and Rohan Sunil RHCE for ipsr online Linux chit chat bringing some essential tuto in installation and administration of linux mint.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mission RHCDS: In the mirth of success

The crowning experience came with a natural inevitability to the sincere devotees of linux from Netherlands Mr.Bobby Prins and Mr.Renout Jerrits, who explored the fertile land of linux - the ipsr solutions for their RHCDS. There intense craving for RHCDS certification and the conducive environment they cherished at ipsr has drawn the target to tangible heights.  This big win in the RHCDS examination in first attempt has made a globally unusual event as one of the usual success story of ipsrian family. 

The Netherland guys has exalted their technical eloquence in every phase of their mission to actualize the RHCDS certification. It is with top sense of appreciation we note that a 100% score in a higher end certification like RHCDS exam  is a rare possibility and it has turned to be a reality for both of these men. Their creative potentials and technical ambiance of the smart guys made it easy to unlock the doors to success in RHCDS certification. With this big win ipsr has topped the tally of RHCDS figures to a Big 8 which is a rare figure in the global scenario.

Our hearty congrats to these guys for making a miracle happen with 100% score.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Tunisian guy to the 'Treasure trove of Virtualisation..'!!!!!

From the smallest country of North Africa, a man has come to the treasure-rich capital of God's own country to master the technology of RHCVA. Mr. Adnen Hammadi from Tunisia is excited about his first visit to the diverse land of unified people..He knows this place hosts a lot of tourist wonders. Pointing to our table calendar which pictuarises a beautiful row of coconut trees, he was full of words about the palm trees and nature of Tunisia..

Mr.Adnen graduated in the year 2005. Since then he is a true professional who knows the pulse of technology. His expertise lies with Unix and Linux..He served as a technical manager to various companies in Tunisia and Dubai.He is now the GM of Linsoft which he owns and Linsoft is a Red Hat Training Partner..He is a proud holder of prestigious certifications like RHCE, RHCI and CCNA. He has traveled all over emirates. IPSR is proud and privileged at the same time to offer training to a resourceful person like Mr.Adnen. Hope he will find his short stay at Trivandrum worthy and memorable.

Welcome Mr.Adnen Hammadi!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Engulfed in the delight of success, a well started hunt for RHCDS

An oceanic joy of success broke upon the smart and vibrant learning platform of ipsr international centre as our overseas students Mr. Bobby Prins and Mr. Renout Jerrits, Unix System Engineers from PROXY Services B.V, DELFTWEG 128, Rotterdam, Netherlands has passed EX436 exam of RHEL held on 9th June 2012. It is noteworthy that these men have made it happen in just one week of RHCDS boot camp section at ipsr international centre. Their commitment and smart learning has no other alternative other than a big success at Redhat EX 436 (Clustering and storage management) exam. With gained confidence they have set similar target to the next module of RHCDS – EX 401

Here are the words of Mr. Bobby Prins and Mr. Renout Jerrits about the classes at ipsr

“Really enjoyed the RH401 course we had enough time to get to know the rehat satellite product. The teacher was very good in explaining some of the more complex concepts of Deployment and System configuration”

Our congratulation to these successful men for their awesome win

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Technology may differ but the rhythm of training is always the same

There is never a small deal for a student who reach ipsr for mastery of technology. Expertise of ipsr in training is crowned globally by a number of recognition for the excellence in RHCSA, RHCE, RHCSSRHCDS, RHCVA training. Accountability, persistence in the quality of training and innovation has always lit the faces of students with satisfaction and gratitude.

Here are the words of our students, who have completed their training in RHCE and Android

Arif S (RHCE student) who is a B.Tech graduate and a native of Trivandrum

"Thank you ipsr for giving me excellent facilities for RHCE training.I am thankful to our instructor Ms.Mary Tomson for her valuable support and guidance throughout our course..I am glad to be an ipsr-ian!!!"

Anoop Joseph (ITFS Student), who got placed at Armia Systems, Info Park

“I’m glad to say that I got very good support from IPSR after completing my RHCE certification. Then I attended one month training in Armia Systems, Info park and I got placed there. And I’m thankful to the whole ipsr team group that I had a great time here.”

Aneesh B.S (Android Project student) who is a MCA student of Narayanaguru College of Engineering Coimbatore.

"It was a very good experience to complete my project under the guidance of Shafnaz Sir..I could study and explore a lot about Android..I am really thankful to ipsr..!!!!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ipsr international centre soaked in the techno concepts of RHCDS

The monsoon shower has started romancing the lakes, lagoons and vegetation of Kerala. Ipsr international centre with concepts of higher-end certification in Redhat – RHCDS  rained with techno-rhythms over the international community who flocked together for RHCA Boot camp program. The global dependencies on recession proof technologies has boosted up the application of open source technologies, where the global master vendor in Linux – Redhat enterprise Linux spans the major domain of services and application.

The vibrant group in the ongoing boot camp session of RHCDS includes two delegates from Netherlands, one a native of Hyderabad settled in U.K and two others from Kerala.

Mr. Renoutt Jerrits
Mr. Bobby Prins

It is noteworthy that our students from Netherlands Mr. Bobby Prins and Mr, Renout Jerrits do have a rich live experience in Unix platform. They serve as the Unix system engineer managing PROXY servers in a reputed company at Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While  Mr.Rajanish Babu Bhavni from Hyderabad is working as Linux system Engineer at UK. Mr.Himesh Madhusoodhanan ,B.Tech is a Process Analyst and Mr Ratheesh is a Diploma holder

The entire professional student of the RHCDS Boot camp with ipsrian crew spells the magic of technology with a cool relaxed learning when monsoon showers vibrantly and wildly.

In this outset the entire team of ipsr registers a formal welcome and a cool learning to all students of RHCDS boot camp batch.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Damn small linux (dsl) your tiny friend in the open source community

Damn small linux is a tiny linux operating system and a good companion of old version of computers with weak performance. It is an open source software perfectly designed to run graphical applications among x86 family of personal computers. Users who would like to take their operating system where ever they go with them in their pocket dsl would be a responsible pocket friend.

Dsl is a tiny little tux with a size of 50mb and could easily fit in USB flash drives, memory cards or even in bootable business cards. Dsl is simple in size but complex in its features but friendly with its users. It has text editors: Nano, vim, beaver, Web browsers: firefox, multimedia: gphone, XMMS with MPEG-1 and VCD support , SMB client, VNC viewer and much more but no less.

A live USB of dsl can be created in no time with Universal USB installer software and could be run in any pc with a minimum requirement of 486 processor and 8mb of RAM.S
Here is a video tutorial on How to install Damn Small Linux (dsl) in a pendrive and booting it up from windows, presented by Rajat Mendus (RHCE) at the age of 11 and RHCSS at the age of 13, visiting faculty of ipsr solutions ltd. go for it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Breathing the fragrance of Java concepts from the ipsrian aura

Ipsr International centre excels to be a potential core for software training. A steady stream of multinational students from various destinations poured to this tranquil centre of learning. The study at ipsr is graced by high quality training, understanding, courtesy, relaxation that too at the moderate rates comfortable to ones purse.  

The ongoing boot camp batch on Java Certification (OCJP & OCJD) has representation from Nigeria. Mr. NABIEBU TOKUBIYE DASETIMA who enrolled for the program from Nigeria is a graduate in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has ample years of experience as an IT Director in DAROS ENTERPRISES, Nigeria. It is worth to note that he has a sound mastery in both software and networking – MCITP, CCNA, SCJP and Diploma in micro computer technology.

We price his evaluation on our training as the best of its kind, since his awesome experience in various designation as lecturer in Fidei Poplytechnic  PMB 186 Gboko, as a Basic programming instructor ( world pace computers), Administrative officer/time keeper (EGGS marine Logistics), Lecturer/webmaster/Systems administrator (showers International highschool), systems administrator, IT specialist (Rivers state ministry of budget &economic planning), IT manager/systems administrator (optimist Nigeria ltd), Head, Reconciliation (Hard Amenities Ltd/Rivers State ministry of finance and ICT Director (Daros Enterprises) is a true mark of its validity.

Ipsr extends all good wishes to Mr. NABIEBU TOKUBIYE DASETIMA for a good stay and better learning.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

From the land of rising sun to the land of Linux training

Despite many flavors in Linux and multiple learning hubs, the global choice for the best converges to Redhat and ipsr. RHCE boot camp program of ipsr, an universal preference of the global community has always excelled as an unique of its kind in blending top class learning with cool relaxation and tourism.

The giants of innovation and technology – Japan has placed its confidence in ipsr international centre for smart learning in Linux technology .Among the international students who reach here for RHCE boot camp there is a good representation from Japan. Here is Mr. Moho Faiz Bin Moho Azhar from Japan working in NTT Communications, Malasia who was a student of RHCE in 152th  crash batch at IPSR International centre Edappally, sharing his experience about ipsr.

“I came from Japan to attend the RHCE rapid course. Although I was equipped with basic knowledge of Linux concepts by self-studying LPIC materials. I had almost no hands-on experience on the matter. However, IPSR faculty members were very experienced  and kindly guided me through the process. The staffs were also helpful  and flexible. By the day of the exam, I already felt comfortable working  with  the exam topics. I never attended other training  institutions , however I can say that IPSR has really lived up to its reputation as an ultimate Red Hat training partner in Asia. “

The entire team of ipsr extends all good wishes to Mr. Moho Faiz Bin Moho Azhar

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Explored the serenity of India and felt the pulse of redhat linux

The green memories of the tranquil India will ever linger in the heart of Mr. Edward John Greenoff who reached ipsr after a long quest to trace route the best in linux training. Mr. Greenoff is a master in Unix platform who began to dream of a footing in Redhat linux. The craving for this desire took him to the rich abode of linux technology, ipsr international centre. Without any boastful pride Mr Greenoff claim that he felt the heart beat of Redhat linux and with pride we put on record that he got certified as Redhat Certified Engineer just in 10 days of learning at ipsr. Adventurous man who loves scuba diving as his favorite sporting is much thrilled to explore our traditional cult of Kerala. He rate flavors of South Indian cuisine always make any taste buds watery. Mr. Greenoff remarks that his heart is stolen by the homely stay at vrindavan and flavors of Kayees and Bimbis cuisine.

Now with double joy of successful mission in India and delight to witness mind-blowing royal celebration of Queens diamond jubilee Mr. Greenoff took his flight back to England.
Here are words of Mr. Greenoff, overwhelming with excitement and gratitude

WoooooHoooooooo !!!!!!

I passed both RHCSA and RHCE exams – YEAH!!!
Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to;
Sanju Raj for training me, putting up with my bad jokes, answering all my mad questions, helping me to have a great time and getting me through my exams.
Vishnu (sorry don’t know his last name) for looking after me, collecting me and taking me back to my hotel, helping me with lunch and (again) helping me to have a great time (he still has to find me a bottle of Limca!)
To Morris, for looking after me on the Back Water boat ride. I didn’t mind all the questions, I did relax and unwind and I loved the food. He arranged the delivery of the Red Hat back pack and pullover – thank you. I will still be happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of taking any courses in India and have some concerns and I will ensure all my friends all know about IPSR.
To Benila for answering all my emails and booking everything for me.
And my thanks to all those who helped in the background.
I had a great time, learning about Red Hat Linux and India at the same time.
See you all soon

 John Greenoff