Thursday, July 29, 2010

Neophytes’ from the land of spicy cuisine and land of royal grandeur!!!!

IPSR family is relished with the advent of its two new members to the training division. Mr. Abhishek Yadavrao Patil from the land of Royal Grandeur and Oriental Glory, Gulbarga, Karnataka and Mr. Punit Kumar from the land of hot and spicy cuisine along with its rich cultural heritage, Punganur, Andhra Pradesh. Abhishek completed his BCA and he had a keen interest in Linux from the very beginning. This concernment made him to join in our Cochin South Branch for RHCE certification. Punnet Kumar, completed his engineering graduation from MITS College, Andhra Pradesh and he was interested in open source technology and searched internet for a ruling institution to join. Thus he came across IPSR Solutions in Kerala and joined in our Kottayam branch for RHCE certification. IPSR family extends our clement welcome to Abhishek and Punit. We wish you all the very success.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IPSR “THE ONE” for Linux training …

James Mathew, a B-Tec graduate from MBC College of Engineering & Technology, Peermade, Idukki, joined IPSR with an abysmal intension to be a Linux professional. IPSR bestow the most efficient unmatching faculty strength to its candidates. This biased him to a true professional. He completed his CCNA and RHCE certification from IPSR, Kottayam. Also he worked as a trainee in IPSR Kottayam for the last 2 months. Now he is working as the Linux System Administrator at Admin-Ahead Technologies, Cochin. James was much obliged and delighted with the support given to him by the training and placement division of IPSR. He says that IPSR is ‘the one’ for Linux training in India.
Hi Guys,
I chose Linux as career after my B-tech, and am a Diploma holder too. Getting into Linux is not much easy, because it needs real time linked training. When I searched about the institutes which offer the real time oriented training in Linux, the first suggestion from all was IPSR. I can proudly say that the training obtained at IPSR was a turning point in my life. The first reason why I chose IPSR was their excellence in making students suitable for the IT Profession in all the way. Their training starts from the Resume preparation to regularly conducting workshops & seminars on advanced technologies to meet the current IT industry scenario. That’s why IPSR students are become more valuable compared to the students of other institutes. The dedicated Linux enriched IPSR faculty is very excellent & they are multitalented , so the doubt clearance was very easy for me , and I can proudly say thanks from the deep of my heart to my Linux Guru Mr. Harikrishnan for the support he given. The IPSR placement cell is very active in IT industry and my special thanks to Mr.Georgy & his team for their sincere support. So I am proudly suggests that IPSR is “THE ONE “for Linux training in India.

IPSR family is proud of you and wish you to reach the spire of success.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPSR-In the midst of glaring triumph!!

IPSR blows again in its dazzling success with the disclosure of RHCE exam results conducted on 11th and 12th of July 2010 . The result brings about 6 more excellent RHCEs to IPSR with 100% score. This triumph is another golden feather on the crown of IPSR branch at Cochin, South. Students who scored 100% in RHCE and proved their excellence are Ajith Kumar V.A, Arun G.P, Binoj V.S, Jinju George, Sreejith K.R and Prashobh K.P. All the 22 candidates who appeared for the exam successfully completed their RHCE certification course.
Congrats to the winners!!
We join you in this reveling moment.!!
1 Ajith Kumar V A
2. Arun G P
3. Binoj V S
4. Jinju George
5. Sreejith K R
6. Leeno Jose
7. Sangeeth Mathew
8. V. Anandvamsi
9. Krishna Raj
10. Jihas K A
11. Mohan Raj
12. Teem Thomas
13. Prasob K P
14. Adhilla A
15. Anish Muhammed
16. N S Anu
17. Unmesh Kumar M R
18. Sethu Manuel
19. Swathy Subhash
20. Jessmon George
21. Rajeef A A
22. Joffin Jose

We welcome all the winning students who successfully completed the RHCE course to IPSR RHCE Family.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another exalted hit from Red Hat!!

Red Hat presents another grand offer for candidates waiting for RHCE certification. You can register for RHCE exam at just Rs.10,999/- and you will also avail a second attempt at Rs.1999/.This offer is valid only for those applicants who are registering for RHCE exam in between 16th July and 27 th August 2010. This scheme is applicable only for candidates, who have undergone the official Red Hat training program on RHEL 5 leading to RHCE examination. This offer is an extension of the grand offer announced by Red Hat previously. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of successful RHCE’s at IPSR.

For more details visit our website

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Academic Projects of our Trainees make us Proud

IPSR is happy to know that the academic projects done by some of our student-trainees have been rated as the "Best Academic Projects" in their campuses. We congratulate Ms. Soji Joy, Mr. Partheeban, Anju P. Rajan, Mathew, Lubina Latheef, Melwin Marian Isac and Preeja Prasad in the successful completion of the efforts they made. Take this initial accomplishment a foothold to more possibilities.

1. The Academic Project "REMOTE FIREWALL CONTROL SYSTEM" done by Soji Joy and her group from College of Engineering, Kalloppara, as part of their B. Tech curriculum, has been rated as the "Best Academic Project" in their campus. The project study was primarily focusing on network administration that can help LAN administrators to systematically control the firewall settings of all client systems. The project was successfully finished in making a Remote Firewall Control System, which facilitates administrators to manage and control all the client systems' firewall configuration without much effort. Other group members of the project are Anju P. Rajan, Mathew, Lubina Latheef, Melwin Marian Isac and Preeja Prasad.

2. "Architecture and Algorithm for Web Server Cluster based on Linux Virtual Server", project done by P. Partheeban from Tamil Nadu, also wins the best academic project award in Sastra University. The project study was on resolving the SPOF and bottleneck problems caused by the single head Balancer. He is a B. Tech in IT with RHCE, RHCSS and CCNA certifications. Moreover, he is a young with high proficiency in Linux, who took RHCSS certification at the age of 20 from IPSR during his B. Tech studies. Now he is at IPSR Linux Training division as a Linux faculty.

IPSR is a leader in Kerala, in offering academic projects to students of various IT courses. We offer MCA Projects, B. Tech/Engineering Projects, BCA Projects, BSc/MSc Projects etc.

Update: in 2011 also, out student projects are being rated as best.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life's Precious Jewels are Genuine and Rare! - Youngest RHCSS in the World

World's Youngest RHCSS

Rajat Jaic Mendus and Rohan G. Nair certifies RHCSS at the age of 13, possibly the youngest RHCSS in the world

IPSR steals the show as two 13 year old children Rajat Jaic Mendus and Rohan G. Nair get RHCSS certified at a very younger age. Earlier Mr. P Partheeban, a young B. Tech student aged 20 from Salem, Tamil Nadu trained at ipsr was holding this rare honour which is now crossed by these two VIII standard students. Rajat & Rohan is grabbing this incredible achievement in the higher level RHCSS Certification after completing rigorous training sessions at IPSR International Centre, Kochi. About the outstanding success Rohan says “It was a great experience. All the faculty members helped us and we owe to them for this success. The classes were friendly and proper refreshments were given to keep us active. We are now planning for RHCA!”

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” - Mario Andretti

The two kids make it true by this stunning success, which even awestruck B. Tech, MCA and IT students who look it as a Herculean task. But the outlived enthusiasm and the eager for new heights make the two young children to look forward for Red Hat Master Level certification RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect).

“The training period was excellent and motivating. We had excellent facilities here. The training and faculty were great because we never felt that we were doing a high end certification like RHCSS. Many of the concepts were difficult to understand but the faculty members taught us in a very simple manner even kids like us to grasp it fully-” Rajat
said after becoming certified RHCSS and creating double success to his pocket. Earlier Rejat Jaic made an outstanding victory by becoming Red Hat Certified Engineer at the age of 11.

“To groom and develop the younger generation technically and professionally skilled in the fast changing technical arena, ipsr conducts Teen Cyber Project every year and as part of the program we select brilliant students from various schools. This victory is in fact a part of ipsr social commitment. We are preparing many more students in the coming months for various IT certifications and we hope this will be a great inspiration for the whole world”
the CEO and Managing Director of ipsr solutions ltd, Dr. Mendus Jacob said after the publication of the surprising RHCSS results.

Well competent and experienced RHCE, RHCA, RHCSS, RHCDS and RHCVA certified faculty at ipsr always make them different in the IT certification scenario making them going up and up ahead of their pack keeping 95-100% passing rate in the Red Hat exams. This is truly the advantage of doing RHCSS Training @ipsr.

RHCSS certified professionals in the world are so rare in number. The number is 250 in the world and in India it is 75! So the achievement of these two kids becomes exceptional and grand reminding us the fact that life's precious jewels are Genuine and Rare.

There is Nothing Succeeds like Success! We take our Hats off to the little masters, Rajat & Rohan - the Youngest RHCSS in the world!

Exceptional Success for IPSR as 13yr old Kids get RHCSS Certified: RHCSS Video Testimonial