Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IPSR CISCO Division, glowing In The Radiance Of A Thousand Stars

They had developed the opportunities that were at hand…They did it with IPSR!!!.....

RENEESH A, CCIE - Head & Senior Technical Consultant, ipsr solutions ltd

This is the man who set the platform and breathed the air of passion to IPSR Cisco division. A passionate networking professional, he started his tryst with Cisco in the year 2006 and became role model to IT loving generation. His active leadership routed the Cisco division of IPSR to sky high.
Hanildas, CCIE - Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Bangalore

"I am very happy to be part of IPSR and my heartfilled thanks to Reneesh sir and other IPSR members for their support. I became confident and satisfied with the training given. And wish IPSR all success in future. Thank you IPSR."

Sandeep T. Y, CCIE - Network Engineer, Cisco Systems, Bangalore

"I am thankful to IPSR for the success I achieved in my life. My special thanks to Reneesh sir. I wish IPSR a great success in future. I truly recommend  ipsr solutions ltd to those who want to make an excellent career in networking."
Abdul  Khadar T M, CCIE - Network Engineer, Logica, Banglore

He joined as a student at IPSR Calicut, Cisco division in the year 2009. He was a Diploma holder in Computer Science when he joined IPSR. At IPSR he successfully completed his certification in Cisco platform and became a CCIE on April 24, 2011.
Anurag T, CCIE - Network Designer, Cisco Systems, Banglore

He is 5th CCIE of IPSR Cisco division, Calicut. He had done M Sc. Microbiology when he joined here. He became Cisco Certificied Internet Expert in 2011 (CCIE- 28873)
Jijil K, CCIE - Network Engineer, Tata Communication, Chennai

"To become a Certified CCIE, there must be tireless effort and hard work. Also there must be a enthusiastic and energetic team to support in every moment -- Thank you IPSR for that Precious Support"

Able T George, CCIE
- Network Engineer, FTI (First Telecom Industries), Saudi Arabia

He is a B. Tech Holder in Electronics and Communications, at the time he joined IPSR. He got certified as CCIE and became our 7th CCIE (CCIE- 29698), another star of IPSR who made us proud.

Sanjay P, CCIE - Senior Technical Consultant, ipsr solutions ltd, Calicut

"I am very thankful to IPSR for my CCIE achievement. I have certified CCIE only because of the training and support I received from this company and truly I gained my aim only because of IPSR. Thank you Reneesh sir and Sreeraj sir for throughout support and encouragement. I wish IPSR all success in its future."

Thus IPSR CISCO division proclaims Success is our legacy and the journey continues…