Saturday, February 27, 2010

RHCE Certified from IPSR

H. Syedshamsheer from Pondicherry and S. Indrajith, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu are the latest RHCE Certified from IPSR.
Congrats to both!
We trust you will continue your RHCSS journey with us!

IPSR has conducted 501 RHCE batches and 2852 RHCE exams. There are many advantages to doing your RHCE@ipsr. For more details talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

Outstation Students @ipsr bootcamps

Welcome to the new set of Outstation who are mostly from North India Students who have joined the latest RHCE and RHCSS Bootcamps. They are:

Purushottam Vishnu Bhandare, Maharashtra
Mohnish Choudhary, Madhya Pradesh
Vikrant Gupta, Madhya Pradesh
who have joined the RHCE Bootcamp and

Mangesh Dattairay Ugole, Maharashtra
Wanmali Rahul Subhash, Maharashtra
Y Naga Praveen, Andhra Pradesh
Sai Naveen, Tamilnadu
who have joined the RHCSS Bootcamp

13 RHCSS Certified from IPSR

IPSR tops the list of institutions that have created RHCSSs again. Now there are 13 RHCSS certified from IPSR. The latest additions to this privileged set are Roshan Steven Colaco from Bangalore and Biju Joseph who is working in Cognizant Bangalore. Both of them got certified on 15th February.

Congrats to both of you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yahoo Engineer RHCE Testimonial - Namitha Vijayakumar

Namitha Vijayakumar who is a Mail Engineer at Yahoo! Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. recently completed her RHCE Bootcamp training at IPSR. About the training, she says:
"Good Environment, training classes are really good and informative. Time management is really excellent. Facilities provided are also very good."

Asia's No.1 Linux Certification Center - RHS 333 Testimonials

"I attended RHS 333 module in IPSR. I feel it is very interesting due to experienced trainer as well. And I trust IPSR is Asia’s No.1 Linux certification center. "
Jijeesh K A

"I am just proud of being a RHS 333 student here in IPSR which is certainly the most famous institution in Asia. The quality of training is very good. Thanks a lot to the faculty for sincere teaching. "
Murali P R

"I am familiar with most of the Redhat training in India. By this way I can surely say IPSR is the only one centre keeping the Red hat standard perfectly. "

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saudi Arabia Student@ipsr-Ahmad Faisal Almatrood

IPSR welcomes Ahmad Faisal Almatrood, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to our CCNA course in Calicut. Ahmad is a Diploma in ITSS.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yahoo Engineer@ipsr RHCE Bootcamp - Namitha

IPSR warmly welcomes Namitha Vijayakumar from Bangalore to our RHCE Bootcamp. Namitha is a Mail Engineer at Yahoo! Software Development India Pvt. Ltd.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

RHCE,RHCSS, RHCA Course Schedule@ipsr

Following is the RHCE, RHCSS Bootcamp and Weekend Batch and RHCA Course Schedule uptill April.
Batch Center Date
500 Cochin
501 Kottayam 25th Jan 2010
502 Cochin` 8th Feb 2010
503 Calicut 15th Feb 2010
504 Cochin 15th Feb 2010
505 Kottayam 15th Feb 2010
506 Calicut 1st March 2010
507 Kottayam 1st March 2010
508 Cochin 1st March 2010
509 Calicut 24th March 2010
510 Kottayam 24th March 2010
511 Cochin 24th March 2010

RH 429 Cochin 30th Jan – 3rd Feb
RH 423 Cochin 8th Feb - 12th Feb
RHS 333 Cochin 15th Feb – 19Th Feb
RHS 333 Cochin 1st Mar – 5th Mar
RH 423 Cochin 8th Mar – 12th Mar
RH 429 Cochin 15th Mar – 19th Mar

February - RH 423 13,14,20,21
March - RH 423 13,14,20,21

RH 423 Cochin 8th Feb - 12th Feb
RHS 333 Cochin 15th Feb – 19Th Feb
RHS 333 Cochin 1st Mar – 5th Mar
RH 436 Cochin/Bangalore 2nd Mar – 5th Mar
RH 423 Cochin 8th Mar 12th Mar
RH 401 Cochin/Banglore 8th Mar - 11th Mar
RH 442 Cochin/Banglore 16th Mar – 19th Mar

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No.1 Institute for RHCSS - Naga Praveen, Hyderabad

Y. Naga Praveen who is from the hi-tech city of Hyderabad came all the way to Kerala, India for some hi-tech RHCSS training. He tells us why:

"There is a lot to tell about IPSR. IPSR is No.1 institute for who wants to train in RHCSS, The faculty is also very good. Actually I am from Hyderabad, I came a long way to join in IPSR. The journey from Hyderabad to Cochin was good and also the journey on RHCSS is also very GOOD @IPSR."

Y. Naga Praveen

RHCSS Testimonial - Rahul Wanmali, Maharashtra

"It was a very nice experience to learn RHCSS training in IPSR. The faculty is very good in every subject which is included in Linux. Actually I have decided that if anyone can asks which is best institute in India for Linux, I will suggest IPSR."

All the best IPSR!

Rahul Wanmali


RHCSS Testimonial - Magnesh Ugale, Maharashtra

"IPSR is the greatest institute in the world, No one can compare it with any other class. It is best experience of my life. IPSR is a king of Red Hat Linux, and if there is any other problem then Benila Mam is here with her magic stick."

Magnesh Ugale

Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Source in Demand

For all those Doubting Thomases who are sceptical about the longevity of Open Source technology, last year's recession provided the answer - Open Source is here to stay. Companies revisited their IT strategies and whole-heartedy embraced Open Source to reduce IT costs. In a move towards transparency and openness the White house has also adopted this technology.

RHCE Milestone - 500th RHCE Batch@ipsr

The 500th RHCE batch inaugurated at IPSR Edappally by Mr. B R Anand, Manager Sales - Red Hat - South India & Srilanka becomes an RHCE milestone.