Thursday, April 30, 2009

RHCE at just Rs.500

Those taking the RHCE exam for the second time get a great deal from Redhat. You don't have to pay the standard exam fees. You just have to pay a modest Rs. 500. Isn't that just great?
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IPSR warmly welcomes our new foreign students who are at IPSR Calicut for their certification Programmes. They are Ali Mahdi Al-subaiti form the Gulf and Ehsanulla Ahmady from Afghanistan.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 reasons IT certification will be important in 2009

For those who are wondering whether IT Certifications are relevant in this recession, here are ten reasons listed by Eric Eckel in Tech Republic. Erik Eckel is president of two privately held technology consulting companies. He previously served as executive editor at TechRepublic.

Welcome to RHS 333 batch

IPSR Learning Services warmly welcomes the next RHS 333 batch starting on 27th April.
Anoop Kumar from Thrissur
Sagar Sathyan from Thrissur
Sujith V from Trivandrum
Dhanya P Nair from Chengannur
G Yogesh Kumar from Bangalore
Tejas Sevak from Ahmedabad

Friday, April 24, 2009

RHCE, RHCSS is Recession Proof

RHCE and RHCSS are definitely recessionproof international certiifications. At least, that is what IPSR Career Centre statistics reveal. In the last three months, out of the entire recruitment that IPSR Career centre generated, a plum 55% placements were realised by those with RHCE, RHCSS Certified. Read More ...

Those of you who still have doubts could read the highlights of the latest IDC MarketScape Report which shows that Redhat Certifications are really the best.

The 92nd RHCE Bootcamp at IPSR starts on May 4th at IPSR Kochi North Centre. For more details talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Redhat is the Best

"East or West, Redhat is the Best "
The 2009 IDC MarketScape Report says that Redhat is the #1 in IT Education. Here are the
# Consistent with Red Hat's perception that training is a wedge to achieve broader adoption of its offerings, training is available for each release and is updated for every dot release.
# Uniquely, Red Hat offers broad release of most training during the beta-test phase of its product release cycle, facilitating user and professional services community input into the quality and format of its training offering.
# Because of its community-oriented product development, Red Hat is particularly collaborative in its training development and evaluation. Regularknowledge sharing occurs between Red Hat University, services on-boarding teams (early users of most training), engineering/core teams (engineering subject matter experts), and the Red Hat Training and Certification team (training delivery).
# Red Hat leverages advisory boards to help maintain the relevance of its certifications and engages with internal (as mentioned previously) and external communities (such as a Red Hat Certified Engineer [RHCE] focus groups). The process revolves around "DocZilla" — the complete compendium of current Red Hat technical and training data contained in a broadly accessible content management system.
# Its certifications are primarily role based, often crossing the functional use of one or more products.
# Red Hat Training impacts future Red Hat deployment: Red Hat reports that in the Fortune 250, enterprises with at least one RHCE on staff result in six times more business to Red Hat than those without any RHCE on staff. IDC believes this reflects the enterprise readiness value of training and certification.

First CCIE(Q) from IPSR

Muhammed Aafthabuddeen from IPSR Calicut became our first student to clear CCIE Theory. A B. Tech holder, Muhammed is also RHCE and CCNA. His score is a remarkable 98.6 %. Congrats to Muhammmed and IPSR CISCO Faculty!
The third CCIE batch at IPSR starts in Calicut on 20th April 2009. Those interested can contact us at +91 94471 69776.

Muhammed Aafthabuddeen's Testimonial
"I have completed my CCIE(Q) in Routing and Switching at Ipsr Calicut. It was an entirely different experience while interacting with ipsr staff and my teachers. My teachers including the whole institution were very co-operative. So they are the secret behind my success."

Monday, April 6, 2009

6th RHCSS from IPSR

Dhaval Soni(Gujarat) passed the RHCSS exam recently making him the 6th RHCSS from IPSR. Jagadish Parachuri (Gujarat) was the fifth RHCSS from IPSR. With these numbers 1 out of every 7 RHCSS in South Asia is an IPSRian. Our 13th RHCSS batch commences on April 20th at IPSR Kochi North. Read More ...

Read Dhaval Soni's Testimonial

5th RHCSS from IPSR

Jagadheesh Paruchuri becomes 5th RHCSS from IPSR after the April 2nd RHCSS exam. 4 0f our students - R Balaji, Mojan K Ipe, Jagadheesh Paruchuri, P Partheeban - passed EX 423 held on 2nd April at our Kochi North Centre out of which 2 got 100%. Jagadheesh was one of them.

RHCSS Student Testimonial

Read what RHCSS student Dhaval Soni(Gujarat) had to say about his training experience t IPSR.
"First of all, thank you very much to Benila Mendus & all faculty members who helped me get information & important Certifications.
Benila Mendus is doing a great job in her position!! Congratulations!
I really have a nice experience at IPSR. Without IPSR I would not have cleared my Ex333, Ex423 & Ex429 easily. I got information about IPSR from NIVIN GEORGE when I was in doing RHCA exam prep. I immediate started my process to come to India and I was excited to attend exam training at IPSR. To come to IPSR and clear RHCSS exam was my dream. So now, my dream become true after completing all RHCSS exams.
I am thankful to IPSR for the same.
Great!!! I have no words to describe how the IPSR help me to get RHCSS.
Thank you. "

Saturday, April 4, 2009

IT Jobs Even in Recession

IPSR Career Centre placed 300+ students in the last 3 months in top companies including Wipro, Redhat, Slash Support and Vanilla Networks. This is no mean achievement considering the Recession. To get more details, click here ...