Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art of Training is the expertise synthesized with Passion

Training is like an art to be enjoyed by the observer and the doer. Like an art without passion fails; learning fails when training is not satisfactory. According to Mr.Walid Shaari, Libyan British who was at IPSR Solutions to undergo training in SE Linux Policy Administration - IPSR follows a systematic and time-bounded training technique implemented effectively by the skilled trainers at IPSR. The inestimable possession of IPSR is the truly efficient Red Hat Certified trainers, which is a fact without question.

When Mr.Walid was sharing his thoughts with us, he seemed to be very precisely speaking about the course and the training as such. The credibility of any service is authentic only when it’s heard from the mouths of the
enchanted clients. “Mr.Sanju, my instructor from IPSR taught the course very well. His teaching technique is good. He basically doesn’t go over the slide straight away. He gives a small brief before the class starts like what are the core skills, the core tools and the core functionalities that need to be studied in one chapter and what are the objectives. He goes over the theory, he goes over the concepts and then he goes over the slides and sees if everybody is understanding what he’s saying and then we do the labs. We don’t move to the next chapter unless we finish the labs from the previous chapter. The time is relaxed and the environment is informal. There is lot of flexibilities, there is room for questions and everything I think is perfect. Specifically when you are coming for training and exams this place is the best. The trainer was able to deliver Red Hat objectives. He had his own style of delivering it and the workshops are also good”.

Mr.Walid was bewitched by the training procedure adopted by IPSR and this adds a feather to cap of IPSR’s success stories.                                     

Of course he is captivated by the welcoming behaviour of Keralites, India. He tags people of IPSR  as “Service Oriented” which is quite enough to depict how comfortable he felt while his visit to Kerala and especially IPSR.