Saturday, December 31, 2011

The enchanting Christmas tree, the smiling Santa, the jingling bells and the ipsrian carols

Rejoice, for the baby Jesus is born in a manger at Bethlehem and we commemorate this holy birth by giving room to Jesus in the manger of our heart. With Him the entire crew of IPSR Trivandrum celebrated Christmas with all its pomp and glory.

The entire ipsrian team explored the possibilities of celebration through various manifestations

The anonymous letter game made the Christmas friend hunt full of suspense and thrill. After days of offering prayers for their friends, Christmas gifts were exchanged...The celebration was sweetened with cake and wine....

The enchanting Christmas tree, The smiling Santa, The jingling bells...What could have been more interesting than the fun filled air of the X-mas gala..!!!!!

Silent night..Holy Night....The Christmas day was warm and bright.....!!!!

The harmony of celebration and hopes that Christmas day has brought has triggered the potential ambiance of the team.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

170 Students.....20 Colleges........and 1 Solution

Convergence of technologies is trendy. Convergence in solution providers is weighed as a hallmark of trust and goodwill. In the space where the contemporary live technologies and apps in IT gets interwoven into the campus curriculum, IPSR the master solution providers defines the pinnacle of the centre of convergence.

Last quarter 102+ pools of projects in varied technology with a unique IPSR’ian touch was the trump of the campuses. The acceptance and appreciation of the projects in top rated list has made IPSR the first choice of techno scholars and engineering colleges.

This quarter IPSR is with wide variety of projects in Android platform which has become a key demand of the campuses and the industry.

We wish all the students of Kerala and Tamilnadu an equally good experience that we have always fostered in the previous years of which we are proud of.

Checkout the details of Academic Projects for MCA, B Tech/BE, BCA and other IT courses.

Monday, December 12, 2011

IPSR lifts the Red Hat International Award 2011; This time it's a Triple Hat trick achievement !

IPSR.....Got drenched in the uniqueness of Redhat international award....and it rained as the best training partner, internationally.... The emperor of Linux certifications thus continues unchallengeable.

Highly auspicious were the moments when Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO of ipsr solution lifted up the Redhat international award for the best training partner. The entire stars of Red Stars League solemnly greeted the Big Star ipsr solutions ltd, for retaining the award for the 9th consecutive year. The triple hat trick win of Red Hat international award has made IPSR the real emperor of Linux Certification Programmes.

IPSR Receives the Red Hat International Award
for the 9th Year in a Row

The annual meet of the Red Hat Red Stars League, the Global learning services of Red Hat international community was hosted at 5S venue of Taj Malbar. A cocktail of various partners from various destinations of US and Asia Pacific witnessed the official gathering.

The road map 2012 was the chief agenda of the meetings. The delegates from US Mr. Randy Russel, Director of Certifications and Mr. Pete Knah, Director of Curriculum had detailed on curriculum and certifications issues. The future trend of the global open source industry and the massive opportunities that ought to unlock on virtualization and Cloud were the key focuses.

The interactions of the partners were viewed with much enthusiasm. In the sharing session of the success stories by leaders, all the eyes and ears were hooked onto the presentation by Dr. Mendus Jacob who detailed on the passage of IPSR in the road of success and the various strategies that IPSR uphold.

Dr. Mendus Jacob at the Red Stars League
Detailing About IPSR's Strategies

The meet was disbursed with new resolutions and plans to make India and the world open.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IPSR..... The Royal Platform For The Kingly Certification

Jasim Moiduppa,
9th CCIE from IPSR
Yet another moment of pride and glory for IPSR's cisco division, the miracle of CCIE has bloomed again in the shores of IPSR's royal abode. The CCIE has now become a throb in the pulse of IPSR's CISCO division. The accountability and commitment of the team has catalysed the cisco division to perform well and there love and passion to work makes them to perform beautifully. It is with pride we announce that Mr. Jasim Moiduppa, a student of IPSR Calicut has become CCIE. This is the 7th CCIE from IPSR in the last 6 months (total of 9 CCIEs). We register our appreciation to Mr. Sanjay CCIE and Mr. Raneesh CCIE who are full time faculties at IPSR and guided Mr. Jasim Moiduppa to this height.

Here are the words of the new CCIE Mr. Jasim Moiduppa (CCIE # 32005)

I had joined IPSR nearly 8 months back for undergoing the CCIE course. At that time I had doubt whether I will be able to get my certification done or not, because of my past failure in exam before I reached here. But after getting the suitable coaching and excellent lab facilities I was pretty confident of getting through the certification exam. The support from IPSR team is excellent. The full time availability of faculty had helped me to clear my doubts at all times.

At present I am CCIE #32005, and placed at Dubai. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all staff members and teachers of IPSR, especially Reneesh and Sanjay sir for making me capable of becoming a CCIE. I would also wish all the best for the whole IPSR team for their future.

The entire team of IPSR salutes you on your commendable success.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridging Expectation to Perceived Reality in a Career Matrix

If seeing is believing let the figures speak

In the Wipro Recruitment Drive conducted by IPSR, from the population of 750 IT aspirants who participated in the drive, 105 were selected and it is quite praiseworthy to note that out of the selected professionals 18 were from BVM College, Cherpungal.

Without doubt these statistical figures give a clear indication on the vastness and potentials of the job opportunities that unfold in the IT industry. If a single company gets to the job market in search of 105 competent professionals at a time, then let us imagine what would be the vastness in the status of the job openings that prevails in the entire MNC's that flourishes in the IT sector.

Despite of the vastness in the opportunity, the real winners in the job sector who get placed are the real competent professionals with smart work culture. In this context a big salute is due to BVM College students for the awesome performance in the placement drive.

The epics has told us that if Lord Krishna steers the chariot and the vigor of Drona's lessons drives who else can block Arjuna on the onward march to success.

The big Arjuna performance of the students of BVM College bears ample testimony to the fruitful alliance of BVM college and ipsr solutions the real Drona in training and mending smart professionals in the IT industry.

The magical spell of IPSR in dissemination of training at the colleges with tie ups, is designed in a finishing school concept. The training covers multifarious magnitudes of training in contemporary technology, perfection in soft skills, tuning in mathematical aptitude etc. The web based training package of IPSR has yielded good results in this direction. The tie ups with engineering colleges and corporate consultancies have proved to be highly valuable and have always yielded its results.

Now it goes without saying that with IPSR there is no valley between career expectations and perceived reality.

Friday, December 2, 2011

From the bottom of the heart...........

When emotions come from the bottom of our heart, it overflows in one's own mother tongue, for you could express thoughts in words and syllables of any language but emotions and feelings are at its best in one's own mother tongue.

Here is Mr. Rahul Rajan our student from Bihar who got certified as RHCE......speaks from his heart

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Engulfed with opportunities.......and empowered with technologies

The capital city on 29th November has witnessed a congregation of technologically empowered individuals who are engulfed in the midst of opportunities in the sanctum pavilion of ipsr. This is not a rear episode for ipsr, for ipsr the real mentor in the IT industries has channeled the career opportunities to a potential platform where the entrepreneur and technologically empowered individuals meet. This has given new dimension to career seeking as not a matter of choice but getting engulfed in opportunities.

The recruitment drive for Trikode Solutions, Trivandrum has opened better prospects to PHP programmers and Business consultants. There was a huge gathering of technologically sounds professionals, who participated in the drive at IPSR Trivandrum.

The drive were scheduled in three rounds, aptitude test, technical interview and HR interview. The successful students were shortlisted.

Here are the words of Arvinlo V, our RHCE Student who got placed in Syntrio Technologies

“Its been a wonderful experience at IPSR. Training Methods are superb, instructive pattern straightforward and easy to learn strategies has made Learning becomes easy
I simply want to thank from my heart for helping me to build a career in IT."

Friday, November 25, 2011

Words Over Flown...... With Delight of Accomplishment

It would be a hard task to reserve the compliments of anyone who is associated with IPSR. It has been remarked by our students that when heart is overflowing with joy and delight of the fruitful association and experience they had with IPSR...... it is hard to resist words. IPSR values each and every word of the beneficiaries as the catalyst for consistency of purpose than an ornamental disposition.

Here are few of our beneficiaries.... about IPSR

Mr. Bimal Roy Mehta, Director of an educational center (Trail Blazers), Kolkata
I must say it was extremely rewarding experience to do the Red Hat course at IPSR International Centre, Kochi. The course was covered with meticulous detail and maximum content was detailed in minimum time. I was particularly impressed by the very thorough approach of my instructor Mr.Mojan. Needless to say I would like to come again to do more Red Hat modules at IPSR. Everyone here, the administration staff and faculty have been warm friendly and so co-operative

Jithin.V. Alex, B.Tech Pathanamthitta
I am really satisfied with the RHCSS course and how sir taught us. It also helped me to understand where I stand in Linux knowledge. I am really thankful.

Sreejesh Kumar, BE Trivandrum
I am really satisfied to choose IPSR for RHCSS course and teaching is good way. It also helped me to gain great knowledge in Linux. Thanks to IPSR. It is really very good experience.

Muhammed Sameer.S, Diploma Trivandrum
I am really satisfied for RHCSS class. I also confirmed next future is Linux, really Mojan sir helped me to increase my knowledge in Redhat. Thanks for IPSR

Mithun Mohan, B.Tech Trivandrum
I am extreamly happy with the RHCSS class taken by Mojan sir at IPSR Ernakulam. Actually it helped me a lot to increase my Linux knowledge. Special thanks to IPSR and Mojan sir.

Gopu Krishnan, B.Tech Kollam
I am totally satisfied with the knowledge of the faculties available here. I think they help into build a basic knowledge in Linux then only we can go through. Anyway best wishes to IPSR team

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feel the bliss of angelic touch... as it is our 444th CCNA Batch

Do you believe in numerology? Then '444' is definitely significant, it is believed that '444' is a very powerful number. It means that "your angels are by your side and want the very best for you. They are asking that you pay attention very carefully to the signs that you see around you".

It is assumed that angels are students on heaven and masters on earth. Hence the 444th CCNA batch would turn out to be a heaven preparing you to be the masters of the IT industry.

As the Cisco division of IPSR is headed by two CCIE faculties, these interpretations would never turn out to be myth...

It is announced that the 444th CCNA Batch will commence on 7th December 2011 at our Head Quarters at Kottayam. Hence we welcome you to seek the angelic touch with an open heart with our 444th CCNA batch and get honored to be the masters of the industry.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Triggering Your Career... To The Heights Of Greatness

To reach the heights demands strength.... to reach the top of a career in IT demands the support of IPSR....

…. This has become a reality, for the support IPSR renders in placement services are spell bound. The Syntrio drive organized at IPSR Thiruvananthapuram on 8th November 2011, for RHCE professionals reflects the potential ambiance of IPSR in placement services.

The drive was strictly restricted to IPSR students and IPSR Jobs Premium Group members. Out of the 40 students who participated, 4 students from IPSR Trivandrum, namely Jithin Varghese, Pallavi Krishnan, Krishnadas and Arvinlo V were shortlisted.

Jithin and Pallavi joined Allianz Cornhill. Arvinlo and Krishnadas were absorbed by Syntrio.

This is a moment of glory and pride that IPSR cherish in the onward service in mending career opportunities.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Versions may change…but success stories shall ever sustain - unchangeably

Sustainable excellence in learning and examinations has become an ipsr's mantras. Whatever is the flavor of technology or whichever be the version it follows luster of results are always the same, for it's the sense of commitment that make IPSR to do things well and it is the passion to profession that makes them to do things beautiful.

Here are few of the our students who speaks about their experience:

Jithin Varghese Alex, a Double Triple centurion in RHCSA & RHCE from IPSR Trivandrum
"I had a nice time at IPSR. The classes conducted by Nisha Madam and Aneesh Sir were excellent. The exam preparation was really helpful. Am glad I chose IPSR...!!!!!"

Githin Jacob a B.Tech Graduate
"I am happy to write this. In my career IPSR is unforgettable place. After my B.Tech I din't know anything about LINUX or any other job opportunity. Now I completed my RHCE certification in Linux. Now I am confident to work in a Linux based company. I express my thanks to IPSR and staff. I expect help in future also"

Vishnu Priya S, MCA Project Student
"I am very much satisfied to choose IPSR for doing my main project. Faculties are too good. They are very friendly too. It was really a very good experience. Thanks to IPSR"

Sunish S, Perumbavoor RHCE student, IPSR Edapally
"I feel so good to attend this training during these two months in IPSR. Especially Mohsin sir help us to know more about Linux. I express my thanks to both Mojan sir and Sanju sir."

Mithun Babu E. S, Kakkanad, RHCE student, IPSR Edapally
"I was very fortunate to get well trained from IPSR in RHCE. The faculties provided us with good knowledge in Linux. Mojan sir helped me to get deep knowledge in Red Hat."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sanjay P….Crowned on the throne of CISCO

This is a royal accomplishment …. Mr Sanjay P, Senior technical consultant, IPSR CISCO division had set a resolution to conquer the heights of CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert), the most prestigious certification in the IT industry’s during the IPSR Annual Meet 2010 and actualized it well ahead of the forthcoming Annual Meet 2011. This feat is merely gorgeous as the words overflow is from the vision which bloomed out of passion, not position.

Mr Sanjay P has once again proved that there is no place for procrastination in IPSR's work culture and set a jewel in the crown of CISCO division. It is with legitimate pride IPSR proclaims that two of the senior consultants of IPSR CISCO division is CCIE certified and IPSR is successful in generating 8 CCIEs in a short span of 2 years.

The entire team of IPSR registers a ROYAL…..SALUTE to the newly crowned CCIE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IPSR Records Another Dazzling Triumph in RHCVA Exams

"Seek and you shall find" is the word of the Lord. But at IPSR you needn’t seek for success.... here successes do seek for you. As you submit to the ways and means of IPSR, successes keeps hunting you and never are you haunted with failure.

In the annals of achievements of IPSR, big win in Red Hat Certifications are many... Dazzle of 100% score for 40% of the students who appeared for RHCVA examination which is a higher end Linux vritualization certification exam by Red Hat is praise worthy. This is a big success in RHCVA exams ever registered globally.

We congratulate the new RHCVA's....

  • Abhilash. S. V, Kollam
  • Sayyed Abdul Muksith, Linux/Backup Administrator
  • Ananthakrishnan. V. R, System Engineer, Extramarks Education Pvt Ltd, Noida
  • Sajin Vachery, Cochin
  • Muthunambi Haran, Senior System Administrator, Trade India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Venkateswaralu Vaddineni, System Administrator, Ventura scurities Ltd, Mumbai-Hyderabad, RHCSS student of IPSR
  • Hijas Ahmed, Trivanrum
  • Harikrishnan. R, Linux Faculty, IPSR, Kottayam
  • Visakh. K. Sajeev, Kodungalloor
.... for their big win and wish them a great career ahead.

Abhilash. S V

Ananthakrishnan V R

Muthunambi Haran


Visakh. K. Sajeev

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Virtualization ….a trend in enterprise IT

Virtualization turns out to be a very prospective opening in IT industry. The virtual version of operating system, servers, storage devices and network resources is unfolding a new revolution in enterprise IT. This could be viewed as a drastic movement to centralize administrative tasks by improving scalability and work loads.
The magic of a hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time helps in saving processing power. Pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single virtual storage devices and masking of server resources from server users open a new arena in networking.
IPSR turns out to be the masters in dissemination of Enterprise Linux Virtualization technologies with ample live exposures. The RHCVA certification provided by IPSR is gaining much appreciation from the global community.
The recently started batch of RHCVA at IPSR International Centre is packed with students from various location of India and abroad.

  • Abhilash.S.V, Kollam
  • Sayyed Abdul Muksith
  • Mahesh Kumar.R, Senior Support Engineer(network), CB infotech India Pvt LtdCoimbatore
  • Ananthakrishnan.V.R, System Engineer, Extramarks Education Pvt Ltd, Noida
  • Sajin
  • Muthunambi Haran, Senior system Administrator, Trade India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
  • Venkateswaralu Vaddineni, System Administrator, Ventura scurities Ltd, Mumbai-Hyderabad (RHCSS student at IPSR)
  • Sreejith Gopal, Thrissur, RHCE student of IPSR

IPSR extends a cordial welcome to all and wish them a good career ahead

Friday, October 7, 2011

IPSR…the most secure platform for RHCSS training

It is an accepted fact that there is no alternate choice other than ipsr for a successful training in RHCSS. There is no trace of amplification in this claim, for the facts and figures of our success story bears ample testimony for the foresaid facts.

It is with deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment IPSR announces that on completion of 33rd RHCSS batch. IPSR got 2 more RHCSS thus registering a tally of 44 RHCSS which is a record breaking achievement in the global scenario. More over considering the performance in individual RHCSS modules, the figures of certified professionals hit 192 which is an awesome figure ever claimed.

IPSR congratulate the newly certified RHCSS professionals Sharath Mohan and Arun Mohan for their prestigious achievement.

The zest and fervor of this achievement become divine when it is announced along with the most auspicious celebration of Vijayadasami.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IPSR - Truly Professional...!!!!!

No proletarian shadows in IPSR’s professionalism. The moments of glory and laurels in Red Hat certifications keeps on accelerating and the faces of the brainiacs of IPSR’s home is always lit with profound satisfaction.

IPSR creates yet another episode of victory as a batch of employees from HCL gets certified as RHCEs...
Tokens of Appreciation to these IT aspirants

  • Mr. Gopiraj
  • Mr. Kishore
  • Mr. Manoj
  • Mr. Sandeep
  • Mr. Shammy
  • Mr. Sreenivasan

IPSR. Trivandrum registers their pleasure of training a competent team of professionals from HCL. It was reported that an exclusive evening batch was scheduled solely for the convenience of the beneficiaries. When the efforts of the Manager of Technical Services, IPSR Trivandrum,  Mr.Aneesh P.V and those professional brains of HCL met on the IPSR’s platform there could be nothing less than a cool shower in the glory of unbeaten excellence.

Here are the words over flown from their excitement.

Had a wonderful training from ipsr on RHEL 6.0...We were able to complete the course and got certified within the stipulated time..A great learning experience...!!!!
-Mr.Manoj M

Good Classes..Infrastructure and Management...Course completion on time..I am truly impressed..All the best to ipsr..!!!!
-Mr.Sandeep G

Mr.Aneesh P.V has put on record about pleasant experience he shared with this batch:
Teaching the Team from HCL was challenging-at the same time-enriching..Unlike the normal student categories, they had many doubts regarding the live environment since they were a group with 8-14 years of work experience..I appreciate their enthusiasm and good spirit in taking up the course after their work hours and the sincere efforts they took in getting certified..Even in the midst of their tight work schedule, they co-operated really well when exam preparation and mock classes were arranged for them..I am proud to be a part of the success story of this bunch of professionals..!!!!

Congratulations to the entire students and team for defining this success..!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Contest Winner is Here

As all of you know, IPSR was conducting an online contest during the past month and now, we are ready to announce the results.

For those who were not aware of it (hey, you missed a great chance) and for those who arrived later, let us repeat the question again, along with the answer. But before that, let us break the news about the winner.

The smart and lucky winner of Rs. 5000/- cash prize is Randheer A R, who is a 2011 B. Tech (ECE) pass out from NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad. He has been placed at Accenture and is awaiting the call letter. Randheer is a native of Evannur (Cheroor P.O) in Thrissur.

Congratulations Randheer!!!

Now to the answer. The question was:

Hi all !
Wait for a few more days and it's my 20th Birthday. If you are into using computers and internet, I bet, I am as familiar to you as the person next door. My life has changed the world a lot for the last 20 years and I have been to all the continents. I am cool and people love me more, these days. I was in high demand when the world was struck with the economic recession and experts say that I am the future!

You want more clues to check me out?

     I live in the southern part of the Globe
     You will always find me in Black White and yellow attire

If you got who I am, please submit me your answers using the form below.
My best friend, IPSR will honour the winners with a cash prize of Rs.5000/-

Apart from giving the answer, the contestants were also required to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

To us, the Linux fans at IPSR, the answer was obvious. Linux is celebrating the 20th birthday. But to make the contest more interesting, we gave the clues about Tux the Penguin, the mascot of Linux, which is synonymous with Linux in tech circles.

Now, few of you, along with your answers had given the detail that Tux became the official mascot of Linux on a later date. Thanks, we appreciate your knowledge. While we knew it, we just considered the fact that Linux & Tux denote the same concept.

There were few people who gave the answer 'World Wide Web'. Well, CERN celebrated the 20th birthday of 'www' in March 2009 marking the anniversary of the initial proposal submitted by Tim Berners-Lee. Closely enough, 6th August was the 20th birthday of the very first web page, also created by Mr. Berners-Lee. But as you can see, this can not be the right answer based on the details.

We considered all the correct variations around the below 3 answers

  • Linux
  • Tux
  • The Penguin

We had received 309 correct answers. To be frank, we expected more :|

There were lots of anxious participants and well wishers, who kept asking about the winner. We also did receive few comments in our blog and Facebook pages. Thanks to all of you.

There were also internal enthusiasts at IPSR, one of who went to the extent of making a fun post about the delay in announcing the winner.

The above graphics was created by Mr. Subin V, Sr. Executive - Training & Corporate Service at IPSR, Kottayam, as part of his 'Just 4 Fun' series which he circulates internally at IPSR. Thanks Subin, for mentioning us.

Before winding up, a few mentions shall be in order. The intial idea for this contest was given by Ms. Nandini Dhanesh, Branch Co-ordinator at IPSR Edappally, in the monthly 'Suggestion Box'. The concept was evolved further by Dr. Sunil Job, Director, IPSR Penguin Planet, Kochi and spiced up further by Mr. Krishnaraj S, PRO of IPSR.
Thanks to every one.

We congratulate Randheer again and wish him all success in his future life. We also thank all the participants. Do not worry, we are planning to come up with various other online events. Keep watching.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To succeed is not a destiny….it’s a habit @ ipsr

A sigh of regret or blame on destiny is never heard from ipsr’s platform. Here success is not a matter of chance it's something predetermined. Success stories of ipsr students are quiet impressive and they state that appreciation on ideal of success behind them should be replaced by the ideal of services that ipsr renders because at ipsr even the most common things are done uncommonly well.

Here is a 4 day wonder in Redhat training.

Mr. Renjith Joy working for Mphasis an HP Company, Mangalore had joined our training division at Kottayam and has attended a four days exam preparation classes for RHCE and got certified with good scores.

In his words
It was really nice experience with IPSR. The mode of training and mock exams really helped a lot. And moreover the competent faculty (Mr.Arun, Mr.Sreenath & Mr.Hari) helped a lot.

Thank you all.

I wish all the best for Team IPSR.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seek for success in Redhat certifications….there you will find IPSR

If for an IT certification, a probable success could be defined in many ways but a guaranteed success is defined only in one way…. Of course this is none other than the ipsr’s way. There is no exaggerate spell in these statements for the smart work culture, resourceful faculties; high definition training clubbed with care and support makes the ipsr’s path a unique way to assured success.

The experience of Mr. S.K.Samsuddoza and Mr. Shilendra Kumar (North Indian Students) who reached South India in search of RHCE training were quite interesting. They were planning to flee from Kerala just because of the fear of South Indian cuisine. Later on with the association with ipsr they realized that the flavor of Red hat training is at its best at ipsr and that it surpasses even any dietary flavors.

Here are the words of gratitude from Mr. S.K.Samsuddoza and Mr. Shilendra Kumar after their prestigious success in RHCE and RHCSA.

It was a nice experience study at IPSR. Faculties are very supportive and encouraging. Quality of training is excellent with full fledged labs. I am very impressed about the technical knowledge of the faculties. I feel that I came to the right place for "RHCE ".my dream is to become "RHCA" and IPSR is the only way for that.

Special thanks to the faculty members who clear my doubts very well in depth with Hindi support. And "Nandini Mam, who treat me as a younger brother. Thank you once again, to all those whose names I missed in this testimonial.


Of course, I will share with my friends colleagues and my family about the sweet memory of IPSR and Kochi.

S.K. Samsuddoza, Assam - Aug 2011

It was a wonderful experience spending my few days here at IPSR Cochin. The environment of IPSR Cochin is really memorable and thrilling. I am very thankful for this prestigious institution to earn my RHCE certification.

Here the faculty is excellent, supportive experienced and expert in his subject matter and encouraging also. Specially I would like to thank very much to my dearest trainers who support me every time and gave me better skills in depth in Linux and also clear my all doubts very well.

Also thanks a lot to Nandini Madam to encourage me and his guidance like as a family member. The staffs are very friendly and co-operative in a way that I forget that I was away from my home town.

Mock exams are really best technique of IPSR for the preparation of RHCE exam. My dream is to become RHCA for this IPSR is the best institution ever.

"I am proud to be a part of IPSR family thanks a lot"

Shilenra Kumar, Blagalpur, Bihar

ipsr wishes them a good career ahead

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The gaiety of the festival blended with serenity of learning at 33rd RHCSS batch

When the global figures of RHCSS qualified persons has not exceeded a 3 digit number, the 33rd batch of RHCSS will sound as a myth in the IT world….but it has turned to be a reality at ipsr international centre.

This moment has become more memorable when these IT professionals are from various location of India joining their hands for learning and celebration. IPSR extends a cordial welcome to these IT aspirants

  1. Rajabali Shabbir Wishiwala, working as System Engineer in Kuwait. He is a native of Pune. He is very much impressed with the class and happy to be here. 
  2. Venkateswaralu Vaddineni, working as system administrator. He is from Andhra Pradesh but stays in Hyderabad. 
  3. Jyothi Ranjan Nanda from Puri who is doing his second course from IPSR. He had earlier completed RHCVA from IPSR. 
  4. Sarath. K. S, Thodupuzha, Kerala
  5. Sarath Raju Issac, Kottayam, Kerala
  6. Appu Joseph Xavier, Kottayam, Kerala
We wish them great time ahead.
And wish you all a very happy & prosperous Onam.

Friday, August 26, 2011

100% Scores With 100% Satisfaction

They reached ipsr with great expectations…..and they are leaving ipsr with 100% actualization

This is a moment of triumph that our international students Mr. Sercan Kaya (General Manager, Linux Institute, Isthanbul, Turkey) and Mr. Katwesigye Norman (System Manager, Warid Telecom, Uganda) are successful in scoring a full credit (100%) score in RHCE and RHCSA certification examination. They had joined ipsr a fortnight back; this win becomes a superior win when this is made possible in just a short span of two weeks. ipsr’s strategy of training with care is much appreciated by worldwide student population and they value it as the embryo of success. Here are their words overwhelming with gratitude

I am glad to have come to IPSR. The Classes were very good and the instructors had strong knowledge. The IPSR team was very helpful and took care of me. All the help we needed was provided.
Thanks IPSR team. I will be coming back for more training at IPSR

Mr. Sercan KAYA

Learning at IPSR was a good experience for me. I am glad to say that they don't only Training you but take care of you as promised. . My trainers Mr.Mojan and Mr Sanju were really knowledgeable and had answers to all my questons. After the Training, we were taken through practice labs that are very instrumental in building confidence towards the exam.

I am thankful to Mr.Robin, Mrs Benila and the whole IPSR team for allowing me to be part of the IPSR family God Bless you all.

Mr Katwesigye Norman

Hats off to newly certified Redhat Engineers. Also watch them speak out in a video.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ipsr… the intercontinental choice for open source technologies

Enjoy the freedom of open source technologies from a barrier free global environment….through ipsr - the world leaders in linux training and support. The credential of ipsr is not limited to a national community, now it is much accepted and appreciated by the global population. The regular joining of students and corporate from overseas bears testimony for the above fact, the recently commenced 142nd RHCE boot camp at ipsr international centre is one such combination with a tri-continental representation.

Mr.Katwesigye Norman joined this batch from Uganda and Mr.Sercan Kaya from Turkey along with Mr.Jemeesh Sasidharan, Mr.Abdulla and Mr.K.S. Anoop from various locations of India.

Norman is working as System Manager in Wauid Telecom, Uganda and Mr.Sercan is a working professional and working as System Administrator consultant in a Linux Institute. Both of them have a unique opinion about the pleasant culture of Kerala and the technological soundness of ipsr.

ipsr extends a cordial welcome to all of you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Find me out & Grab Rs. 5000/-

Hi All,

We have something very interesting and curious for you to find out.
Yes, we mean a contest, where you need to find out the answer for this very simple but tricky question.

A fabulous cash prize of Rs.5000/- awaits the winners.

So why hesitate! Logon to and grab your prize.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Relaxing Vacation With Cool Learning

This is not a paradox when the learning services are rendered by ipsr.

Mr. Joseph Mathew who is an IT Manager in AMSYCO, Saudi Arabia reached here to attend MCTS (Active Directory Configuration) at ipsr Kottayam. It is with legitimate pride we note that Mr. Joseph Mathew who has an ample experience of 15 years in networking and software programme in VB platform has selected ipsr to master his concepts in ADS. Moreover he remarks that ipsr is an ideal location, where learning is never a burden and the right place to enjoy a vacation with meaningful learning.

We welcome Mr. Joseph Mathew and wish him a good vacation with cool learning.

A military salute to ipsr’s courtesies

This is indeed a rare occasion of respect and a sign of recognition to ipsr from a military person, Mr. Hav. Rajesh R, Indian Army, Jammu Kashmir, who got certified in both CCNA and MCTS in a short span of three weeks.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Hav. Rajesh R. reached ipsr from Jammu Kashmir via his association with ipsr through our most potential website When the enterprising spirit of Mr Hav. Rajesh and ipsr's excellent spell in training clubbed together there cannot be anything less than a clear cut success. Here are the words of this gallantry man about ipsr

As an Indian Army man we always say “when the officers show up, the soldiers have to salute”.  Here I salute IPSR Group for providing me excellent training with good quality. 

The whole team of ipsr too salutes you for your spirit and dedication.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life At IPSR is a Celebration…Celebration Of Success, Happiness And Trust…

At ipsr there is no room for renunciation… the whole activities, approaches and experience is that of total acceptance and celebration. There is no sigh of burden in any forms and all faces are lit with happiness of trust and satisfaction. Undoubtly we could claim that this state of sustained ecstasy is made possible because at ipsr relationships are bound with trust and commitment. A few movements of happiness shared from ipsr Trivandrum reveals this fact.

celebrations at ipsrJuly has been a month of celebrations at ipsr, Thiruvananthapuram. Birthdays of our RHCE students Ambu K.G, P.Anumod and software faculty Ms.Saritha G Pillai were celebrated with all its pomp. Posters wishing them were displayed on the notice board. Midhun Mohan, our RHCE student, added to the joy announcing his success in B Tech Examinations.....

Deepak Antony Paul, our student has been certified CCNA. He is a native of Paravoor, Ernakulam. He scored 986 out of 1000 for CCNA Examination. He is a B Tech and has completed CCNP Training from ipsr, Trivandrum. He is currently doing his MCTS at ipsr. He has also been selected as a CISCO trainee at ipsr in the walk-in interview conducted on 26-07-2011.

In every association with Ispr one realizes that here no relationship yield a shocking experience rather it a festive thing which take you to a big deal.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Through ipsr, with ipsr and in ipsr you tend to get what you expect…

There cannot be a single sarcastic judgment that could be levied on ipsr's goodwill and trust. The quality of training, innovations in methodology, updations in technology and endeavor to enhance placement opportunity makes ipsr truly different. The words of those who have associated through ipsr, with ipsr and in ipsr are justly motivational. Here is the opinion of one of our ex-student Syam Mohan, System Administrator, Amritapeedam, Kollam, who was an RHCSARHCE student at ipsr, Kottayam.

Thank you so much IPSR!

It was refreshing to take a class and actually learn something that can be applied to one's job. I have completed Redhat 6 certification from IPSR. 1 week after the completion itself I got job as system administrator in Amritapeedam, Kollam. I got the opportunity to attend the interview through IPSR. Now am enjoying my job as the sytem admin here and there are no worries regarding the job pressure as IPSR gave me everything I need to handle this job.

The course was appropriately paced and the content helped me understand the foundational aspects and the core parts of Redhat Linux Operating System. Again my special thanks to Mr.Hari sir, as he embellished the book learning with personal reflections, adding texture and interest to the course. I like the fact that during the class he was bringing us articles fresh off the press. There is no doubt in my mind that he was incorporating all the most recent material in our subject area. He was very professional and very knowledgeable about the subject. Once again I am really grateful to you IPSR.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Job Alerts in Facebook

IPSR Career Centre has started providing job alerts using Facebook pages.

Categorized updates are served through separate pages, so that you can receive updates from only the category that you want.

IPSR Jobs Facebook pages are:
The training division is also using the Facebook page at to publish news about training and industry related stuff. You can also get updated about the new blog posts, through this Facebook page.

Please  Like  the relevant pages, to get updates from them.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

@ IPSR, The Road to Your Dream Career Begins Where The Road to Certifications Ends….

If you are lost in the woods, follow the river to reach a habitation; so is if you are lost without a job, follow ipsr to reach your dream destination. This is not just a fancy it's the harden reality in the IT oriented scenario. When the class of training and the caring support for placement meet, there could hardly be anyone who could just pass by without any career benefits. Drizzling testimonials and word-of-mouth bears ample evidence for this fact.

Here are few of the latest realizations on ipsr’s strength:

Mathew S. Srambicken, a student of IPSR Kottayam got successfully placed in RMESI, Trivandrum as a Network Support Engineer, through the placement drive conducted by ipsr.

In his words,

I knew about IPSR through a faculty who visited SIB where my father works.

This was a great place to do this kind of certifications. My faculties help me a lot and they were very supportive.I could see a good lab facility here.I wish all the very best to ipsr !!!!!

Anand Kurian, Fixed Operations Manager, Nissan USA, was a student of ipsr MCSE, RHCE, CCNA and CCNA Security.

His words,

IPSR is a great place to do training. I did MCSE, RHCE, CCNA and CCNA Security here. All the teachers were well knowledgable in the programs and were always ready to help out with my questions and concerns. The Training administration department was also helpful in scheduling my courses to get it finished in time. I thank you all for a wonderful time here in IPSR.

Rahulan Sreedharan, native of Kannur was a student of ipsr and now placed in V.I.Point Solutions, Kochi through our placement team. He says:

I came across the quality training at IPSR through my friends. Hats off to the inspiration given by Mendus Sir. The trainnig provided at IPSR is quality oriented, as guaranteed. I am grateful to Manju Madam and Hari Sir for the technical support they provided throughout the duration of the course. I also express my gratitude to the Training Team and all the career center staffs for the post training support they have provided, which indeed helped me to bag a job in Linux profile.

Rajesh V.R, a student of PHP at ipsr Trivandrum.
Reflections from Rajesh:
It was a very good experience studying in IPSR Trivandrum. You have great facilities which was really helpful during my period of study. Teaching was also truly outstanding and exceptional. I am glad that IPSR helped me to launch my career at Vanilla Networks, Technopark, Trivandrum.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enjoy the harmony of networking @ IPSR Penguin Planet

Microsoft is no more an alien at ipsr penguin planet.

Considering the increased pressure and demand from various quarters, we have integrated MCITP to the penguin dominated hut at ipsr Ernakulam, South. Now the research and training centre for advanced networking courses has completed a techno-system incorporating Red Hat, CISCO and Microsoft. This will be a boon to the IT professionals who seek a top profile career in networking irrespective of any localized networking platform.

The maiden batch of MCITP course at ipsr Ernakulum South was launched on 15th June 2011.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magic of Android….Now at ipsr’s training platform.

Happy are those who seek a career as a third party developer to build apps especially for mobile devices. Android application development is gaining momentum as no manufacturer can ever claim to accommodate all the software that the end user could possibly need. Hence this is a potential hub for the professionals who try to find a career as a third party developer. Android sets an open and easy platform for developers for building mobile apps. Thus Android Market focuses to create a third-party app echo system, accessible to end users looking for innovative mobile apps.

IPSR is delighted to announce the launch of Android training at IPSR international centre Edappally, The maiden batch is scheduled to commence from 20th June 2011.

For more details and booking of seats, please contact us.

Ecstasy of 42nd RHCSS from IPSR unveiled

If not weighed as a boastful pride, IPSR puts on record the 42nd RHCSS Mr. Antony Pradeep from IPSR’s platform. This is an amazing achievement from the global scenario as there is hardly any centre around the world who could claim a two digit number of pass outs for RHCSS.

Mr Antony Pradeep is a native of Tamil Nadu, serving Vahni Solutions at Banglore as a Linux engineer. He joined IPSR on 4th April 2011 and completed the training in a short span of 14 days. He cleared all the 3 modules with outstanding scores.
  • EX 423 on 27/04/2011
  • EX 429 on 03/05/2011
  • EX 333 on 11/06/2011

Mr. Antony had remarked that he was very happy with the quality of training from IPSR and has expressed his gratitude to the entire Linux division.

IPSR congratulates him on his big win and wish him all the best.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

185 Students….102 Projects…..and a unique IPSR’ian touch

This is a big deal in just 3 months. The software training division of ipsr has proved this once again by doing the right thing, in the right way at the right time thus paying way to a big success. There is a wide range of appreciation from different quarters about the projects done in various platforms of .NET, PHP and Java. The vision of the team leader Mr. Majesh S., Senior Software consultant and his crew clubbed with excellent coordination, guidance and dedication alone has made this happen in a time bound manner. We acknowledge the trust placed in us by 18 leading institutions which sent 185 talented students to IPSR for carrying out their projects. We register our wishes to all the students for a bright career in the industry.

We value your Testimonials than any international awards, here are a few of them.

Students of College of Engineering Kidangoor – (IT) – 2007 – 2011 Batch

Really it was a good experience with IPSR. We are fully satisfied due to many reasons. The strictness followed here in doing the projects individually had helped us a lot during the presentation time and during the viva time. The standard of IPSR projects are accepted and applauded by our teachers.

Thanks to IPSR and all the faculties here who helped us to complete the project in time.

A special thanks to Ms.Soji and Mrs. Viji who had taken all the pain to guide us through the period of our project.

Students of Mount Zion College of Engineering ,Pathanamthitta–( 2008 – 2012 Batch)

It was really a good experience to be in IPSR Solutions, Kottayam. Except the long journey everything was perfect with experienced and helpful faculties especially ‘Majesh Sir’ and ‘ Saravan Sir’. We were able to study some interesting ways to approach a programming language, .Net seemed easy and simple.     Thanks a lot IPSR Family.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Opportunity packed placement orientation seminar @ ipsr Calicut… Reloaded

Drought in the midst of flood is the condition that prevails in the IT industry…… remarked Dr. Mendus Jacob while referring about the situation of unemployment…..and the immense Job opportunities that flood in the field of Networking. Sri. Brijesh John detailed on the efforts of ipsr placement cell  in channeling the global Job opportunities for the benefit of the unemployed IT aspirants. This seminar was held by IPSR in association with Malayala Manorama as a part of social commitment to liaison the gap between IT industry and the job seekers. The screening test and counselling for 15 reputed IT companies which were conducted as a part of the seminar was closely packed with prospective students.

The Highlight of the day was a moment of honour bestowed upon Mr.Abdulkhader, Mr.Reneesh and Mr.Anurag, the three stars, who conquered the highest of cisco certification and became CCIEs. Dr. Mendus Jacob and Sri. Shiju Cherian felicitated on the occasion. This glorious achievement came the IPSR’s track in just a fortnight span. This is yet another golden feather in the crown of IPSRs achievement.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is nothing less than a carnival in the Linux world. The Mega offers of the Linux giants – provider and trainer - Red Hat and IPSR join their hands for a benevolent cause of molding RHCE & RHCSA professionals in RHEL 6 who are at a dearth in IT industries.

Red Hat has announced 'TWIN WIN... Special Exam Offer', with a cash saver package of Rs 5000/- or free second attempts for RHCE & RHCSA certification. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is hesitating at the certification, due to the money factor and the new RHEL 6 platform.

The carnival is on and IT industry is set for you……….so why to linger…..grab your opportunity and become a winner….

Friday, May 27, 2011

It’s a fabulous… Red…..Hat Trick

Its neither a game of cricket nor football….. Mr. Ken from Africa defines a hat trick success in Red Hat certifications by getting certified as RHCSA, RHCE and RHCVA in just one week. This awesome performance in Red Hat certifications is not a matter of chance, when determination, smart work and proper training from IPSR coined together, nothing could yield other than success. Ken remarked that he came to India with a dream to become RHCE certified through IPSR International Center and he could scale even beyond his dreams and hoping for a second entry to conquer the apex of linux certifications.

Ken is so happy that he sent us a mail, showering lavish praises on everyone and everything that he came across at IPSR. Read his own words:

It has been a long haul but I am delighted indeed to have come to study at IPSR.

I guess one has to be very prepared for a boot camp. You need the right balance of physical, mental and psychological strength.

The training was intense but for the expertise of trainers like Sanju and Mojan the sailing was smooth. The faculty was expressive and cleared all doubts convincingly. None of this would have been possible without the excellent instructions from my Trainers.

Many thanks also to the ever efficient Nandini; who’s got incredible people’s skills. I drew a lot of strength from your warm personality during those murky moments.

Vishnu would usually come up to me and ask how I was doing and if everything was going well with a sense of maturity and care.

I guess apart from my lecture and hotel rooms, I spent more time with Anish than anyone else. A hearty thanks to you. I am grateful for coming to pick me up and sending me back. And also for taking me out for shopping, helping me find alternative accommodation and buying me recharge units to call family back home. Please take your meeting and interaction with foreign students seriously as you are accumulating invaluable experience many top management executives yearn to have. Also use this opportunity to build confidence and self esteem.

I felt like a complete stranger when I entered the lab in Kottayam. Hari helped me to settle in.

I am also grateful to Sreenath of the Kottayam office who came to pick me up from the hotel to school to practice a day before the exam. I cannot over emphasize how helpful those few hours contributed to this success story.

The only name in my mind, before coming was 'Benila'. I had no clue it was feminine until Nandini mentioned it as Benila Ma’am. After meeting and speaking with her, I understood why. She is an embodiment of ‘motherly professionalism’.

The least said about Sri (Dr.) Jacob Mendus, the better. Thank you so much for your prayer at Mass.

My meeting with Sujith, Director of IT Services was essential. The guy is simply on top of his game.

My coming to IPSR has been epic and I deeply appreciate everyone’s contribution to making this a huge success. I am humbled.

Thank you indeed.

IPSR extends a hearty congratulation for his amazing performance and wish an equal success for rest of the Red Hat certifications

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rangoli of Diverse Job opportunities through IPSR career centre

It is easier for an RHCE / CCNA certified IT professional to find a job in high profile IT Company through IPSR than remaining as an unemployed job seeker. Entrepreneurial activities that IPSR performs in certification training and placement support activities has yielded thousands of testimonials to claim its worth, especially in IT certification like (RHCSS, RHCVA, RHCE, RHCSA, CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, etc…) and Job recruitment activities.

Currently many IT companies, including the following are recruiting the desirable professionals through IPSR career centre - Syntrio Technologies, Admin ahead, Ideamine Technologies Pvt Ltd, Spark support, Quintet Solutions Pvt Ltd, Poornam Info Vision, nDimensions etc, most of them offering linux jobs.

Find a complete list of companies currently recruiting Linux experts.

Monday, May 23, 2011

5th boot camp batch in RHEL 6 started

Opportunities in Linux are identified as the fastest growing Job category in IT based industries.Globally Red Hat is the market leaders in the Linux space. Job opportunities for the RHCE professional are mushrooming and the short supply of the qualified IT aspirants with required competence has put the Linux based industries in great dilemma. The qualified engineers in new version of RHEL 6 are also too meager. In this context 5thRHCE boot camp batch in RHEL 6 at IPSR international centre with packed students, from Nigeria and from the different parts of Kerala is satisfying and hopefully throws limelight to the massive opportunities in Linux platform a head.

IPSR extends all good wishes to the entire students of the 5th boot camp batch in RHEL 6 for successful completion and placement in top order industries.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get Certified from IPSR; Get Placed in Kerala

Every student who comes to us for certification training has just one dream - professional success. As the hat trick winner of Red Hat Asia Pacific International Award for the best training partner, we know this better than anyone.

Kerala is an IT hub, with 2 IT Parks - Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram and Infopark, Kochi. This means that there are lots of opportunities for qualified professionals in Kerala. We regularly conduct recruitment drives for various companies within and outside the IT parks and have placed many students. Many of our students have also been recruited directly by various companies.

We have seen various instances where students from outside Kerala have come to us for training and got themselves placed in various companies in Kerala. We feel that the difference we make is in the professional orientation that we provide in our training. Listen to Rajesh Gupta, B.Tech graduate from Indore, who got placed in Poornam Infovision, Kochi.

“It was a great experience in attending RHCSS course from IPSR. I thank the entire faculty team for their dedication.  The classes are perfect for IT profession in every aspect. I was very impressed with the faculty team that train students for the actual requirements of current IT scenario. The way faculty handled my doubt is really appreciable."

Pratik Deenbandhu, from Madhya Pradesh, also placed in Poornam Infovision, Kochi, has similar words to say:

"After entering in Linux field to explore more in, I came to IPSR from Madhya Pradesh. I enhanced my skills and become sounder through the guidance by the faculty at IPSR. My trainer arranged training sessions to go well with the essence of what I wanted to study. I would like to appreciate the level of professionalism at IPSR."

Vinod Kumar from Madurai, Tamil Nadu has also been placed in Poornam Infovision, while he had just finished one module of RHCSS with us. He is pursuing other modules to complete his certification.

Even people from non-IT backgrounds have found success after certifications. Chetan Singh from Rewa, MP, is a BA graduate, who certified as RHCSS through IPSR. He is now working at Admin-Ahead Server Technologies, Kochi.

In the present global scenario, much of the server and IT infrastructure administration jobs are being outsourced to India and Keralai, with its IT infrastructure advantages and availability of professionals is a clear winner. There are many firms based in Kerala, registered with the IT parks and operating independently. Various companies from abroad are also setting up their operating facilities within Kerala, so as to tap the talent pool. To name a few, Poornam Infovision, Vanilla Networks, Admin Ahead, Syntrio, RMESI, Hash Root Technologies, Armia Systems etc are some of the companies who regularly recruit through IPSR Career Centre

IPSR has various specially tailored training packages that train the students to attain their certifications and at the same time equip them to face professional challenges. Our boot camps are highly suitable for professionals who wants rapid track, industry standard training that would help them scale career heights. We had started IPSR Career Centre to get our students placed . We also offer placement orientation sessions to our students to help with presentation skills, soft skills and technical knowledge. Moreover, we also maintain an exclusive section in the Career Centre, for Linux Jobs (RHCE, RHCSS Vacancies).

If you really care about your career, come to IPSR. We can provide you quality education and make you employable.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to Sina from Nigeria

IPSR is extremely happy to welcome Mr. Sina (Owolabi, Oluwasina Oluwaseun) from Nigeria, who has chosen IPSR to pursue his RHCE certification.

Mr. Sina (Owolabi, Oluwasina Oluwaseun) from Nigeria
Sina is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Obafemi Ainolowo University, Nigeria. He is presently working as Technical Manager, Qrios Networks Limited, Lagos, Nigeria. Sina is an enterprise solutions architect with almost 7 years experience, mostly in Linux platforms.

We welcome Sina to IPSR and also wish him all the best for his RHCE.

32nd RHCSS Batch on full track

IPSR has become a secure platform for Red Hat security specialist certifications. The 32nd RHCSS batch is successfully progressing with a global community at IPSR international centre KOCHI NORTH. This RHCSS batch has professionals from various locations of India. Jyothi Ranjan Nanda from Bhuvaneswar, Jobin Samuel from Bangalore, Manosh from Pondicherry are among the current RHCSS batch. It is noteworthy that Jyothi Ranjan Nanda and Manosh being the ex-students of IPSR have put on record about high standards of training they enjoyed from IPSR.

We wish all participants a very comfortable and informative RHCSS session as always we do.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Testimonial from a CCNA NRI Student

Shaijudeen M. H is a System Admin in Anabeeb Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia and is attending the 194th CCNA Boot camp which started on 9th May 2011. He is a native of Chengannur and is a MCA from Bharatiyar University.

"I Came to know about IPSR from my brother, who did RHCE and CCNA from IPSR, Kottayam. I am very proud to say that the CCNA training is excellent, the faculty is having sound knowledge in networking. Thanks to IPSR for providing me what I really required."

Monday, May 16, 2011

3 CCIEs in Two Weeks

It has been an ecstassic fortnight at the RouterDome. 3 members of IPSR family cleared the coveted CCIE certification (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).

Reneesh A
Mr. Reneesh. A
During the first week of May 2011, our student Mr. Abdul khadar T M became the third CCIE from IPSR. This time Mr. Reneesh and Mr. Anurag have certified CCIE, raising the total count of IPSR CCIEs to 5.

Mr. Reneesh. A is the head of IPSR Cisco Division and has all these time been guiding the students to success. Now he has found some time for himself to get certified. Mr. Anurag was also a team member of our RouterDome and has been taking a break to prepare himself for this challenge.

We congratulate the new CCIEs and wish all success.

Ms.Viji.V certifies SCJP

This time, the certification news is from the Software Training Division!

Viji V, SCJP, Java Trainer, IPSR
Ms.Viji.V who is leading the Java training at IPSR Kottayam branch has come out with flying colours, in her SCJP (Sun Certified JAVA Programmer) exams. She is also an expert with open source technologies like PHP & MySQL.

Ms. Viji had been the driving force behind the Java interview questions and PHP interview questions series in out Kerala Placements Blog.

Congratulations Viji!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

41st RHCSS from IPSR

The EX 333 exam (Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services Expertise Exam) conducted at IPSR Edappally on 10th May 2011, helped up produce the 41st RHCSS from IPSR. RHS333 (Enterprise Network Services Security) is a module that is common for both RHCA and RHCSS.

Mr.Kurian Mathew Thayil, from Kochi is the new Red Hat Security Specialist from IPSR. He was previously working with Spectrum Softech Solutions, Kochi and left the to prepare for RHCSS. Before taking up RHCSS, he had also upgraded his RHCE certification at IPSR, from RHEL 4 to 5 and then RHEL 5 to 6. He is a studious person and had passed all these exams in the first attempt itself.

Listen to what he says about his experience at IPSR:
"Training at IPSR was a very good experience. The instructor, handled the course in a very professional manner and was so helpful in our lab sessions. RHCSS wouldn't have been possible if there was no support like this. Thank you IPSR and keep up the good work."

With the new confidence instilled by the RHCSS certificaton, Mr. Kurian Mathew now plans to relocate from Kerala and even try to find a job outside India. We sincerely wish that his dreams come true.

Mr. Rajesh Gupta from Madhya Pradesh also passed in this EX 333 exam, nearing him one more step closer his RHCSS certification.

We congratulate and wish all success to them both.

Results: EX 429 on 3rd May 2011

Another EX 429 exam (SE Linux Policy Administration Expertise Exam) was conducted on 3rd May 2011 at the International Centre, Edappally, Kochi. RHS429 is an essential module for getting certified RHCSS. Two of our students -Antony Pradeep S and Nikhil Prakash Shinde- cleared this EX 429 exam.

Antony Pradeep S is from Dinduigal, Tamil Nadu and is working as Linux Engineer at Vahni Solutions, Bangalore.

Nikhil Prakash Shinde from Pune, Maharashtra is working as Web Developer, Ecirex Solutions.

Antony Pradeep SNikhil Prakash Shinde

Congratulations to both Antony and Nikhil!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcoming Anand Kurian from Canada

It is not very unusual for us to see students coming to join multiple courses at IPSR. They trust us and we work hard to deliver.

Mr. Anand Kurian is a Warranty Administrator with Nissan USA, working in Canada. He has been with Nissan USA for the past 7 years. Anand is a B E (CS) from Banglore University and later pursued M S from Macmaster University, Canada.

He is a native of Mannar, Kerala and is on a vacation. He has decided to utilize the expertise and facilities of IPSR and has enrolled in our Kottayam center. He shall be undertaking CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security, MCSE, RHCSA and RHCE courses.

A warm welcome to Mr. Anand Kurian.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

600th RHCE Batch commencing

It was in February 2010 that the 500th RHCE batch at IPSR was inaugurated at our Edappally centre, by Mr. B R Anand, Manager Sales - Red Hat - South India & Srilanka. Just over an year has passed and we have reached the next big milestone.

The 600th RHCE batch at IPSR shall be commencing at our head quarters in Kottayam, on 9th May, 2011. While this is a big occasion, we are saving the celebrations for something bigger.

While travelling from the 500th batch to the 600th batch,we have seen rather big changes. RHEL 6 has been released and a new starter certification named RHCSA has been introduced. This has not made any amends to our life and our course schedules are as busy as ever.

We thank everyone who have helped us to reach this far. We thank the students for their patronage; Red Hat for their support; faculty for their relentless efforts and well-wishers for their prayers and blessings. We pledge to keep up and exceed the expectations.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Hat & Cisco Certifications top IDC Analysis

In the 'Worldwide IT Education and Training 2011 Vendor Analysis' conducted by IDC, Red Hat & Cisco Certifications have been ranked in the 'leader category'. International Data Corporation (IDC) is a top rated global provider of market intelligence and advisory services across various verticals.

IDC’s study had assessed 11 vendors in the IT training market, offering various certifications. The study and evaluations were based on various parameters that were expected to make the candidates successful in a given market during the short and long term. Red Hat, Cisco, Lawson and HP were placed in the "Leader" category.

IPSR is elated on this occasion, since we are the only training organization in India, which offers apex certifications in two of the highly ranked certification streams - Red Hat and Cisco. Any aspiring student who come to us shall have the opportunity to pursue their training uptil they reach RHCA and CCIE.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Red Hat and Cisco, for maintaining high standards in their certifications and never compromising on quality.

Monday, May 2, 2011

3rd CCIE from IPSR

Abdul khadar T M, CCIE
We are extremely happy to announce that IPSR, Calicut branch has produced the 3rd CCIE from IPSR. IPSR is the only organisation in India, which offers CCIE and RHCA, which are the aprex certifications from CISCO and Red Hat respectively, under a single roof.

Our latest CCIE is Mr. Abdul khadar T M, who is a native of Ettumanoor near Kottayam, Kerala. He is a Diploma holder in Computer Hardware Maintainance and is presently working as Color Bank Engineer in Berger Paints India Ltd.

We congratulate Mr. Abdul Khadar and all members of RouterDome (the CISCO division at IPSR, Calicut) on this achievement and wish all success to him.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Results: EX423 on 27th April 2011

Antony Pradeep
Paving road to more RHCSS certifications, another EX423 (Directory Services and Authentication) Exam was conducted at IPSR Edappally branch.

Four of our students came out with flying colours, with Mr. Antony Pradeep scoring a 100% score. Antony is a native of Chennai, presently working as Linux Engineer at Vahni Solutions, Bangalore.

Arun Mohan

Bharat Vishwakarma, a BCA graduate from Madhyapradesh, Kurian Mathew Thayil and Arun Mohan also cleared EX423, placing them closer to their RHCSS certifications. Mr. Kurian and Mr. Arun are both from Kerala and are also previous students of IPSR.

We wish them all, the very best in their careers.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Linux Project at IPSR Selected as Best Academic Project

IPSR, through its OSBRC (Open Source Based Research Centre) offers free Linux based projects for students, along with their RHCE. Since its inception in December 2010, OSBRC has helped many students take up unique projects for their academic requirements.

Mr. Libin Balan, Mr. Anup Shaji , Mr. Jeeno Mathew Jacob and Mr.Thomas Chacko, who are BE students at Sri Nandhanam College Of Engineering And Technology, Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu had chosen IPSR for their academic project, because of our strength in Linux and Open Source. Their project topic was ‘Efficient Data Restoration for a Disk Based Network Backup System’. During the in-campus assessments, this project was rated as the Best Academic Project.

IPSR also offers all kinds of academic project assistance to MCA & B Tech students and during the previous year also, projects of our students were chosen as best projects in various campuses.

We congratulate Libin, Anup, Jeeno & Thomas on this achievement, along with all team members at OSBRC.

Update:  Also, the academic project titled "Web Hosting Server", done by Mr. Shamnad Shaikh Meeran,  Mr.Varun V, Mr. Varghese Antony and Mr. Roun Antony was adjudged as 'One of the Best Academic Projects' at Sri Nandhanam College Of Engineering And Technology, Tirupattur.

Another Testimonial from a Professional

We have helped thousands of students with their certifications and even now, we get thrilled when we get a good testimonial.

It was so, when Mr. Bennis Abraham spoke to us. Bennis was a student during March 2011 and certified RHCE. He is a Unix system Specialist with the Macy's Group (Macy's Systems Technology) in USA.
Thank God for IPSR.
I joined IPSR and did a crash course for three days and on the fifth day I passed my RHCE examination. I could say training, troubleshooting and the mock examination at IPSR would be best in the world. I recommend IPSR to everyone who is planning to pursue a career in computers.
I am thankful to God, IPSR Team and my family for helping me to get a RHCE certification.
Thank you Bennis, for your inspiring words.

Friday, April 8, 2011

IPSR Welcomes Hasan A Alswady from Saudi Arabia

This is his first visit to Kerala or even India. But Mr. Hasan A Alswady wants to stay long.

Mr. Hasan A Alswady with Dr. Mendus Jacob
Hasan has come all the way from Saudi Arabia, to the International Centre at IPSR, Edappally. He shall be initially pursuing RHCSA, which is a prerequisite for RHCE, under RHEL 6 and shall proceed on to RHCE.

Hasan A Alswady is a system administrator, working remotely for a foreign data center. He likes Kerala, has been extremely impressed with IPSR and wants to stay long to complete "all the certifications available at IPSR".

Hasan, we welcome you on board and hope to have a long association with you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

40th RHCSS & 5th RHCDS from IPSR

We knew this is coming, but that does not lessen the delight. It happened on 30th March, 2011, two days before Team India lifted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

IPSR Edappally hosted another EX423 (Directory Services and Authentication) Exam and 3 of our students passed, with Mr. Mohsin Hakkim A.A securing a 100% result. Mr. Mohsin is the System Admin Manager at Keltron, Cochin and was a student in our 25th RHS 429 Batch & 28th RHS 333 batch.

40th RHCSS

Rithesh Kumar, RHCSS
With this very exam, IPSR also produced the much awaited 40th RHCSS, in the form of Mr. Ritesh Kumar from New Delhi. He is the Asst. Director (Systems) at Petroleum Federation of India, New Delhi. He had initially joined IPSR, Trivandrum, for his RHCVA certification and completed the same successfully. Satisfied with the success, he joined the RHCSS batch at IPSR, Kochi North and completed the RHS333 (Enterprise Network Services Security), RHS429 (SELinux Policy Administration) and RH423  (Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication) modules.


A. V Radhakrishnan, RHCDS
Another milestone that we passed with this EX423 exam was the 5th RHCDS from IPSR. It was a while, since we had our 4th RHCDS and Mr. A. V Radhakrishnan from Palakkad had made us proud. He is an Ex. Service Man, with 20 years of experience with Indian Air Force. He was the Senior In Charge of Net & IT, while he was releaved from duties. He completed the EX401 (Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management), EX436 (Clustering and Storage Management) and now the EX423 (Directory Services and Authentication) exams to be our 5th Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist.

We wish the very best for Mr. Mohsin, Mr. Ritesh Kumar and Mr. Radhakrishnan, in their careers.

And Team India... You made the whole nation proud. Congratulations and Thank You...!!!