Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World's youngest RHCVA

It is probably one of the sensational triumph for the awesome boy Bobby Issac and IPSR as history changes frame for the exceptional.  In line with the youngest RHCE and RHCSS, IPSR repeats history by producing the world’s youngest RHCVA. 15 years young, Bobby Issac became an RHCE in January 2013 and RHCVA in June 2013.

Bobby Issac is 11th grade student of Lourdes Public School and junior college, Kottayam, Kerala. Nestled under the serene surroundings of Lourdes Forane Church, Lourdes  is an English medium, Co-educational School recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi . He got introduced to IPSR, five years back when the company conducted ‘Mariyan Computer Aptitude Test.’ Bobby was one among the few little genius selected from the school and was a finalist of the same. 

The whizz kid recollects this as the turning point of his life. It is then he met the Director and CEO of IPSR Group, Dr. Mendus Jacob - a prominent Entrepreneur and Academician who is a mentor and guide to many. The meeting ignited sparks in the 10 year kid. Bobby's association with IPSR started a year later, when he joined for RHCE. As there is a constrain of a minimum of 15 years for appearing for the exam, he certified RHCE early this year, in January 2013 followed by RHCVA certification in June 2013 as the World's Youngest RHCVA!

Here is Bobby in the mirth of excitement
“My first visit to IPSR was when I was 11 years old.    At first, I thought that the whole REDHAT certifications, were above my reach. In fact, I was reluctant to join for RHCE then. But IPSR called me back, gave me support, and inspired confidence. With the help of well qualified trainers who had in depth knowledge in what they taught, I became an RHCE just after I turned 15 years old. After that day, I was attracted to networking as well as linux. I understood the fact that the knowledge one got while preparing for these certifications, was even usefull in day to day life. And IPSR turned out tobe a cool place for me. I wanted to go back there again and again. The friendly atmosphere allured me. The fact that I was so young didn't bother anyone. we were all friends. I was treated like everyone else. And then I decided to do a "Certificate of Expertise" during my vacation.

 I chose RHCVA because for me virtualisation was a niche topic. And it contained only one module. I was a bit nervous at first whether I could do it or not. But thanks to various people at IPSR including Benila ma'm (Director of Training) who gave me confidence, and my wonderful trainer Mr. Mohsin Hakkim, I am finally an RHCVA. But more than that, the experience I took with me back from IPSR is fabulous. At IPSR, It is a synthesis of culture. I met with fellow RedHat certificate holders from various countries who came for further training here. The experience and the treatment makes me want to go back. For me, IPSR is a dream world, something a cut above , and something very niche (in my teenage mind). 

I want to thank the whole IPSR team who helped me become an RHCVA. I especially thank my trainer , Mr. Mohsin Hakkim, and Mr. and Mrs. Mendus Jacob (Directors) for their support. I promise that I will back at IPSR for my RHCDS training later this year.”

His next aim is to be an RHCDS and wish to crack the engineering entrance to mold himself as a refined Computer Engineer in the years ahead. The IPSR Family cordially wishes him success in every step! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snapshots on what’s latest at ipsr????

Youngest RHCVA

History changes frame for the exceptional.  In line with the youngest RHCE and RHCSS, IPSR marks history by producing the worlds youngest RHCVA. 15 years young, Bobby Issac became an RHCE in January 2013 and RHCVA in June 2013. The 11th grade student aiming to be a software engineer, who completes all higher modules certifications with his degree. And for the technical guidance on the same, he chose the best RH partner of Asia Pacific, The IPSR Solutions Ltd.

Alluring Win at IPSR

IPSR had a great news to share with on the first of June 2013. Seven RHCVA s at one shot! The 59th to 65th RHCVAs were produced at the same time in the IPSR Global Campus, of which five are foreign nationals. The worlds youngest RHCVA, Bobby Issac also belonged to this batch. The batch was vibrant with Mike Parin from Australia, Islam Gaber, Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar and Mohamed Belal hailing from Egypt, Eivind Olsen from Norway and Sinob and Bobby Issac as local trainees. Congrats Winners!!

Cent Percent Success!!!

Eivind Olsen is the 21st RHCDS. His success saga all way from Norway not only gained him the certifications but also 100% result on the RH Exams twice. Eivind cleared EX 318 and EX 423 with cent percent result. And the Queen of Arabia, gifted with monsoon drizzles. He was contented with the training and hospitality at IPSR and is assured to be back for more certifications. 

Egyptian blaze illuminates again at IPSR

Mr. Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar, Mr. Mohamed Belal Samy Mostafa El-Sayed and Mr. Islam Gaber Abou Al-Ala who works as System Administrators, crowns the title of being the 22nd, 23rd and 24th RHCDS of IPSR. These people travelled long way from Egypt to find the varied learning oriented tourism experience granted by IPSR. The Egyptian leash was previously acknowledged with the credit of gaining RHCVA certification from IPSR itself. The perfect training experiences merged with the warmth of cordiality have granted ecstasy to the trio. 

It's a joyous moment for IPSR and we wish them all the success in future prospects.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The explorer of good times in the expedited service of Kerala

Mr.Michael Joel Parin or Mike Parin, the great explorer of good times rejoice every moment of his expedition by learning each aspect of the places he visit. This time Mr. Mike has arrived in Kerala, India to get trained in RHCDS and CCNA. He came to know about IPSR, through his colleague and found the place to be the best in training. According to him, the best aspect of being in Kerala is the warm welcome and receptiveness granted by the people of Kerala...Read More...

Synergising the Cross- cultural Training Program at its best

The vital force behind visitors coming to India is the benign service granted at its best. Like a vibgyor which looks divine when all the colours are merged, the group learning among people from different parts of the world is at sanctity when it’s blended with all the features of perfectionism that is; trainers, facilities and of course the cooperation of the trainees. This is for the first time since its journey in providing International Certifications Training; IPSR witnesses the arrival of a pool of trainees at a time.....Read More....