Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First CCIE from IPSR - Sandeep T. Y.

We have reason to rejoice. We now boast of a CCIE holder so soon after starting CCIE Training. Sandeep T. Y. did his CCIE Training at IPSR Calicut.

We are proud of you Sandeep! May you achieve many more feats!

RHCA Bootcamp Training in India

Do you know how many people have qualified the RHCA exam in India? JUST TWO! Yes, that’s true.
But IPSR plans to change that statistics soon. We who have mapped the Redhat Certification Training Scene (just google us, you’ll understand what we are saying) in the world are planning to take RHCA Certification by storm now. We are extremely happy to inform you that RHCA will be commencing from 1st week of September 2009 at IPSR. It goes without saying that if you join these initial batches you would become part of history. THE INCREDIBLE LIST OF THOSE WHO FIRST QUALIFIED RHCA IN INDIA.
Another great feature of RHCA@ipsr is that the Trainers’ Team will be headed by Arun Eapen from Redhat who is the first RHCA Certified from India, Regi Cyriac from IPSR who is the First RHCSS Certified Faculty in South India and Sarath Sasindran who is the second RHCSS Certified Faculty in South India.

The intake for each batch is only 6 candidates.
Duration : 4/6 days depending on the module
Location : Kochi -24, Kerala
Check the Course Schedule here
For more details contact us at +91 94472 94635

Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Questions for Self Reflection - Interview Questions

What do you do to build, manage and maintain your network?
If I Google you, what will I find?
What do you do to stay focused?
What do you do to stay relevant?
What innovative solutions have you created?
Walk me through a time when you administered change.
What important problems or questions do you see facing our industry? Your occupation?
What do you do to expose yourself to new ideas and new thinking on a regular basis?
What big mistake have you made recently and what did you learn from it?
What matters to you? What are you passionate about? What gets you up in the morning or keeps you awake at night?

RHCSS Bootcamp Testimonial - S. Rakesh

"On my first day I was too disappointed because in Lab session I was blank I was asking too many doubts how to doo things, because I was not thought to learn things by own (Lab works) but as days past I started realizing things are different here, I learned a new thing in IPSR, learn things by own which is not thought ever in other centers. Now am comfortable here, happy with my classes and way they are thought specially Mr.Sarath have lot of stuff clear’s doubts and his way of teaching. Simply saying I have a new experience in way of learning at IPSR."
- S. Rakesh

Monday, July 20, 2009

Outstation Student Testimonials - Sanju Raj

"These few days which we all had together in our batch RH423 were about our coming to know our strengths and weakness in Linux environment. We all had our share of inputs.
The concepts were made clear by our IPSR faculty Mr.Sharath. He was ready for our concern. We had regular breaks between topics which helped us to get rid of boredom of studying 8 hours at a stretch. We had the time for lab practices. If someone from our batch gets stuck then we all try to resolve the issue. Which helped us to know wherein we lack.
The experience of knowing things at first hand made us realize the importance of grooming up oneself to the topics beforehand. We did our preprations. These will help us to our main goal of being a security specialist.
Thanks for a wonderful experience."

Sanju Raj
New Delhi

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to S Rakesh!

IPSR warmly welcomes S Rakesh from Vellore, our new outstation student, to the RHCSS batch starting today at Kochi North. Have a great learning experience!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Success; Yours Too

Click on the image for larger view...

Open Source Placements - IPSR Students

Check out the list of our students who benefited from the IPSR advantage in the month of June.
Nivin sebastian - PHP Student - Wipro, Perot s/ms
Jobin Mathew - Java Student - CTS
Vidya Krishnakumar -Java Student - Infosys
Liju V P - PHP Student - Webgravity (Senior Officer)
Suneer P A - Java Student - Albaker (Software Programmer)
Congartulations! You have made us proud!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

15th RHCSS Bootcamp

IPSR announces its 15th RHCSS Bootcamp at the Kochi North Centre. The bootcamp on RH 423 modules commences on 13th July and ends on 18th July. Those interested can send us a message or talk to our Course Director at +91 94472 94635 or +91 94471 69776.

Welcome to the World of RHCE

IPSR congratulates all its students who became RHCE certified in the month of June. Here is the list.
Anoj Thomas
Yassir V M
Jis Thomas
Dileep Kumar K
Mijish J
Yasir Mansoor P
Manu M
Rohan G Nair
Sajeer S
Rony Philip Varughese
Remya Krishna
Anoop Thomas Mathew
Aniyan Abraham
Paul Jacob
Sijo T J
Thomas Varghese Rajan
Abdul Shiyas P S
Abeesh Anand A
Vipin Joseph
Anz Thomas
The 97th RHCE Bootcamp commences on July 13th at Kochi North.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Success Stories - Roy Arun Sama

Roy Arun Sama, got placed within three months of joining IPSR IT Finishing School. Read his success story...

After completing B.Tech Roy had a few arrear papers .This was cleared only in 2007. In the
meantime he worked in a non-IT organization as a sales manager for 2 years. After this long
gap he decided to switch his field and joined IPSR IT Finishing School. Here he was trained in PHP, .Net and Softskills. The end result? A good job, of course.

Roy's Testimonial:
"I am happy that I could succeed in getting placed through IPSR
IT Finishing School. I had a long gap since I completed my B.Tech.
Also I had several arrear papers. Despite all these handicaps, I managed
to get placed, that too within three months of joining Finishing School.
Thank you, team IPSR ! "

RHCSS Module Second Shot Offer

IPSR has a great second shot for anyone who has already done an RHCSS Module. If you are unsure of taking the exam after the RHCSS Module training we will train you free of cost for the second attempt. You will have to pay the exam fee, of course.

Now, isn't that an idea? You could call one of our centres to find out availability of slots today.