Saturday, December 31, 2011

The enchanting Christmas tree, the smiling Santa, the jingling bells and the ipsrian carols

Rejoice, for the baby Jesus is born in a manger at Bethlehem and we commemorate this holy birth by giving room to Jesus in the manger of our heart. With Him the entire crew of IPSR Trivandrum celebrated Christmas with all its pomp and glory.

The entire ipsrian team explored the possibilities of celebration through various manifestations

The anonymous letter game made the Christmas friend hunt full of suspense and thrill. After days of offering prayers for their friends, Christmas gifts were exchanged...The celebration was sweetened with cake and wine....

The enchanting Christmas tree, The smiling Santa, The jingling bells...What could have been more interesting than the fun filled air of the X-mas gala..!!!!!

Silent night..Holy Night....The Christmas day was warm and bright.....!!!!

The harmony of celebration and hopes that Christmas day has brought has triggered the potential ambiance of the team.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

170 Students.....20 Colleges........and 1 Solution

Convergence of technologies is trendy. Convergence in solution providers is weighed as a hallmark of trust and goodwill. In the space where the contemporary live technologies and apps in IT gets interwoven into the campus curriculum, IPSR the master solution providers defines the pinnacle of the centre of convergence.

Last quarter 102+ pools of projects in varied technology with a unique IPSR’ian touch was the trump of the campuses. The acceptance and appreciation of the projects in top rated list has made IPSR the first choice of techno scholars and engineering colleges.

This quarter IPSR is with wide variety of projects in Android platform which has become a key demand of the campuses and the industry.

We wish all the students of Kerala and Tamilnadu an equally good experience that we have always fostered in the previous years of which we are proud of.

Checkout the details of Academic Projects for MCA, B Tech/BE, BCA and other IT courses.

Monday, December 12, 2011

IPSR lifts the Red Hat International Award 2011; This time it's a Triple Hat trick achievement !

IPSR.....Got drenched in the uniqueness of Redhat international award....and it rained as the best training partner, internationally.... The emperor of Linux certifications thus continues unchallengeable.

Highly auspicious were the moments when Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO of ipsr solution lifted up the Redhat international award for the best training partner. The entire stars of Red Stars League solemnly greeted the Big Star ipsr solutions ltd, for retaining the award for the 9th consecutive year. The triple hat trick win of Red Hat international award has made IPSR the real emperor of Linux Certification Programmes.

IPSR Receives the Red Hat International Award
for the 9th Year in a Row

The annual meet of the Red Hat Red Stars League, the Global learning services of Red Hat international community was hosted at 5S venue of Taj Malbar. A cocktail of various partners from various destinations of US and Asia Pacific witnessed the official gathering.

The road map 2012 was the chief agenda of the meetings. The delegates from US Mr. Randy Russel, Director of Certifications and Mr. Pete Knah, Director of Curriculum had detailed on curriculum and certifications issues. The future trend of the global open source industry and the massive opportunities that ought to unlock on virtualization and Cloud were the key focuses.

The interactions of the partners were viewed with much enthusiasm. In the sharing session of the success stories by leaders, all the eyes and ears were hooked onto the presentation by Dr. Mendus Jacob who detailed on the passage of IPSR in the road of success and the various strategies that IPSR uphold.

Dr. Mendus Jacob at the Red Stars League
Detailing About IPSR's Strategies

The meet was disbursed with new resolutions and plans to make India and the world open.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IPSR..... The Royal Platform For The Kingly Certification

Jasim Moiduppa,
9th CCIE from IPSR
Yet another moment of pride and glory for IPSR's cisco division, the miracle of CCIE has bloomed again in the shores of IPSR's royal abode. The CCIE has now become a throb in the pulse of IPSR's CISCO division. The accountability and commitment of the team has catalysed the cisco division to perform well and there love and passion to work makes them to perform beautifully. It is with pride we announce that Mr. Jasim Moiduppa, a student of IPSR Calicut has become CCIE. This is the 7th CCIE from IPSR in the last 6 months (total of 9 CCIEs). We register our appreciation to Mr. Sanjay CCIE and Mr. Raneesh CCIE who are full time faculties at IPSR and guided Mr. Jasim Moiduppa to this height.

Here are the words of the new CCIE Mr. Jasim Moiduppa (CCIE # 32005)

I had joined IPSR nearly 8 months back for undergoing the CCIE course. At that time I had doubt whether I will be able to get my certification done or not, because of my past failure in exam before I reached here. But after getting the suitable coaching and excellent lab facilities I was pretty confident of getting through the certification exam. The support from IPSR team is excellent. The full time availability of faculty had helped me to clear my doubts at all times.

At present I am CCIE #32005, and placed at Dubai. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all staff members and teachers of IPSR, especially Reneesh and Sanjay sir for making me capable of becoming a CCIE. I would also wish all the best for the whole IPSR team for their future.

The entire team of IPSR salutes you on your commendable success.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridging Expectation to Perceived Reality in a Career Matrix

If seeing is believing let the figures speak

In the Wipro Recruitment Drive conducted by IPSR, from the population of 750 IT aspirants who participated in the drive, 105 were selected and it is quite praiseworthy to note that out of the selected professionals 18 were from BVM College, Cherpungal.

Without doubt these statistical figures give a clear indication on the vastness and potentials of the job opportunities that unfold in the IT industry. If a single company gets to the job market in search of 105 competent professionals at a time, then let us imagine what would be the vastness in the status of the job openings that prevails in the entire MNC's that flourishes in the IT sector.

Despite of the vastness in the opportunity, the real winners in the job sector who get placed are the real competent professionals with smart work culture. In this context a big salute is due to BVM College students for the awesome performance in the placement drive.

The epics has told us that if Lord Krishna steers the chariot and the vigor of Drona's lessons drives who else can block Arjuna on the onward march to success.

The big Arjuna performance of the students of BVM College bears ample testimony to the fruitful alliance of BVM college and ipsr solutions the real Drona in training and mending smart professionals in the IT industry.

The magical spell of IPSR in dissemination of training at the colleges with tie ups, is designed in a finishing school concept. The training covers multifarious magnitudes of training in contemporary technology, perfection in soft skills, tuning in mathematical aptitude etc. The web based training package of IPSR has yielded good results in this direction. The tie ups with engineering colleges and corporate consultancies have proved to be highly valuable and have always yielded its results.

Now it goes without saying that with IPSR there is no valley between career expectations and perceived reality.

Friday, December 2, 2011

From the bottom of the heart...........

When emotions come from the bottom of our heart, it overflows in one's own mother tongue, for you could express thoughts in words and syllables of any language but emotions and feelings are at its best in one's own mother tongue.

Here is Mr. Rahul Rajan our student from Bihar who got certified as RHCE......speaks from his heart

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Engulfed with opportunities.......and empowered with technologies

The capital city on 29th November has witnessed a congregation of technologically empowered individuals who are engulfed in the midst of opportunities in the sanctum pavilion of ipsr. This is not a rear episode for ipsr, for ipsr the real mentor in the IT industries has channeled the career opportunities to a potential platform where the entrepreneur and technologically empowered individuals meet. This has given new dimension to career seeking as not a matter of choice but getting engulfed in opportunities.

The recruitment drive for Trikode Solutions, Trivandrum has opened better prospects to PHP programmers and Business consultants. There was a huge gathering of technologically sounds professionals, who participated in the drive at IPSR Trivandrum.

The drive were scheduled in three rounds, aptitude test, technical interview and HR interview. The successful students were shortlisted.

Here are the words of Arvinlo V, our RHCE Student who got placed in Syntrio Technologies

“Its been a wonderful experience at IPSR. Training Methods are superb, instructive pattern straightforward and easy to learn strategies has made Learning becomes easy
I simply want to thank from my heart for helping me to build a career in IT."