Thursday, April 29, 2010

RHCE Testimonial- Purushottam Bhandare, Kolhapur

Purushottam Bhandare from Gargoti, Kolhapur has just completed his RHCE course @IPSR. He did his BE studies at Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering, Baramati, Pune. He shares his IPSR RHCE training experience

IPSR is the only institution where I got exact answers to my why's, how's and what's about Linux. The faculty and staff are supportive and greatly competent. Moreover the infrastructure is quite standard and well maintained in a pleasing atmosphere.

The Latest RHCSS Exam Results

IPSR gets an outstanding success in the last RHCSS exam conducted on 24th April. The students who succeeded in the exam module RHS333 Enterprise Network Services Security are:

  1. Amit Chaturvedi
  2. Jijesh Kalliyat
  3. Mojan K Iype
  4. Sojan V O
Mr. Mojan K Iype faculty @IPSR Solutions got RHCSS certified. He is the 18th RHCSS qualified from IPSR.


Monday, April 26, 2010

My Experience at IPSR - Tim Kitonyi, Kenya

I was preparing to sit for my RHCE exam in the month of April 2010, and I had some grey areas in the Network and Security sections, for which I lacked proper explanation when I attended the course earlier elsewhere.

My web search came up with IPSR, and I found that they were willing to give me the Rapid Track course I required. I wrote to them and got a response from Ms. Varsha Nevgi that I could attend the course within the month of April, and be able to take the exam thereafter.

At a very reasonable rate, IPSR provided me transportation from and to airport, accommodation, lunch, daily pickups and drops from hotel, the course, course material, and the exam.

They lived to their promise

I was picked from the airport as promised, and along the way, Mr. Robin Joseph, IPSR Business Manager joined me to help register at hotel and arranged for currency exchange. Mr. Robin took me for lunch thereafter, and escorted me to the IPSR IT Finishing School.

At Finishing School, I met two very humble people; Dr. Mendus Jacob, the Managing Director and CEO of IPSR Solutions and Mr. Sujith M, the Technical Director.

In addtion to this, at IPSR, I got a very good trainer Anand, who made every grey area I had as clear as daylight. Unlike my earlier trainer for the Network and Security course, Mr. Anand was keen to ensure that I understood what he was training me, and answered my questions sincerely. In fact at some instances, he went beyond the syllabus.

The Branch coordinator, Ms. Reshmi Nair was equally helpful and charming. She helped me a lot during the course of my training and it went smoothly.

When a National strike appeared to disrupt my examination plans scheduled for 27th April, everyone at IPSR went out of their way to help where they could. I had a flight to catch on 28th and an appointment in Nairobi on 29th April. To delay by a day was a nightmare.

Dr. Mendus Jacob called me with the good news that an alternative exam site had been found at Coimbatore. IPSR would even provide a car to take me there.

Tim Kitonyi,
Education Director,
Institute of Software Technologies,
P.O. Box 48487, Nairobi,

RHCE Testimonial- Vikrant Gupta

Vikrant Gupta from Madhya Pradesh recently completed his RHCE training at IPSR, Kochi. About the training, he says:

IPSR is the best institute in India for REDHAT Certification. The RHCE training provided at IPSR is excellent and faculty members are very cooperative & helpful. IPSR has first-rate Lab facilities and infrastructure.

Vikrant Gupta
Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tim Kitonyi from Kenya joins @IPSR RHCE Bootcamp

IPSR cordially invites Mr. Tim Kitonyi, Education Director, Institute of Software Technologies, Nairobi, Kenya to the soil of Kerala. He joined IPSR international centre at Kochi for RHCE bootcamp. Mr. Kitonyi holds a B.Sc. in Computing from University of Greenwich.

IPSR CEO Dr. Mendus Jacob welcomes Mr. Tim Kitonyi from Kenya to IPSR RHCE bootcamp. We extend you a warm welcome to God's Own Country!! Wish you unforgettable days!!!

RHCA Certified Faculty@ipsr - Reji M Cyriac

Mr. Reji M Cyriac, Director of Technical Services at IPSR gets RHCA, the capstone certification from Redhat, which strengthen the Linux team to move forward taking new tasks and hurdles. Being an ardent researcher, his inquisitiveness to learn advanced realms in Linux makes him now the 9th RHCA in India and the 2nd RHCA from IPSR. He also has the credit of being the first Redhat Partner Faculty in South India to become RHCSS certified. Already he is an RHCDS and now looking forward to Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) program.

RHCVA, a performance-based Redhat certification program for virtualization administrators to make them proficient to design, implement and manage effective virtual environments. IPSR is launching the newest Red Hat Certification RHCVA Course for the first time in India.

The whole IPSR family is proud of you. We wish you to reach the very pinnacle of success!! Congratulations!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to IPSR!

Welcome to the new students of RHCSS batch started today. The newly joined students are T. Dhanasekar, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Rohan G Nair, Kottayam, Mr. Rajat Mendus, Kottayam and Mr. I Gerald Nathan, Chennai. Best Wishes!!

HP, Remote Escalation Specialist- RHCE Bootcamp Testimonial

The sole reason of my joining IPSR was the recommendation of my friend who had taken the course earlier from the same institute. And I was not disappointed. Being new to Linux and with very limited time on hand, I was wondering how I‘d be able to grasp the subject. However, IPSR teaching faculty made sure and I could get the concepts right. Now, I am confident and able to build on the foundation IPSR built. Linux is no more alien to me.

Swati Gope
Remote Escalation Specialist

RHCE Testimonial- Tom Koshy, I Fort Technologies

I am very glad to choose IPSR for doing my RHCE certification. I did RHCE and CCNA at IPSR. The faculty and placement support are highly superb. I am really satisfied with IPSR teaching faculty, placement support and LAB facilities. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to IPSR placement cell for all the efforts they had been taken for me. I will definitely recommend IPSR to all my friends!!!

Tom Koshy
Linux System Admin
I Fort Technologies

Friday, April 16, 2010

100% Pass in the last RHCE Exam @IPSR

IPSR again gets 100% pass in the RHCE exam conducted on 13 April 2010 making an astounding change in status from 1 out of 22 RHCEs to 1 out of 20 RHCEs. RHCE is a performance-based Gold Standard Certification program for enabling Linux Administrators to handle Linux networks. The candidates who have appeared for the exam were
1. Mani T Paulose,
2. Praveen M Thomas
3. James Mathew
4. Priya James
5. Deepthi Koshy
6. Ramdoyal Sumesh
7. Sr. Italia Joseph Maria
8. Deepu S

100% score in RHCE Exam

Praveen M. Thomas and Mani T. Paulose make all of us proud with an outstanding 100% score in the last RHCE exam conducted on 13th April 2010. After completing B.Tech from Amal Jyothy Engineering College, Kanjirappaly, Mr. Mani T Paulose successfully completes his CCNA and RHCE studies at IPSR. Mr. Praveen M. Thomas took his B. Tech from College of Eng., Adoor. They are the two latest students to join the exclusive group of RHCE 100% holders.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RHCE Training for TEEN Cyber

RHCE training for Teen Cyber students started at IPSR. The project is launched as part of the social projects at the 10th year of IPSR. Teen Cyber aims to empower school students in the realm of IT and make them highly productive suiting the changing trends. The project includes personality development programs, IT training programs, sessions to develop computer aptitude and so on. Earlier IPSR kick started the Teen Cyber social project by producing the World's youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer Rajat Mendus, aged just 11 years.

Students who participate in the training program are Vishnu Vijayan (9th Std, MDSHSS, Kottayam), Bobby Issac (8th Std, Lourdes Public School, Kottayam) and Rahul Varghese Roy (9th Std, Giredeepam School, Kottayam)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New RHCSS Exam Results

Anand Pavithran, Saravanesh D, and Vanmali Rahul Subhash got highest marks in the last RHCSS exam Module RHS429 SELinux Policy Administration conducted on 12th April 2010. Now we have altogether 17 RHCSS and the pass status of the exam is as follows:

  1. Anand Pavithran
  2. Saravanesh D
  3. Vanmali Rahul Subhash
  4. Anand Pavithran

Monday, April 12, 2010

Students from Jamshedpur @IPSR

WELCOME Mr. Shasi Shekhar and Mr. Shashi Kumar Sahu students from Jamshedpur to IPSR RHCE Course. Shasi Shekhar was working as a desktop engineer at IBM, Banglore after his CCNA and MCSE from Delhi and B’lore. Shashi Kumar Sahu is having a three year Diploma in Electronics and Communication.

Have a good time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look How RHCSS benefits Praveen Sam

Look how RHCSS benefited Praveen Sam of Pondicherry and know what he tells about IPSR and the advantages of RHCSS

"After completing RHCE course I was searching for a job and due to the lack of real time exposure all the efforts that I had taken ended up in vain. I decided for a new beginning therefore I joined IPSR for RHCSS course. The advanced RHCSS training program at IPSR enhanced me with a practical knowledge in linux; I learned how to tackle real time difficulties while handling linux and a lot more. Now I am working as Linux admin in iHORSE SOFT Pvt Ltd, Pondicherry. The credit goes to IPSR. I am very much grateful to all the faculty at IPSR and specially Mrs. Bennila ma'am for the sincere endeavors that they have been taking during the course modules to produce well competent professionals in linux."

Warm Welcome to RHCSS Program

IPSR welcomes T. Dhanasekar (Tamil Nadu), Aniruddha Das (West Bengal), Amit Chaturvedi (New Delhi), and Viju Venugopal (Application programmer of IBM, Cochin) to the Red Hat performance based Security Certification program RHCSS. Warm regards!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Namitha from Yahoo! Joins IPSR Boot Camps

IPSR solutions Learning Services Division welcome Namitha Vijayakumar, Mail Engineer, Yahoo! Software Development, Bangalore to its value-driven bootcamps. Best regards!!

Three more Gets RHCSS

Three more students from IPSR become RHCSS raising the total number of RHCSSs from 13 to 16. It’s just so grand and we congratulate Aneesh Kumar PT, System Administrator, TNGiCUBE Technology Resources Technopark, Mangesh Dattatray Ugale, Maharashtra, and Justine Joseph, Kottaym. Congratulations!!!