Thursday, March 29, 2012

In search of an aura that entwine a multilateral techno system

The zest for the best in technology, routed them from the land of legends to the most amazing techno hub with the manifold jewels of achievements and the most promising solutions provider - the ipsr solutions ltd.

The potentials of IPSR in bridging the technocrats to the contemporary technology have attained a global milieu. The world wide students seeking concepts in advanced technology has mounted to unprecedented heights. Our north Indian counterpart has always kept a steady flow to treasure the best from ipsr. The enriched and enjoyable environment that IPSR sustain is ever refreshing and beats any parameter of fatigue and distance.

This time we have a batch of students from Kutch most glamorous heritage city and pride of India. In this outset we register our wishes to Mr. Chaudhary Satish J, Mr. Sibtain Jagani, Mr.Pujara Jay Kumar Dinesh Kumar and Mr. Nakul Rajendrabhai Vegad for a wonderful stay and enriching sessions.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Break the heat and celebrate the Red Hat examinations

In this scorching summer heat, the Red Hat, the master vendor in enterprise linux brings way to a cool breeze for its aspirants to breathe in the bliss of success as a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

In this age of IT captivation and opportunities dominance which transcends the life space. Red Hat unfolds a grandeur examination offer for its lovers to fight the conflict of examination heat and to give way to a cool attempt with a lot of goodies. The opportunity for reappearance for just Rs 100/- per paper (RHCSA and RHCE) is itself a confidence booster to keep cool for a successful attempt. Red Hat backpack and hooded pullover which comes to you as a special exam gift would really add a special joy to your success.

Don’t unleash the hesitation to curb your way. Celebrate this opportunity and drive your way as a Red hat certified engineer with a lot of goodies.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mojan Iype: Chiseled a slice of glory in the annals of success

In the enchanting grandeur of IPSR, Mojan Iype has added a pearl to the treasure of IPSRian collection, overflowing its reach of inspiration into the minds of the generations of all kind to plough their path of success into the heart of linux world

Mojan Iype the versatile linux guru and Manager technical Services, IPSR has drizzled life upon the latest red hat certification RHCDS which actualized on 10th March 2012. IPSR with great privilege honoured Mojan for his dedication in defining a new success story in IPSRian book of success.

RHCDS, the advanced level Red Hat certification and the solution provider in mission critical and datacenter environment using Red Hat technologies opens a new vista of opportunities. This new heights of certification awake the dreams of IT aspirants and guide them in the way of shattered opportunities in linux terrain to a future painted in their dreams.
The Linux guru with his mission continues…..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New RHCE Boot camp jeweled with the accomplishment of 150

Many of the happiest memories of success and accomplishment tides over when our Boot camp batch sets sail with the 150th batch. This record is accorded to an awestruck win, as most of the boot camp batches are crowded with dignitaries from international communities. Moreover the Red Hat magic continues as the regular RHCE batch in normal stream is at the edge of crossing a four digit number (1000+). A glimpse into the power packed package reveals that every boot camp session is anchored in oceanic mind of technology sandwiched in a short duration. Despite the heavy schedule in class timings, it so happens that every day is a new experience of joy and wisdom where the trainers and trainees enter in oneness of silence in deep rooted technology.

As it is said that “In shallow men the fish of little thoughts cause much commotion, but in oceanic mind the whale of inspiration make hardly a ruffle”

In this outset ipsr registers a beautiful experience to our 150th boot camp batch

Monday, March 12, 2012

IPSRian IT flavors conquers Egyptian heart

A Quest for the best flavor in linux has stolen the heart of Mohamed Efat Elshershaby an Egyptian technocrat by the enchanting linux guru, ipsr solutions the linux icon of the global community. Mr. Mohamed Efat Elshershay is rendering his service as a Network Engineer at Kuwait with ample experience of 5 years in Linux based industry. It is with legitimate pride that ipsr puts on its record this association, as Mr Mohamed Efat bears the credit of the first person from the land of pharaohs who join ipsr’s international centre. It is noteworthy that Mr. Mohamed Efat has updated his certification in RHEL 6 and passed both RHCSA and RHCE in a very short span.
IPSR has honored his courtesy by paying as a good host which was very much appreciated by Mr. Mohammed Efat Elshershaby, he also expressed his craving for taking up a course in RHCDS at ipsr.

Ipsr registers all good wishes for a fascinating success in all his ventures and look forward for future association. 

Rumbling concepts of cloud rained over the heath of IPSR

Drenched in the laden concepts of cloud computing the entire students of ITFS resonated in a wild glee. The master Cijo John has depicted the concept of the contemporary technology in cloud-based services with an incomparable strength and clarity. The two day session that happened on 22nd and 23rd February at ipsr Ernakulam had yielded a miraculous result on the participants. 12 out of 20 students of ITFS who participated in this session were short listed for the Agile Blaze Company in a placement drive that followed.

Now the common mans realization “Why to buy a cow for the sake of milk” penetrated the IT minds in the form of cloud computing. Today cloud delivers single application through the browsers of million customers using a multitenant architecture.
The session has chiseled the vision of cloud that: “The cloud services companies of all sizes; the cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a Democracy”

Training on 'Communication' at IPSR Calicut

Mr.Subin.V, Senior Executive of ipsr solutions ltd gave training on ‘communication’ for IPSR IT Finishing School Students on 29th of February at IPSR Calicut. The program which was really interactive inspired the students very much and boosted their confidence level.

It was a good session. It inspired me a lot. This session raised my confidence level.
Sijo ITFS student (Software)

The class was very inspiring, motivating and making us to think positively
Samesh c k , ITFS student (Networking)

It was an interesting class. He was so pleasant while speaking so never looked boring.
Shimna, ITFS student (Software)

The class was very nice and inspiring. It was interesting and informative. It was very good
ITFS student (Networking)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enlarge the horizon of techno conscious thoughts

Project work at IPSR has opened room for higher techno cognition than impermeable percepts. It took the students to an inexhaustible romance with the contemporary technology. The good and positive suggestions given by the faculty has sharply etched the higher-end technological percepts than mere academic inputs. Every moment at ipsr has evacuated the plight of ambiguity in the subject.

Here are the words of gratitude from the students of VIMAL JYOTHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING who has successfully executed the project work at IPSR.

"The project work at IPSR was very inspirational and informative. The faculties were very helpful and gave good support. We have gained lots of information more than our academics from this institution.Thanks to all faculties and IPSR Calicut for your support and encouragement throughout our project time."

Anu Mathew, Akhila tomy, Ashlin jose, Sherin Sakaria, Sajila k, Manjusha M.S, Sithara Aravind, Sruthi P.K, Dona Abraham, Sr.Elizabeth M J, Sruthi N Paul and Vidhyaprabha C K.- Vimal Jyothi College of Engineering – 2012.

IPSR wishes then all success in every future endeavor
To know more about Academic Projects at IPSR click here.

ITFS students, Overwhelming in the ineffable bliss of success

When abandoned in some oceanic dissolution of unemployment. They clutched the ITFS course of IPSR as the sole raft of rescue. A throb of wonderment stole over them and they realized the ITFS course elapsed with amazing sections on technical, soft skills, confidence building, smart communication strategies and tips and tricks to hit the target which had opened a vast career vista.

The magic of ITFS yielded in manifold. The students were flooded in the ineffable bliss of success from the inner core of their heart. Here are few words of their shared joy.

Deepu Vijayan - our RHCE, ITFS student, depicting his placement success at Qburst Tehnologies:

"When I first came to IPSR, I seriously didn't know which course to be taken up. All I knew at that time was about Java course. Aneesh sir advised me to take RHCE-which is a good course in networking. I also felt interested and decided to join the same. Aneesh sir's administration in IPSR,Tvm is the best..To tell the truth-no others will coordinate for the students this much. If I succeeded in this course and got a Job, it is because of Aneesh Sir. He told us how to attend an interview and in what ways we can present ourselves the well. Surely, he is the best in my view. My thanks also goes to Mary Miss, Ambu Sir and Mojan Sir.

Mr.Salmon K Jose, our RHCE ITFS student who got placed in Telecom Services Network, New Delhi.

"I was in need of a certification after my graduation when I came to know about IPSR. More than getting a certification course, my need was to get a job-a job to start my career in the field of networking. When I approached IPSR, I came to know about Red Hat Certification and its scope in IT sector. I chose to do RHCE though I had never worked on a Linux System before..

Today I am an RHCE and is placed in a company to work on their Linux Server. This would have never been possible without the support of Aneesh Sir, Mary Miss and Ambu Sir. Special Thanks to them and the other staffs of ipsr for helping me to start my career. I would say IPSR is the 'launch pad' to people who are struggling to start their career especially in the field of networking....!!! "