Thursday, May 29, 2014

The voice of Jay

While talking over a coffee with Jay, he was as enthusiastic as ever. Mr. Jay Brahmbhatt is a familiar face and pride of IPSR. He is with IPSR family since 2009 as part of the very first RHCSS batch and 10th RHCSS of IPSR. He is in the campus currently for his Red Hat Server Hardening training.

Jay has always been a busy bee, engaged in something or another whenever he is in. And I was curious to know how someone hailing from a medical background ended up being ‘tech savvy’ 

And there goes Jay: “During my 5th standard while visiting my uncle I always found him studying and I asked what is it about. There I came to know about MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and started preparing for it” The rest is history - He became world's youngest certified systems engineer at the age of 11 on January 2001. With the confidence bagged from the global achievement he started preparing for the CISCO certifications by May 2001.

"I was good at computers from my childhood and I developed confidence when I became Microsoft's youngest certified systems engineer. I was also the youngest candidate to become CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) at 11," 
“And the association with IPSR?”

 Jay gives a wide grin. “After 5 – 6 years of schooling, I was actually doing nothing and thought of getting back into computers.” The presence of IPSR was unavoidable over the internet and that’s what which caught the eyes of Jay too. After RHCE, while searching for a good training partner for RHCSS, IPSR caught attention as the best training partner of Red Hat in India. “And that was a big decision to take. I had never been to kerala and knew nobody here. I had to admit, I never missed anything. The accommodation, training, the infrastructure for studying purpose and everything was provided by IPSR. It was really a home away from home”

While talking more on his time at IPSR, Jay was getting more zest. I did may courses after RHCSS and have even worked on live servers, but the best lab structure that I had over here is perfect, even from the live server point of view. The instructors were very nice. Even after completing the course, when we come up with any technical issues, I call him up and he provides with all the solutions. And that remains true even till today, after 6 years.”

After 6 years, Jay is happy to see the growth in infrastructure and glad to get trained by the top notch trainers. Jay concludes his conversion saying “It’s a very nice experience coming back over here”
And so is it for IPSR. We pride not only on our recognitions and years of existence rather mainly on our satisfied clients.

Monday, May 12, 2014

On the Road from RHCDS to RHCA – Welcome Moustafa

ipsr solutions ltd. today welcomes on board Mr. Moustafa Hammouda, Egyptian National working in Doha, Qatar.

Mr. Hammouda was with us last summer, during the months of March – April 2013. That trip, he successfully completed the requirements of being a Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist(RHCDS), and a Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator(RHCVA).

Employed as a Linux System Administrator with Ministry of Interiors – Qatar, he has over 5 years of industry experience in Linux administration, deployment, server management and a quite lot. He is a degree holder in Bachelors of Computers and Information Systems from the Mansour University and is currently half way through his Masters. Owing to Cisco Networking demands at work, Moustafa also completed CCNA and CCNP Routing and Switching earlier this year. read more

Thursday, May 1, 2014

With Red Hat Training Say Wow Kerala

Where 7 billion people connect across 85 seas, from 192 countries and 180497 islands, within 8 planets in this Universe, we are defined as a small entity formed to serve a huge unity comprised of Linux professionals, Linux engineers and wannabe’s in plenty. ipsr solutions ltd. an authorized and certified Red Hat training partner – the best Red Hat training partner India and Overseas serves with integrity to meet several IT training requirements of individuals and corporates across the world. Having established a strong trainee presence in over 50 countries already, ipsr solutions decides to enhance and smoothen their foreign relations by enriching up the Educational Tourism operations. Read More