Saturday, November 30, 2013

“World’s Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner is Here”

Goa, India – ipsr solutions ltd. today announced that it is the recipient of two International accolades – “The Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner – India & Overseas“ and “The Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner Beyond RHCE“ – September 2012 – August 2013. – unveiled at the Red Hat Training Partner Conference held at the Goa Mariott International Resort on October 24, 2013. Red Hat Awards are hosted … Read more →

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Introducing Wubi – Linux Installer on Windows

Are you aware of ‘WUBI‘ yet? Though it sounds very much like an Android application, it is not. It’s all about Linux. Wubi is an official Microsoft Windows based free software installer for Ubuntu operating system. It installs the Ubuntu on a Microsoft Windows machine just like installing an application and is a safe and convenient way for Microsoft users to try out Linux operating system. The main advantage of using Wubi is that you wouldn’t have to manually partition your machine. The Ubuntu machine will be installed as a separate stand alone operating system and not as a virtual machine.
It has to be clearly understood that Wubi is not a Linux distribution. It is just an installer for Ubuntu which you can download freely from the internet. Read More

Friday, November 1, 2013

IPSR Triumph with two international awards

Goa the verdant natural paradise bestowed with the immense charm of the Sahyandri foot hills, attractive beaches, enchanting beauty of azure water of west coast, grand parties and rich Anglo Indian heritage has hosted the platform for the colorful Redhat award Night 2013. The venue of Redhat award night at Marriot international resort was excited with a rock and rave ambiance of mind throbbing musical band and award distribution ceremony progressing in par with music.

Internationally celebrated Redhat training partner and the consecutive winner of Redhat international award since 2004 - IPSR, was successful in maintaining a sustainable performance of the best training partner. This time it is a twofold honor from Redhat one for the best training partner in India and overseas and the other for the excellent performance in higher end certification beyond RHCE. This is a rare occasion ever in the annals of Redhat that a partner bags two awards in a single occasion.

The moment was very auspicious as Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, ipsr soulutions lifted the most prestigious award for the best training partner in India and overseas. The entire partners bestowed a standing ovation and the night sky turned colorful with sparkling fireworks. This was a tribute to a team who has invested loyalty and credibility to their professional front. Thus with a superior infrastructure, quality training and accountable support the ipsr team could make a drastic leap to the forefront of supremacy in linux training and support.

The session came to a close with a wide range of entertainment and the resolutions of the partners to meet next year with challenging sprit to claim the crown

The Plenary Business session prelude to the award night was a great opportunity that Red Hat created for Redhat partners to meet, network and share experiences in Open Source business. The global leaders from US, UK and top level delegates presented on new trends and ideas in the open source business. Redhat has announced the launch of RHEL-7 and few releases of higher end certifications for the year ahead.

The entire ipsrian team is in the excitement of this consistency of performance and is looking forward for a big celebration in the ipsrian Annual meet 2013 which is going to happen at Casa Maria,  Kottayam