Thursday, January 31, 2013

RHCVA turns to golden 50: it’s all about ipsrian figures

The well established name in Linux Learning services and over a decade old ipsr, operating IT learning services in the global industry has now added the 50th RHCVA to the global figures of Certified Virtualization Administrators which is the recently launched Redhat technology. A royal touch to this golden figure is that it has happened through Charles Brownlow from England who reached our International learning centre at Cochin in a winter fest mood of December.

Mr. Charles Brownlow is an adventurous man from the land of Mighty castles, stately homes, glorious gardens, and tiny picturesque villages with lots of experience in water spots, swimming and diving. He is a Yatch Manager by profession with a heavy responsibility in scheduling the routes for sailing each and every day. He is also a professional trainer in swimming. And now he is about to dive into the tech world of open source to explore the possibilities in Redhat technologies. It is with this new dreams and vision he reached IPSR and began his successful sage in the world of linux

Here are some words from Charlie:
“I searched in the site and the first option was IPSR… I heard and many of them suggested too that if you are doing Linux then do it from IPSR!!! I am very much happy to achieve 100% score for RHCE. I am also very thankful to Mr. Sanju Raj who helped me a lot. I also got much time for practice too and I am thankful to all other Linux members for helping me out. I only came with the aim to do RHCE but later I decided not to miss this opportunity. So that’s why I decided to do RHS 333 as well as RHCVA. And now I am happy to become a RHCVA also”

Ipsr wishes him a successful journey ahead

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the heights of the Best Entrepreneur ………

Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, IPSR Solutions receiving the top honours of the Best Entrepreneur Award constituted by KSSIA from the Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Oommen Chandy in the presence of Minister of Home and Vigilance Shri Tiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, District Collector of Kottayam Smt Mini Antony and   many other dignitaries at an auspicious function held at Mammen Mappillai Hall, Kottayam. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jewelled with 48th RHCSS – IPSR pride with Sajin

Ipsr defines a fabulous 48 in the number of RHCSS professionals certified from ipsr and it is noteworthy that this figure becomes more glorified as the global figures lags much behind. This spectacular figure in higher certifications sets ipsr as a treasure trove of higher Redhat certifications. The quality of training and the rich experience in Redhat has probably made ipsr a confident destination of global linux loving community.

The recent success of Mr. Sajin Vachery in becoming a RHCSS has capitalized one more success to ipsrian credit. Mr. Sajin is a post graduate in Computer Science and a native of Thrissur. He has been working as a consultant in GBM, Gulf Business Machine for the past 9 yrs.  He is with ipsr in defining veritable success in Redhat certifications RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and now RHCSS. Here are few words of Mr. Sajin with ipsr.

"IPSR had been with me throughout my Linux career. Right from RHCE, RHCVA and now RHCSS and definitely RHCA. Me joining the elite group of RHCSS would have been impossible if it wasn't for IPSR. Facilities are excellent. They make sure that you are well prepared; make it a point to give their best with their team of highly knowledgeable, professional and extremely cooperative instructors. Labs are opened during the weekends and public holidays helping students get additional practice. For Red Hat Training IPSR is the best. Anytime I would recommend IPSR."

Ipsr wishes Mr Sajin Vachery a Successful career.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Linux opportunities everywhere but no sufficient talents to find

Extract from the 2012 IT Job reports reveals
81% of the recruiters globally say hiring linux talents is a priority
63% of the employers seek more linux talent relative to other skill areas
85% of hiring managers say linux talent is hard to find
Nearly 1/3 of companies are offering above normal pay increases to linux pros

Despite this abundance in possibilities of tech job in Linux souk, the scenario of job seeking in the contemporary Job malls is like an attempt to identify the right choice by keeping the eyes closed and keep believing that nothing exists. The right choice is at the hand reach it’s just a matter of keeping the eyes open. 
It is an undisputed fact that it is the tech jobs that fuel the global economy to a greater extend. In the remarks of the US President in his recent State and Union address stated that there are as many opening in the Science and technology sectors as there are people to fill them. It is also a generalized scenario of the global industry which is unveiled from the facts and figures of the global statistics on demand vs supply of talented human capitals. But now the matter of concern is where exactly are these jobs? And who exactly fits in?
Today, we have a more genuine and valid data that helps us understand where are the tech jobs and that tells us we need more trained people in the most profitable and rewarding areas of tech.
From the reports of The tech Job News, the two most lucrative area in the tech job market are Linux development and System administration and it is said that Eighty One percent of recruiters surveyed says hiring Linux professionals is a priority in the year ahead (2013 – 14)
And Sixty three percent will be hiring Linux talent over candidates with other skill sets.

A NYU Professor recently said "code is the literacy of the future" (CNN: Computer Geeks King in Job Hunt). We agree. And, we believe that Linux is an important currency in that future. It powers the Internet. It runs Google, Face book, Amazon, Twitter and millions of other Internet technology companies. It runs the world's supercomputers, data centers, smart phones, financial institutions and stock exchanges, and the list goes on. It's no surprise that with its widespread ubiquity that today there is also growing demand for talent to support it. In fact, when the Linux Jobs Report survey respondents were asked why hiring Linux talent was a priority in the year ahead, most reported their companies are growing, increasing their use of Linux and requiring in-house expertise to support the OS.
But what brings wrinkles in the forehead of employers who are seeking for the right skills is that Linux and open source developers can be hard to find. Eight-five percent of those surveyed say that finding Linux talent is really difficult.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Qualcomm, IBM, Intel and hundreds of other companies who rely on Linux to support their businesses, especially their highly-valued data centers and embedded systems, are paying big bucks to find and retain Linux talent. The Linux Jobs Report shows that nearly 1/3 of the companies surveyed are giving pay increases to these professionals that are above the industry norm. Dice's 2012 Salary Report backs this up, showing that Linux professionals have seen salaries go up by 5% over the last few years, while tech professionals overall have seen just a 2% increase. The 15% bump in bonus payouts to Linux professionals just solidifies the point.

When the tech job industries are flooding with opportunities it is quite ridiculous to see tech aspirants wandering in search of jobs. For a good entry in a sustainable tech job market just keep the eye open and enjoy a cool career as penguin is quite cool.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ipsrian Biennale of Redhat technologies: bridging RHCA

A fete of international manifestation for mastering the contemporary technology in Redhat with intends to scale the tangible heights of RHCA. The international centre of Ipsr has become a magnetic platform for ambitious technocrats to touch the sky of Redhat technologies. The higher end session of specialization in Redhat technologies summoned for IT aspirants from Netherland and Sri Lanka has marked a good start and for this Year 2013 season has well. 

It is rather a boastful moment that Mr. Sliman Kalai from Netherlands is enjoying his second visit to India and ipsr for doing the higher certifications of Redhat. His first visit was back in November 2012 where he became RHCVA with 100% score and RHCDS from IPSR. He is now in the urge to become a RHCA. Mr. Sliman is a freelancer in Linux.and the proud owner of Kalai IT Services with ample experience in Linux. The rich ipsrian lab and hospitality, the favors of south Indian cuisine, mind-blowing adventurous cruise and trekking moments of boot camp session and the victorious moment of success has put no other option other than gods own country for his onward destination of RHCA.

The wonder man of centuries from Sri Lanka Mr. Rumesh Milan is back again to IPSR to define new wonders in Redhat certification. Mr Rumesh Milan is the first RHCDS from Sri Lanka. He is currently working as the Systems & Network Administrator at Calcey Technologies Pvt Ltd, Colombo. This time he is here for RH 333 & RH 442. His Miraculous touch of centuries (100% score) in RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and RHCDS is expected to continue this season too. 

Ipsr team wishes the entire batch a fruitful accomplishment of RHCA dreams