Monday, November 29, 2010

Success at Your Door Step!

Rajesh Gupta, B.Tech graduate from Indore, is one among many, who built a bright career with IPSR. After completing graduation, with a strong seduction towards Open Source technology he joined IPSR. Soon after the successful completion of RHCE he got placed at Poornam Infovision Pvt Ltd, Cocin as Jr. Software Engineer. He is back again for doing his RHCSS certification. Let’s listen what he says about IPSR:

It was a great experience in attending RHCSS course from IPSR. I thank the entire faculty team for their dedication.  The classes are perfect for IT profession in every aspect. I was very impressed with the faculty team that train students for the actual requirements of current IT scenario. The way faculty handled my doubt is really appreciable. The course was taught in a manner that helped me to pick up complex stuff rather easily. IPSR, well versed with modern lab facilities and infrastructure, is the best place for IT training. IPSR lab is designed to meet the essential requirements and students can make use of it at any time. The unique features that distinguish IPSR from rest of such institutes are the placement assistance they provide and fully fledged labs open for the students at any time. I enjoyed the course, learned a lot and would recommend IPSR to other colleagues. Everything was perfect! Congratulations to the whole staff for the job very well done! "

We wish you all success.

No Words to Express……

Mr.Nael Abu Diab, RHCE certified IPSRian from Lebanon has no words to express what he feels for IPSR. After successful completion of RHCE, he joined for RHCSS. Let’s listen what he says about life at IPSR:

“I am Nael Abu Diab from Lebanon, currently working as an IT engineer. In order to advance to new realms of my career, I need more skills and certifications. I spent long time searching out the internet and found many institutes offering Open Source training. IPSR, which was listed in the top of major search engines, attracted my attention. Then I went through special offers for international students, it seemed to fit my wallet. I contacted IPSR and cleared my doubts with them. They planned well and scheduled the course within a convenient time period. According to their special offers that include pick up from the airport, accommodation, and everything in between was managed successfully. Lodging and food was arranged by IPSR at one of the best hotels. Each day they offered transportation to and from the training centre. 

This is my first visit to India, for the first few days it was difficult for me to adjust with the climate and food. Later everything became normal.  IPSR took special care for my training. The faculties are highly talented and dedicated. The training sessions were very useful and I’m much enchanted to say I completed RHCE course and got certification before the scheduled time.  I could make use of lab at any time and got enough knowledge with in a short period of time. I specially thank Mr Anish for his services. I was greatly touched by the hospitality of the entire IPSR family. I would recommend IPSR for those hard working students seeking IT certifications with in a short time.

Another truly memorable experience in my life is Kerala backwater tour. Perhaps the perfect way to explore the beauty of breathtaking backwaters is Kerala boathouses. Backwater trip with sightseeing experiences are really exhilarating. Karimeen Pollichathu is a yummy recipe that makes my tongue tingle. Ayurveda body massage for rejuvenating body, mind and soul was an amazing experience I had ever before. Food at Ayurveda Resort,  the ‘Karkadaka Kanji’ with invaluable herbs magical healing powers together with great medicinal value brought wonderful rejuvenating effect. I express my sincere gratitude to whole IPSR family for their support.”

We always try to grab unique and best one. We wish you all success!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome New RHCSS Batch

New batch for RHS333 (Red Hat Linux Essentials), one of the three modules of RHCSS started at IPSR, Edapally on 23rd November 2010. In this Bootcamp program students from various parts of India joined. But the person who steals the show is a student from, Lebanon, Nael Abu Diab. After successful completion of RHCE, and totally inspired by the training and infrastructure of IPSR, he joined again for RHCSS certification. Other students of 27th RHCSS Batch are Pratik Deenbandhu, Madhya Pradesh and Mohammed Yasir K A, Kasargod.

Warm & wholehearted welcome to all of you and hope u will all have a good time with IPSR. Wish you a bright and wonderful success.

Cream Rises to the Top!

Something exceptionally good will attract attention, or stand out from the rest. Nael Abu Diab, the first Bootcamp participant from Lebanon proved this is true. He is one of the enthusiastic who joined IPSR for RHCE Certification.  Bootcamp packages offering training and tourism mainly attracted him. The course was scheduled to complete within 28 days, but within 14 days he completed the entire course and got certification. Being an IT Engineer he is much delightful with this success. To get RHCE Certification within a short span of time is difficult. It can be realized only with thorough knowledge of the subject. The credit goes to fully competent and dedicated faculty team. Impressed by the training and infrastructure he joined IPSR again for RHCSS Certification.

Hearty Congratulations! IPSR wish you great success on your next venture!

Monday, November 15, 2010

RHCSS: The Security Specialization with Top Demand

In spite of the economic crises in the past years, IT security is the one field which is relatively resilient. IT companies are giving more importance to protect their critical network infrastructure. Security problems that threat IT companies increased the demand for security certifications among IT professionals and their employers.   Hence security certifications are having hot demand and does not seem to be cooling down. In the recent research by analyst Foote Partners there is premium demand for professionals with IT security certifications in government organizations, enterprises or small and medium size businesses.  

Web security IT staff with security skills are in short supply. There is sure to be an increasing demand for security specialists, especially Web security, given the massive increase in the number of Web-based application users.
What certifications are in demand?
The latest certification in security is Red Hat’s which is designed to make a person apt to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a secure fashion. Red Hat certifications are undoubtedly considered as best in Linux. Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) is top level certification to solve security threats at enterprises. Being a RHCSS you can take on more challenging assignments and thus receive recognition. This course provides skills to configure common network services and security management using Linux.
 "Between this time last year and today, the number of people who have passed [the Red Hat Certified Security Specialist] exam has grown by 70%," says Randy Russell, director of certification at Red Hat in
To earn RHCSS Certification, you need to successfully complete three mandatory modules:
RHS333:  Enterprise Network Services Security
RH423: Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
RHS429: SE Linux Policy Administration

RHCSS certification is performance based and is harder to obtain unless you get intensive class room training and lab sessions. Training for Red Hat certifications from IPSR, who is an Authorized Red Hat Training Partner, is proven to be number one in the IT training scenario. IPSR is recognized as a leader in training of Linux and Red Hat has honored us with GLS Asia-Pacific awards for training excellence, during the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. We are proud to declare that IPSR is identified as reputed Linux training partner by many MNC’s

IPSR was the first training partner in South Asia to conduct RHCSS exams, have conducted more than 250 RHCSS exams and now conducts RHCSS exams every week. 1 out of 3 RHCSSs in South Asia is an IPSRian and it is not wonder that students from more than 50 countries, including CEOs and CTOs of IT companies, IT Directors, Project Managers is choosing IPSR, to obtain the most trusted Linux security certification in the world.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PHP student from Germany

Mr. David Ken Nakaganma from Germany, our former RHCE Bootcamp participant is back again to IPSR International Centre, Cochin for PHP training.

We take great pleasure to invite you to IPSR. We hope you have a great time at IPSR and Kerala.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New RHCVA Batch @ International Centre

The new RHCVA Bootcamp batch started at IPSR, International Centre Cochin on 8th November 2010.  At  International Centre, we provide intense training for Red Hat certifications like RHCE, RHCSS, RHCA & RHCVA through Bootcamp packages. Bootcamp,  an educational tourism project,  attracts many international students, due to the right mix of leisure and learning it offers, for the right price. Through various Bootcamp packages they get  top quality training along with chance to visit beautiful places of Kerala. 

Mohammed Alim Murad, Computer Technician from Maldives, Sumit Lale from Maharashtra, Sahil C P and Padmalal Vasudeevan are the participants of the RHCVA Bootcamp. 

Mr. Mohamed Alim Murad is at IPSR for the second time. He was also a participant of our RHCE Bootcamp. Most modern lab facilities, highly talented and dedicated faculty attracted him to pick IPSR for further training.

We welcome the new  RHCVA batch to IPSR and wish all participants amazing success.

555th RHCE Batch

The new RHCE batch started at IPSR, Kottayam branch on 8th Nov. This is our 555th batch with a track record of producing largest number of RHCES’s from a single partner.

In the servers operating systems Linux is having broad user base. This paved way to the growing demand of Linux skilled professionals. Red Hat certification programs are the most important in Linux distribution. To ensure superior professional standards, Red Hat has launched their own training and certification programs.The basic level of Red Hat certification is RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineers). It is most common and popular as it is more appropriate for administration of Linux system at the entry level. RHCE is the best choice for those who want to run an entire network. RHCE exams are also highly challenging as it is performance based and happens in the presence of a Red Hat examiner. RHCE certifications are well recognized certification and are clear evidence of thorough knowledge in Linux administration. Being an RHCE you can enjoy multitude of benefits. RHCEs have proven to succeed in building and managing of Linux servers.  They are having greater demand in today’s enterprises as they deliver work with art of professionalism. More over selecting trainer for Red Hat certifications is of prior importance.Don’t miss the opportunity to get Red Hat certified professionals to ensure successful career.

We cordially welcome you and wish you all great success.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100% Pass in EX423 Exam

In the EX423 exam conducted on 3 rd November IPSR secured 100% result. 5 of our students passed EX423 module with good score. EX423, Directory Services and Authentication Exam is one of the modules of RHCSS, RHCDS, and RHCA. Exam is performance based where participants are required to demonstrate skills in the presence of Red Hat examiner. List of students passed EX423:

    A Muhammed Zaffer Ali   
    Aneesh P V     
    K Kumar     
    Muhamed Alim Murad     
    Renjith Raju

Congratulations and best wishes!

More RHCSS from IPSR

Six more students from IPSR certified RHCSS by passing exams on EX333 and EX429 modules, conducted on 27th and 29th November.  Now total number of successful RHCSS from IPSR has crossed 33.  Mr. Amit Caleechurn from Mauritius, Sibin Mathews from Mumbai, Akbar K M and Safeer C M from Bangalore, Manikandan S from Tamil Nadu and Y Naga Praveen from Hyderabad helped us reach this milestone. One of the major reasons that attract students form all part of the world to IPSR is such record success. Mr. Amit Caleechurn, working at Mauritius as System Engineer is also the fourth RHCDS from IPSR. He has also become the first RHCSS from whole of Africa.

Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) is a certification for IT professionals whose job duties involve securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and other parts of an organization's IT infrastructure. Now-a-days most of the IT Enterprises are giving prior importance to protection surrounding their critical network infrastructure. This trend results in great interest in IT security certifications.

RHCSS certification validates top level skills in handling security problems and employing adequate security solutions in an enterprise environment. This certification has a series of specialized performance based exam and hence selecting the right training partner is very important. Total number of RHCSS certified professionals are also limited in the world. Contribution of IPSR in this aspect is appreciable as 1 out of every 3 RHCSS in South Asia is an IPSRian. Qualified and dedicated faculty of IPSR make them unique  in IT training environment making them top scorers in Red Hat exams.

During this auspicious moment IPSR express our heartfelt congratulations to all winners. May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements. Congratulations!

Monday, November 8, 2010

RHCE Bootcamp participant from the Land of Golden Beaches - Lebanon

Nael Abu Diab from Lebanon, land of golden beaches and stunning mountain landscapes is the latest international participant of 130th RHCE Bootcamp. He is currently working as an IT Engineer and is having strong knowledge in Unix/Linux, Windows, Networking and Security. He was in search of an institute offering quality driven training for Red Hat Certifications. Thus he came to know about IPSR which is top listed in Google while he searched for RHCE Certification.  Proven track record and unbeaten success stories attracted him to IPSR. Thus he joined RHCE Bootcamp to get dual advantages; training and tourism.   Mr. Nael is first time in Kerala and is eager to visit beautiful places of Gods Own Country. Mr. Mohammed Sulaiman from Thalacherry, working as Telecom Engineer in Sashen Engineering Pvt Ltd in Bangalore and Sheron Godfred from Calicut are other participants of RHCE Bootcamp.

Bootcamp packages are one of the unique programs at IPSR which offers IT certification training along with tourism. International students are greatly attracted to these Bootcamp packages which include accommodation, training, sightseeing, and certification. There are certain special packages that offer additional features such as Back water cruiz in traditional Kerala houseboats or one day tour package.  Economy Bootcamp packages are also available for domestic students which includes only training and certification.

IPSR family extends a warm welcome to all of you and wishes you all success. Have a good time!!

Yahoo Employees Certified RHCSS from IPSR

IPSR is proud to announce that two of our students, Akbar N K and Safeer C M working at Yahoo India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, passed RHCSS with flying colors. Safeer and Akbar are the 32nd and 33rd RHCSS from IPSR. Such record success of our students often tempts even international students to pick IPSR. The total number of RHCSS certified candidates in IPSR has now crossed 33, leading to another record of the largest RHCSS group size in the world from a single partner.

Akbar and Safeer are much delighted to share their experience at IPSR:

Training from IPSR was an admirable experience. I came to know about IPSR from some of my colleagues who took Red Hat Certifications from this reputable institution.  I am totally satisfied with the way of training given at IPSR. The experienced and dedicated faculty delivered classes that are perfect for IT profession in every aspect. With fully fledged labs, modern infrastructure and talented faculty Red Hat Certifications are quite easy to get. I am very thankful to IPSR for such exclusive and superb facilities.

Akbar N K
OC Engineer
Yahoo Software India Pvt Ltd

Training from IPSR helped me to develop essential skills and knowledge that supported me a lot in my career. The classes were very impressive. Lab sessions were carried out in a perfect manner to demonstrate core concepts.  I learned immense amount within a few days. This training greatly helps me in my job. With a heart full of gratitude I wish IPSR all success in future.

Safeer C M
Yahoo R&D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

IPSR presents – 1st RHCSS from Africa!

Congratulations to Mr. Amit Caleechurn who has just become the first RHCSS from the whole of Africa!

Amit, who hails from Mauritius became RHCSS certified on 29th October after scoring 100% in his EX 429 exam. It was barely 2 weeks back that he got RHCDS certified, making him the 4th RHCDS from IPSR. He has now become the 31st RHCSS from IPSR adding to its growing number. Everyone at IPSR, especially the faculty, is proud of Amit and his achievements.

Amit, is a very familiar name in IPSR circles as he has been staying in Kerala and amassing certifications over the past 2 months. A huge fan of Open Source Technologies, he was quite taken with IPSR and its achievements and landed in Kerala in early September to join our Boot Camps. There has been no stopping him since then.

He has now returned home safe and sound. IPSR had immense pleasure in having him at our International Centre at Edapally. Amit is one of the several international students who have left a lasting impression at IPSR.

Enterprise Linux Virtualization: Flub is over

Now-a-days, a major challenge faced by business firms is to build a high performance platform which is flexible, secure, scalable, and cost-effective. Linux Virtualization is an ultimate solution which allows a single server to run multiple servers or desktop operating systems. Virtualization improves your business by making it friskier to rapidly respond to the changing business needs. Reduced cost and improved operational efficiency makes it more desirable in data centers and other enterprises.

What to expect from a Linux Virtualization Solution

Linux virtualization with hardware assistance offer enterprise-class performance and reliability resulting in smooth shift to a virtual environment. Other benefits are:
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Scale and manage infrastructure in a very cost-effective manner
  • Ability to rapidly respond to changing business needs thereby improving the business agility
  • Ability to expand rural reach by increasing customers

Best Available Solution for Enterprise Linux Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization is the perfect solution to create an internal or private cloud of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows virtual machines. Desktop environments are hosted as virtual desktops on servers located in a centralized datacenter with the help of  Red Hat virtualization.

Let’s listen what various customers have to tell about their experience on Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Virtualization:

“Etisalat Sri Lanka experienced an increase in stability, flexibility and scalability by using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. We were able to reduce our footprint from 40 to six servers, and witnessed a drastic reduction in TCO.”
Chandrakant Jayasinghe,
Head of IT Systems, Etisalat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

“The hardware-assisted virtualization offered by Red Hat delivered enterprise-class performance and reliability resulting in an uninterrupted shift to a virtual environment.”
Manoj Arora,
CIO, Bilcare Research

“We considered a number of operating systems as the platform for our business-critical SAP applications, and after much testing and evaluation, we selected Red Hat.”
Mohit Agarwal
VP-IT,Carnation Auto

“Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization not only reduced our operational costs, it also made our business more agile and responsive to change.”
Ashish Mehta
Director, IT & Infrastructure, Euronet

Training and Certification for Enterprise Linux Virtualization

Red Hat has developed their own training courses and certifications to make sure that professional standards are high. Global Learning Services (GLS) is the training division of  Red Hat which offers training for Virtualization. Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) is a performance-based certification program for virtualization. This certification is modeled to furnish IT professionals with the expertise to unfold and manage virtual systems in a cloud computing infrastructure. Certifications from Red Hat for Linux virtualization affirm apt skills and technical knowledge to effectively manage all virtual solutions. This is perfect certification for a virtualization administrator migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, system administrator in a data center or a technical professional designing virtual environment.

Unique feature of RHCVA certification is that it comprises of only one module - RH318 (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization).

RHCVA can be attained by attending the RH318 Red Hat Virtualization Administration training course and getting certified in the EX318 - Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator Exam. This course provides uncompromising training in Enterprise Linux Virtualization solutions.

IPSR is an Authorized Training Partner of Red Hat, who have won the Red Hat Asia Pacific International Award consecutively during the years 2008-10, for excellence in Linux training. We provide quality training to meet specific technical and strategic business objectives. IPSR now offers RHCVA Training, as boot camps, to suit the requirements of system administrators and networking professionals. Other training courses for Red Hat Certifications from IPSR include RHCE, RHCSS, RHCDS and RHCA. Various Red Hat, Cisco and Microsoft certifications are available in regular track, rapid track or bootcamps, based on the nature of the certifications.

Testimonial credits:
CRN Volume 4/ Issue 1/ October 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

RHCSS module (RHS333) at IPSR Cochin

Classes for our next module of RHCSS (RHS333) start on 1st November to 4th November 2010 at IPSR Edappally. RHS333 - Red Hat Enterprise Security: Network Services - is an intensive course that provides four days of instruction and labs on how to use the latest technologies to secure services. This four day training session enables one with the skills and knowledge to harden computers against both internal and external attacks and provides in-depth analysis of the ever-changing threat models as they pertain to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Mr.Sumit Lale, System Administrator from Maharastra, Sarath Mohan from Kollam, and Gopikrishnan G from Trivandrum are students of our new batch of RHCSS.

It’s a pleasure to have you as our students! A warm welcome to all of you and wish you dazzling success.

Another RHCE Victory

Sajilesh Patterikkal, working at Bangalore as System Technology Engineer attained colorful result for RHCE exam. He is a B.Tech holder and native of Calicut. Let’s listen what he says about life at IPSR.

“While at IPSR, I had some of the memorable days in my life.  I am really delightful with the training classes, lab facilities, and infrastructure. Real time exam procedure is the vital part of RHCE certification. To get through, we need lot of knowledge and practice. I thank Sojan Sir and Shiju Sir, who gave more than just lecture; they actively involved me in training. I enjoyed the way in which the course content was relayed to me. One of the best training I have been to. If future training is needed I will definitely contact IPSR. Thanks to IPSR”