Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31 2013 – A Phase Out for RHCSS and RHCDS

December 31, 2013 will stand as an important date in history. It marks the phasing out of two marvelous Red Hat certifications – Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) and Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS).
RHCDS collaborated certificates of expertise EX 401 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management, EX 436 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Clustering and Storage Management and an alternative between EX 318 – Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator or EX 423 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Directory Services and Authentication.
A beautiful combination of three certificates of expertise EX 423 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Directory Services and Authentication, EX 333 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Security: Network Services and EX 429 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in SE Linux Policy Administration had contributed towards the RHCSS certification. However, since the launch of EX 413 – Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening, aspirants who earn EX 429 and any two from EX 423 or EX 333 or EX 413 is still eligible to crack the RHCSS certification.
The above mentioned remains the case until the calendar throws December 31 2013. The status’ will no longer be available from 2014.
However, candidates who already are RHCSS/RHCDS/RHCA holders and those who achieve RHCSS/RHCDS/RHCA by this year end, will continue to enjoy possession of the status as long as they keep their RHCE current.
What is the near next in 2014?
For candidates who are already in the Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) track, the previously achieved certificates of expertise EX 423/EX 333 will still be considered as two of the five certificates to earn the RHCA status. This is until Red Hat launches new RHCA programs under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
New Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) wannabe’s, from January 1 2014, will need to achieve the following five certificates of expertise to conquer the coveted capstone certification.
1. Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (EX 318)
2. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Server Hardening (EX413)
3. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management (EX401)
4. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Clustering and Storage Management (EX436)
5. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Performance Tuning (EX442)
That is news; We are bidding bye two certifications this year end, but what is new is really new, big, promising and challenging!
Adios RHCSS/RHCDS! for more details visit www.ipsrglobal.com

Living Linux – Frame By Frame

From the land of beaches, pearls and shells – Republic of Philippines, Gilbert Sagun – a Storage Support Engineer working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sailed all way to the Arabian queen to collect something precious – Knowledge and expertise. With over a 10 years of robust experience in IT, Gilbert reached the IPSR international center in September 2013 to undergo Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) training, and left certified leaving plenty of moments to cherish for himself and all of us. During the course, he was also part of our regional celebrations, some pleasure trips, a wedding that fell on place, and of course the house boat ride, which we gift for all our boot camp participants. IPSR Media managed to click some pictures and put it up frame by frame.
“New Chums – Saying ‘cheese’ with on-the-road masterpieces!“
Location : Remains of Kochi Muziris Biennale – Fort Cochin, Kerala.

Float in Bliss – The traditional house boats equipped with luxury and modern amenities lets you stay, 
dine and experience the beauty of nature along the river banks of Kerala. “
Location : Kumarakom, September 2013, Kottayam, Kerala.......and More

Saturday, November 30, 2013

“World’s Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner is Here”

Goa, India – ipsr solutions ltd. today announced that it is the recipient of two International accolades – “The Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner – India & Overseas“ and “The Best Red Hat Certified Training Partner Beyond RHCE“ – September 2012 – August 2013. – unveiled at the Red Hat Training Partner Conference held at the Goa Mariott International Resort on October 24, 2013. Red Hat Awards are hosted … Read more →

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Introducing Wubi – Linux Installer on Windows

Are you aware of ‘WUBI‘ yet? Though it sounds very much like an Android application, it is not. It’s all about Linux. Wubi is an official Microsoft Windows based free software installer for Ubuntu operating system. It installs the Ubuntu on a Microsoft Windows machine just like installing an application and is a safe and convenient way for Microsoft users to try out Linux operating system. The main advantage of using Wubi is that you wouldn’t have to manually partition your machine. The Ubuntu machine will be installed as a separate stand alone operating system and not as a virtual machine.
It has to be clearly understood that Wubi is not a Linux distribution. It is just an installer for Ubuntu which you can download freely from the internet. Read More

Friday, November 1, 2013

IPSR Triumph with two international awards

Goa the verdant natural paradise bestowed with the immense charm of the Sahyandri foot hills, attractive beaches, enchanting beauty of azure water of west coast, grand parties and rich Anglo Indian heritage has hosted the platform for the colorful Redhat award Night 2013. The venue of Redhat award night at Marriot international resort was excited with a rock and rave ambiance of mind throbbing musical band and award distribution ceremony progressing in par with music.

Internationally celebrated Redhat training partner and the consecutive winner of Redhat international award since 2004 - IPSR, was successful in maintaining a sustainable performance of the best training partner. This time it is a twofold honor from Redhat one for the best training partner in India and overseas and the other for the excellent performance in higher end certification beyond RHCE. This is a rare occasion ever in the annals of Redhat that a partner bags two awards in a single occasion.

The moment was very auspicious as Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, ipsr soulutions lifted the most prestigious award for the best training partner in India and overseas. The entire partners bestowed a standing ovation and the night sky turned colorful with sparkling fireworks. This was a tribute to a team who has invested loyalty and credibility to their professional front. Thus with a superior infrastructure, quality training and accountable support the ipsr team could make a drastic leap to the forefront of supremacy in linux training and support.

The session came to a close with a wide range of entertainment and the resolutions of the partners to meet next year with challenging sprit to claim the crown

The Plenary Business session prelude to the award night was a great opportunity that Red Hat created for Redhat partners to meet, network and share experiences in Open Source business. The global leaders from US, UK and top level delegates presented on new trends and ideas in the open source business. Redhat has announced the launch of RHEL-7 and few releases of higher end certifications for the year ahead.

The entire ipsrian team is in the excitement of this consistency of performance and is looking forward for a big celebration in the ipsrian Annual meet 2013 which is going to happen at Casa Maria,  Kottayam

Friday, October 4, 2013

RHCA – “the capstone certificate” for Four

ipsr solutions ltd., – Authorized and Certified Red Hat Training Partner since 2003 – who first hosted a Red Hat examination in Kerala, – who bagged the national recognition for conducting maximum number of Red Hat examinations the very next year – who is the first to conduct RHCSS examination in South Asia – who produced the worlds youngest RHCVA and RHCSS - who have trainees from over 50 countries across the globe – who produced the maximum number of RHCE‘s, RHCVA‘s, RHCSSRHCDSRHCA‘s till date – and for all above, bagged 10 International Awards from Red Hat Inc. in the last 10 years – is here.

Today is not to be forgotten, as we produced 4 Red Hat Certified Architects (RHCA) in one go – a remarkable achievement since the launch of RHCA certification in 2005

This includes an IPSR trainer, who was also tagged Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist(RHCDS) last week. And from now, with “the capstone certificate” – Red Hat Certified Architect, he is Mr. Sanju Raj, RHCE, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCA, Senior Consultant – Linux Technical Services, ipsr solutions ltd and three others namely Mr. Islam Gaber, Linux System Administrator in Egypt, Mr. Vijayabalan, Senior Infrastructure Architect – IBM Inc. and Mr. Alambprabhu Kamble, Senior Engineer – Juniper Networks..

The Queen of Arabian Sea welcomes Linuxians

Kochi also known as Cochin – the Queen of Arabian Sea, withholds serene beauty of lakes and sea. IPSR International campus situates at the heart of the city of Cochin, Kerala, India – with all amenities to serve each Linuxian who visit us.
On this day, the 28th September 2013, when the world celebrates the “World Tourism Day” we wish to thank all those who had been with us for training requirements – from over 50 countries across the globe, Being a tourist is wonderful when you are at the right place. Cochin is here; we are here.
Ranked first in the total number of international and domestic arrivals in Kerala, Cochin is the sixth best tourist destination in India according to surveys done by Outlook Traveler magazine. Read more....

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Two Minutes with Mike, an RHCVA

It was two months back; I met with Mr. Michael Joel Parin, Australian national who works in Prague. After having been in close conversation with us since the beginning of 2013, he reached Kerala, India for training requirements. During his time with us, he underwent training and certification in Cisco Networking – CCNA, Red Hat Certified Virtualization – RHCVA and RH 436 – Clustering and Storage Management. More than a trainee who just get involved in the course and studies, Mike was more of a kind with an urge to observe and learn from everything and anything which came on his way of expedition – very keen about culture and history. He, who has traveled through many parts of India in the past, reached Kerala for the first time.
One day when I had set out of the IPSR international campus, Mike came by. We had a chit-chat for a few minutes and to my amusement, he made me realize the fact that how well a foreigner knew about India; the language and culture. As everyone, Mike was also skeptical to hear my name. Read more

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Motorcycle Diaries of a Linux Enthusiast

Some while ago I decided the time had come to leave my job as a Linux sysadmin and become self employed, taking on fixed term contracts with a variety of companies in the UK. Although I’d been a Linux sysadmin for the last five years or so (Windows sysadmin before that) I have no formal certifications to prove my competence but being certified would help me gain contracts. Checking out certification routes, and attendant costs showed that it would be best value to do the certification in India, and I’d get to visit India at the same time, something I’d long wanted to do. My son had done ten weeks voluntary work in India earlier in the year and came home enthusing about the country...Read more

Monday, September 16, 2013

Load Balancing Linux Apache Server Using Pound

Load Balancing is the method for workload distribution across computing resources, thus aiming to optimize the resource usage, producing a maximized throughput, minimal response time and to avoid overload of any of the resources. In the web, load balancing is the process of setting up a number of Web servers for the same web site, and distributing the Web traffic to these servers. It is a technique that is also used for reducing the downtime and the eventually the data loss. Load balancing is normally delivered by a dedicated software and I would like to write about one such software – POUND. A scenario is defined, and the implementation for load balancing, pound set up and configuration, with the final configuration testing is described below. It is beautiful!


......Read more

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snowbird Linux: fast, powerful and stable OS

Seeking to scale up a better substitute for window based desktops. Mr. Amit Caleechurn, System Engineer from Mauritius creates a new linux flavor “Snowbird Linux” which is claimed to be a remix based on fedora. Perhaps no other new flavor in the recent past is so sound with best free / non-free software packages. The snowbird linux is certain to create a substantial impact in global linux loving community by redefining the strength as a fast, powerful and stable operating system. The latest version can be downloaded from Sourceforge while the kickstart files are hosted on github

However SnowBird Linux 19 (New Dawn) in addition to the goodies released in Fedora 19 has incorporated some more significant features like:

Tweaked Gnome 3 Desktop | Clean theme with flat icons | LibreOffice 4.1 | Bundled audio and video codecs | Web, social and telephony applications | Productivity software | Graphics and development tools | Useful utilities and accessories | Live CD with optional installer  and many more.

Professing a big leap in the techno front, Snowbird Linux is certain to create new milestone in the open source world. IPSR is much proud of this revelation as Mr. Amit Caleechurun was the former student of IPSR international centre for RHCSS and RHCDS Boot camp batch. He is the fourth RHCDS from IPSR.

About the training and experience at IPSR Mr Amit Caleechurun had remarked

”The experience at IPSR is beyond words. I enjoyed a lot and seized exhaustive knowledge about Linux and its applications. Now I am waiting for the next modules to pursue with my training and certifications. I was really indulged with the infrastructure, Hi-Tech lab facilities, method of training and my accommodation. They really cared about my lodging and food. Regarding RHCE exam, the real value is it’s a real time exam procedure and you need a lot of practice and expertise to get through. I could make use of my time in lab and was able to get expertise with real time problems. The exam was really good and the full credit of my 100% score goes to the training-faculty.”

The other exalted experience I have had ever in my life is the houseboat trip!! Backwater cruise at Vembanad Lake; an intricate and enchantingly beautiful web with its majestic canals, streams and distributaries with exhilarating boating, fishing and sightseeing experiences was really rejuvenating for me. Then I have to mention about the specialized body massage performed by therapist using specific herbal oil and steam bath. It makes me feel the holistic healing experience which I have never experienced before.”

Thursday, August 8, 2013

An RHCSA in Stellar Style

From the sovereign island country in South East Asia – Philippines, the IPSR Global Campus experienced the presence of Mr. Jonathan Viray, Technical Consultant at EuroTech ME, Dubai. IPSR over the last 10 years as a Red Hat Certified Training Partner, has trained professionals from 50+ countries across the globe. Jonathan being the first individual from Philippines nation, adds to the count. Been with us for a couple of weeks, … Read more ...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Eminence with Egyptian ├ęclat

Mr. Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar and Mr. Mohamed Belal Samy Mostafa El-Sayed -  the 23rd and 24th RHCDS of IPSR.- Best buddies from school days - Mr. Maraghy and Mr. Belal are currently working as System Administrators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They  reached India by the middle of May 2013 with the aim of mastering higher modules of Red Hat Courses. Mr. Maraghy endorses Fedora around the middle east. … Read more →

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Virtualization an overview

One of the most sounding technologies in the updates of the recent IT escalation is that of virtualization. Probably the immense possibilities that virtualization open in terms of cost effective server infrastructure, maintenance and storage has destined the industrialist and entrepreneurs to pick up this technology as a part of their workspace. Advent of cloud computing has powered virtualization to the next stage where you don’t need to own the hardware and the staff. 

Often, the newbie’s who seek opportunities in IT have a lot of ambiguity in the concept of virtualization and its potentials. In computing, Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. Virtualization allows multiple operating system and workloads to run concurrently on a same physical hardware, it solves the tight coupling between OS and hardware.

For many, the distinction between the traditional server model and virtual server model is a matter of abstraction. In a traditional server concept there is only a single OS image per machine where software and hardware is tightly coupled, here running multiple application on the same machine often creates conflict. The traditional server is identified as inflexible and costly in terms of infrastructure. Whereas in a virtual server there is an independence of OS and application, here the virtual server can manage OS and application as a single unit by encapsulating them into a virtual machine. Hence virtual machine provides hardware independence – Guest VM see the same hardware regardless of the host hardware, Isolation – VM’s operating system is isolated from the host operating system and Encapsulation – entire VM encapsulated to a single file.

On scaling virtualization from an industrial perspective it is vivid that virtualization offers many benefits and foremost of which is lowering IT infrastructure investments and maintenance. 
It is noteworthy that most companies who have migrated and adopted different virtualization solutions significantly lowered their expenditures for server infrastructures, server maintenance, data-storage and network set-up. That is why it is not surprising to see that more and more large enterprises are getting interested in virtualization and actually adopting the technology for their IT environments. 
Virtualization is a technology solution that allows many virtual machines to operate and run in a single physical computer resource. It also enables the physical machine to run different operating systems through the virtual machines. So for a large company that normally uses only 40% of its server resources, the extra hardware can be balanced by building several virtual servers and individual virtual workstations. It eliminated the need for more hardware investments and reduced also maintenance costs.

Virtualization solutions can also be applied in building a network. Virtual networks actually are getting very popular because it will not require too much hardware expenditures. A company only need to upgrade the computing performance of their system and a virtual network can run on it perfectly.
Virtualization solution is also ideal for large data centers and storage systems. A single data center could be configured to create multiple virtual storage devices.  Data hardware maintenance therefore can also be eliminated. 

Virtualization provides a better testing environment. If you make a tragic mistake, all is NOT lost. Just revert to a previous snapshot and you can move forward as if the mistake didn’t even happen. You can also isolate these testing environments from end users while still keeping them online. 
Disaster recovery is also quite a bit easier when your data center is virtualized. With up-to-date snapshots of your virtual machines, you can quickly get back up and running. And should disaster strike the data center itself, you can always move those virtual machines elsewhere 

With a move to virtual machines, a company is much closer to enjoying a full-blown cloud environment. But beyond the actual virtual machines, virtualized technology gets you closer to a cloud-based mindset, making the migration all the more easy. This development brings the IT solution to a higher flexible milieu.

Virtualization is a vital component of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5.4 or later include the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) that takes advantage of the latest hardware virtualization capabilities and is tightly integrated with the Linux kernel. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 also includes an enterprise-hardened variant of the Xen-based virtualization technology.

As per an IDC report in Q1, 2013, “The most positive growth rates in IT field came from virtualization markets” & 9 out of 10 public clouds run on Red Hat based Technologies. The global survey on opportunities in IT industries brings out that the demand of certified virtualization professions in the contemporary IT industry has risen to an unprecedented height. Being certified gives an extra nudge to a comfortable placement in the industry.  Among the top virtualization certification like VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, Citrix etc… it goes without a second thought that Red Hat has a maximum growth in the virtualization market.

In this scenario of flexible IT and as virtualization proliferates throughout the enterprise markets, IT professionals with the necessary skills to support a growing virtualization environment are among the most sought-after individuals. Hence the fairest solution to enjoy this benefit is to get the expertise in virtualization technology.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World's youngest RHCVA

It is probably one of the sensational triumph for the awesome boy Bobby Issac and IPSR as history changes frame for the exceptional.  In line with the youngest RHCE and RHCSS, IPSR repeats history by producing the world’s youngest RHCVA. 15 years young, Bobby Issac became an RHCE in January 2013 and RHCVA in June 2013.

Bobby Issac is 11th grade student of Lourdes Public School and junior college, Kottayam, Kerala. Nestled under the serene surroundings of Lourdes Forane Church, Lourdes  is an English medium, Co-educational School recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi . He got introduced to IPSR, five years back when the company conducted ‘Mariyan Computer Aptitude Test.’ Bobby was one among the few little genius selected from the school and was a finalist of the same. 

The whizz kid recollects this as the turning point of his life. It is then he met the Director and CEO of IPSR Group, Dr. Mendus Jacob - a prominent Entrepreneur and Academician who is a mentor and guide to many. The meeting ignited sparks in the 10 year kid. Bobby's association with IPSR started a year later, when he joined for RHCE. As there is a constrain of a minimum of 15 years for appearing for the exam, he certified RHCE early this year, in January 2013 followed by RHCVA certification in June 2013 as the World's Youngest RHCVA!

Here is Bobby in the mirth of excitement
“My first visit to IPSR was when I was 11 years old.    At first, I thought that the whole REDHAT certifications, were above my reach. In fact, I was reluctant to join for RHCE then. But IPSR called me back, gave me support, and inspired confidence. With the help of well qualified trainers who had in depth knowledge in what they taught, I became an RHCE just after I turned 15 years old. After that day, I was attracted to networking as well as linux. I understood the fact that the knowledge one got while preparing for these certifications, was even usefull in day to day life. And IPSR turned out tobe a cool place for me. I wanted to go back there again and again. The friendly atmosphere allured me. The fact that I was so young didn't bother anyone. we were all friends. I was treated like everyone else. And then I decided to do a "Certificate of Expertise" during my vacation.

 I chose RHCVA because for me virtualisation was a niche topic. And it contained only one module. I was a bit nervous at first whether I could do it or not. But thanks to various people at IPSR including Benila ma'm (Director of Training) who gave me confidence, and my wonderful trainer Mr. Mohsin Hakkim, I am finally an RHCVA. But more than that, the experience I took with me back from IPSR is fabulous. At IPSR, It is a synthesis of culture. I met with fellow RedHat certificate holders from various countries who came for further training here. The experience and the treatment makes me want to go back. For me, IPSR is a dream world, something a cut above , and something very niche (in my teenage mind). 

I want to thank the whole IPSR team who helped me become an RHCVA. I especially thank my trainer , Mr. Mohsin Hakkim, and Mr. and Mrs. Mendus Jacob (Directors) for their support. I promise that I will back at IPSR for my RHCDS training later this year.”

His next aim is to be an RHCDS and wish to crack the engineering entrance to mold himself as a refined Computer Engineer in the years ahead. The IPSR Family cordially wishes him success in every step! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snapshots on what’s latest at ipsr????

Youngest RHCVA

History changes frame for the exceptional.  In line with the youngest RHCE and RHCSS, IPSR marks history by producing the worlds youngest RHCVA. 15 years young, Bobby Issac became an RHCE in January 2013 and RHCVA in June 2013. The 11th grade student aiming to be a software engineer, who completes all higher modules certifications with his degree. And for the technical guidance on the same, he chose the best RH partner of Asia Pacific, The IPSR Solutions Ltd.

Alluring Win at IPSR

IPSR had a great news to share with on the first of June 2013. Seven RHCVA s at one shot! The 59th to 65th RHCVAs were produced at the same time in the IPSR Global Campus, of which five are foreign nationals. The worlds youngest RHCVA, Bobby Issac also belonged to this batch. The batch was vibrant with Mike Parin from Australia, Islam Gaber, Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar and Mohamed Belal hailing from Egypt, Eivind Olsen from Norway and Sinob and Bobby Issac as local trainees. Congrats Winners!!

Cent Percent Success!!!

Eivind Olsen is the 21st RHCDS. His success saga all way from Norway not only gained him the certifications but also 100% result on the RH Exams twice. Eivind cleared EX 318 and EX 423 with cent percent result. And the Queen of Arabia, gifted with monsoon drizzles. He was contented with the training and hospitality at IPSR and is assured to be back for more certifications. 

Egyptian blaze illuminates again at IPSR

Mr. Mohammed Al-Maraghy Nassar, Mr. Mohamed Belal Samy Mostafa El-Sayed and Mr. Islam Gaber Abou Al-Ala who works as System Administrators, crowns the title of being the 22nd, 23rd and 24th RHCDS of IPSR. These people travelled long way from Egypt to find the varied learning oriented tourism experience granted by IPSR. The Egyptian leash was previously acknowledged with the credit of gaining RHCVA certification from IPSR itself. The perfect training experiences merged with the warmth of cordiality have granted ecstasy to the trio. 

It's a joyous moment for IPSR and we wish them all the success in future prospects.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The explorer of good times in the expedited service of Kerala

Mr.Michael Joel Parin or Mike Parin, the great explorer of good times rejoice every moment of his expedition by learning each aspect of the places he visit. This time Mr. Mike has arrived in Kerala, India to get trained in RHCDS and CCNA. He came to know about IPSR, through his colleague and found the place to be the best in training. According to him, the best aspect of being in Kerala is the warm welcome and receptiveness granted by the people of Kerala...Read More...

Synergising the Cross- cultural Training Program at its best

The vital force behind visitors coming to India is the benign service granted at its best. Like a vibgyor which looks divine when all the colours are merged, the group learning among people from different parts of the world is at sanctity when it’s blended with all the features of perfectionism that is; trainers, facilities and of course the cooperation of the trainees. This is for the first time since its journey in providing International Certifications Training; IPSR witnesses the arrival of a pool of trainees at a time.....Read More....

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art of Training is the expertise synthesized with Passion

Training is like an art to be enjoyed by the observer and the doer. Like an art without passion fails; learning fails when training is not satisfactory. According to Mr.Walid Shaari, Libyan British who was at IPSR Solutions to undergo training in SE Linux Policy Administration - IPSR follows a systematic and time-bounded training technique implemented effectively by the skilled trainers at IPSR. The inestimable possession of IPSR is the truly efficient Red Hat Certified trainers, which is a fact without question.

When Mr.Walid was sharing his thoughts with us, he seemed to be very precisely speaking about the course and the training as such. The credibility of any service is authentic only when it’s heard from the mouths of the
enchanted clients. “Mr.Sanju, my instructor from IPSR taught the course very well. His teaching technique is good. He basically doesn’t go over the slide straight away. He gives a small brief before the class starts like what are the core skills, the core tools and the core functionalities that need to be studied in one chapter and what are the objectives. He goes over the theory, he goes over the concepts and then he goes over the slides and sees if everybody is understanding what he’s saying and then we do the labs. We don’t move to the next chapter unless we finish the labs from the previous chapter. The time is relaxed and the environment is informal. There is lot of flexibilities, there is room for questions and everything I think is perfect. Specifically when you are coming for training and exams this place is the best. The trainer was able to deliver Red Hat objectives. He had his own style of delivering it and the workshops are also good”.

Mr.Walid was bewitched by the training procedure adopted by IPSR and this adds a feather to cap of IPSR’s success stories.                                     

Of course he is captivated by the welcoming behaviour of Keralites, India. He tags people of IPSR  as “Service Oriented” which is quite enough to depict how comfortable he felt while his visit to Kerala and especially IPSR.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UNION OF MINDS - in the blissful land of Uniting Cultures!

 When people from different countries meet, it’s not just the union of cultures but it’s something which reveals that the human beings belong to the same species distinguished by languages. Here Mr. Ijere Ude Ijere and Mr. Emeka from Nigeria and Mr. Mostafa Hamoda from Egypt met at one of the World’s Best Red Hat Training Partners, IPSR in India, the land of uniting cultures. There they began their journey to the new world of knowledge, together without failure. Read More...

Monday, April 22, 2013

In the Triumph of the 18th RHCDS

When world class in redhat training, Sophistication and value in lab practice, delightfully pleasant hospitality and consistency in examination results get woven together, there would not be a second option to suit this magical robe other than ipsr which makes a perfect fit. The rhythm of consistent triumph in redhat higher-end certifications at ipsr solutions bears ample testimony for this fact.

This time the music of success was played by Mr. Ijere Ude Ijere, Senior Solutions Architect, E-merge Technologies, Lagos. Nigeria. Mr. Ijerne Ude Ijere is a versatile genius in emerging technologies in IT. He has many credentials in IT at his dispositions. He proved himself as oracle RAC expert, Cisco Certified Network Associate and many more. His association with IPSR in mastering higher-end technologies in Redhat took him to the heights of RHCDS; one of the most prestigious gems of his collections of IT certifications. For IPSR it’s the 18th RHCDS, which is a rear figure in the global scenario. Mr Ijere shares his experience with ipsr as one of the most delightful, informative and memorable episode which he would like to cherish with utmost satisfaction.

Ipsrian team wishes him great heights in his career.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Egyptian delight on bloomed RHCDS

For ipsr it was the 17th bud that blooms in the golden valley of triumphant RHCDS. Mr. Moustafa Hammouda ElDesouki from Egypt by profession serves Ministry of Qatar as Linux system Administrator. His crave to master Linux from the most tech-fertile, Linux rich and conducive environment took him to IPSR - the Penguin castle at the royal abode of the queen of Arabian Sea...Read More...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Linux: a stuff of collaboration and master of perfection

Despite, many ridicule and challenge in the inception, the collaborative stuff Linux has set fire to an explosive revolution in IT. Today Linux is dominating the most potential techno powered zones like mobile devices, web infrastructure, data centres, supercomputing, cloud computing and many more. The penetration of linux to a common man’s life space is quite relevant from the following figures. It is estimated that Over 850000 android phones running linux activated every single day compared to 30,000 windows phones according to latest reports.  Over 700000 TV are sold every day most of which are running linux. 8 out of 10 financial trades are powered by linux, 9 out of 10 worlds super computer runs on linux. Google, face book, amazon.com and twitter are powered by linux.

When linux make such a big leap in the techno front and become a throb in the pulse of all social medias it would be a matter of interest to know How is linux developed? And how the development project is networked?

Unlike other operating systems Linux is build collaboratively across companies, geographies and markets resulting in the largest collaboratively development project in the history of computing. It is amazing that just from 2005 over 8000 developers from 800 companies contributed to the linux and these collaborative processes resulted in the contribution of 15 million lines of codes. This is not about the sheer number of lines of codes it is also about how quickly and about how linux is developed and released. To add wonder to astonishment a major new kernel comes about every 2-3 months compared to years of competing operating system

Developers make changes in the individual unit called patches. It describes the lines to be changed added or removed from a source code. Each patch can add new features, new support for a device, fix a problem and improve performance or rework things to be easily understood. Once a patch is developed it is mailed to developers mailing address. Patches are accepted by senior kernel developers or maintainer who manages hundreds of section of kernel. When this is accepted it is a guarantee that it goes to the main line. Then it is set to more extensive evaluation, when the maintainer finishes the review he or she will sign on the patch and send it to linux creator. Linux foundation fellow Linux Torvalds who has the ultimate authority on what is accepted in the next release. Almost 10000 patches goes into every new release and about six patches are applied to the kernel every hour

Thus Linux rate of development is simply unmatched and hence could claim the title the master of innovation and perfection

What is next????  Because together the emperor is ready with an empire of opportunities, and that the questions sustains is ARE YOU READY TO ENJOY IT????

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aswametha of Awards

No Valkmiki’s Royal Twins Lav and kush in the way of ipsrian aswametha. The emperor of Linux goes unchallenged claiming 10 international awards in 10 years. The high achievement in the linux training was recognized by JCI Kottayam chapter by bestowoing yet another jewel to the crown of ipsrian awards for the sustainable excellence.

Aswamedha the event organized to honor ipsr for the awesome success in Red Hat was really splendid. Ipsr auditorium was glowing with the dignitaries on the dais. Jc Brijesh Goerge John triggered  the meeting with presidential address in which he felicitated ipsr for the 10 international Red hat awards. Hon’ble Minister for home and Vigilance Shri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has acknowledged the immense service ipsr delivers  to the society and also recognized Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO ipsr Solution  as  the true entrepreneur and awarded the momento to Dr. Mendus Jacob on behalf of JCI. Dr Mendus Jacob thanked JCI and the other dignitaries. He spoke about the success of ipsr and also spoke about the various CSR activities. He concluded his speech by giving greater appreciation to the employees in defining the success.

The function was over flown with felicitation from various dignitaries who have assembled there. The dignitaries included  Dr Jose James – Former Registrar, MG University, Fr. Boby Alex – Executive Editor, Deepika Publications, Mr Sajan Varghese – Managing Director , Mangalam Group of Publications, Cyriac Patani – Dy General Manager – Circulation – Malayala Manorama, T D Joseph – President – KVVES , Kottayam, Jc Senator P VijayaChandran – Director General , Institute of Directors, Trivandrum, James Immanuel – President, KSSIA, Kottayam,  Jc Nias Salim - Zone Vice President , JCI India, Jc Robin Abraham - Zone Director , JCI India, Kuttikknam, Pala, Mr.  Zaviour Thomas Kondody – Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr. M K Thomaskutty - General Secretary, KVVES, Kottayam

Thursday, February 21, 2013

With Linux in the Industry

The scenario of the IT industry in the recent past mirror a drastic growth in the open source technologies  Linux related accomplishment over these year tend to view the industry as a barometer for gauging the efficiency, scope and immense possibilities in this sector. The advancement in embedded and mobile platforms has integrated open source solutions into platforms such as automotive computers, android-based mobile devices, tablets, Chrome books and many other related areas.

With the establishment of the Open Stack Foundation and the maturation of Big Data platform open source has paved the toehold in the cloud market. Despite of this huge accomplishment Linux foundation paid relatively little heed to the success. The issue is highly topical, perhaps these technologies are open source but not powered with Linux Kernal but sill their prevalence in the enterprise cloud infrastructures means Linux.

Recently Ubuntu has launched an intense development effort to port Linux over to Goolge’s Nexus 7. This would be a promising effort for the fact that Nexus device sales continue to rise and availability on popular standard platform like Nexus would make it easy accessible in reasonable pricing. Also a notable explosion in the sales of the system with desktop Linux pre-installed has opened the possibilities to substitute proprietary software from desktop environment. Dells Project Sputnik which released a high-end Ubuntu based laptop might turn to be a big deal in US and Europe. Thus commercialization of desktop Linux has been a remarkable development in the open source channel.

Booming Asian Market shows an even higher percentage of respondents looking for Linux talent. Nearly nine in 10 (86%) of survey respondents from Asia say that hiring Linux talent is a priority in the year ahead, citing an increased use of Linux as the primary driver. This is consistent with reports about the increasing use of Linux among consumer electronics makers largely concentrated in the Asia/Pacific market. Hence for people with well-honed Linux skills and up-to-date training, the job market is thriving — and the opportunities put Linux professionals directly in the center of disruptive and exciting innovations that are changing the way we work and live.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bucked the trend in redhat certifications

If working together is success, don’t expect anything less for ipsr tailors all learning activities in par with the levels of the scholars that no obstacles remain formidable. Hence it comes as no surprise that ipsr was once again applauded for excellence in defining top success in Redhat certifications. It is noteworthy that when the global success rate in redhat certification is so skimpy ipsr has become a pocket that has bucked the trend in registering success.

In this context what become more significant are the observations of our scholars. Here are the remarks of our students from RHCVA crash batch.

Mr. Rakesh Singh is basically from New Delhi. He started his career at Aptech, Chennai. He is now the Operation Co-ordinator at Meridian Technologies Ltd, Nigeria.

 “I am very much pleased with IPSR for the wonderful training. The infrastructure is also very good. Mr. Mojan was superb, and also an expert in helping with lab practice. I am very happy for becoming an RHCVA, And I also wish to do my next schedules from IPSR itself and I shall also recommend my friends to opt IPSR…….’

Mr. A Victor Sam Tony is from Madurai. He is also an RHCE trainer & System Admin at Klimways Informatics, Chennai.

“I mainly decided to join IPSR because I got immediate response for my enquiry. I also heard that IPSR was the best in Linux and I am happy that what I have heard was right. I also thank each and everyone for helping and co-ordinating me. I am very happy to become RHCVA. I am also planning to take RHCDS also from IPSR…” 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

RHCVA turns to golden 50: it’s all about ipsrian figures

The well established name in Linux Learning services and over a decade old ipsr, operating IT learning services in the global industry has now added the 50th RHCVA to the global figures of Certified Virtualization Administrators which is the recently launched Redhat technology. A royal touch to this golden figure is that it has happened through Charles Brownlow from England who reached our International learning centre at Cochin in a winter fest mood of December.

Mr. Charles Brownlow is an adventurous man from the land of Mighty castles, stately homes, glorious gardens, and tiny picturesque villages with lots of experience in water spots, swimming and diving. He is a Yatch Manager by profession with a heavy responsibility in scheduling the routes for sailing each and every day. He is also a professional trainer in swimming. And now he is about to dive into the tech world of open source to explore the possibilities in Redhat technologies. It is with this new dreams and vision he reached IPSR and began his successful sage in the world of linux

Here are some words from Charlie:
“I searched in the site and the first option was IPSR… I heard and many of them suggested too that if you are doing Linux then do it from IPSR!!! I am very much happy to achieve 100% score for RHCE. I am also very thankful to Mr. Sanju Raj who helped me a lot. I also got much time for practice too and I am thankful to all other Linux members for helping me out. I only came with the aim to do RHCE but later I decided not to miss this opportunity. So that’s why I decided to do RHS 333 as well as RHCVA. And now I am happy to become a RHCVA also”

Ipsr wishes him a successful journey ahead

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the heights of the Best Entrepreneur ………

Dr. Mendus Jacob, CEO, IPSR Solutions receiving the top honours of the Best Entrepreneur Award constituted by KSSIA from the Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Oommen Chandy in the presence of Minister of Home and Vigilance Shri Tiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, District Collector of Kottayam Smt Mini Antony and   many other dignitaries at an auspicious function held at Mammen Mappillai Hall, Kottayam. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jewelled with 48th RHCSS – IPSR pride with Sajin

Ipsr defines a fabulous 48 in the number of RHCSS professionals certified from ipsr and it is noteworthy that this figure becomes more glorified as the global figures lags much behind. This spectacular figure in higher certifications sets ipsr as a treasure trove of higher Redhat certifications. The quality of training and the rich experience in Redhat has probably made ipsr a confident destination of global linux loving community.

The recent success of Mr. Sajin Vachery in becoming a RHCSS has capitalized one more success to ipsrian credit. Mr. Sajin is a post graduate in Computer Science and a native of Thrissur. He has been working as a consultant in GBM, Gulf Business Machine for the past 9 yrs.  He is with ipsr in defining veritable success in Redhat certifications RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and now RHCSS. Here are few words of Mr. Sajin with ipsr.

"IPSR had been with me throughout my Linux career. Right from RHCE, RHCVA and now RHCSS and definitely RHCA. Me joining the elite group of RHCSS would have been impossible if it wasn't for IPSR. Facilities are excellent. They make sure that you are well prepared; make it a point to give their best with their team of highly knowledgeable, professional and extremely cooperative instructors. Labs are opened during the weekends and public holidays helping students get additional practice. For Red Hat Training IPSR is the best. Anytime I would recommend IPSR."

Ipsr wishes Mr Sajin Vachery a Successful career.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Linux opportunities everywhere but no sufficient talents to find

Extract from the 2012 IT Job reports reveals
81% of the recruiters globally say hiring linux talents is a priority
63% of the employers seek more linux talent relative to other skill areas
85% of hiring managers say linux talent is hard to find
Nearly 1/3 of companies are offering above normal pay increases to linux pros

Despite this abundance in possibilities of tech job in Linux souk, the scenario of job seeking in the contemporary Job malls is like an attempt to identify the right choice by keeping the eyes closed and keep believing that nothing exists. The right choice is at the hand reach it’s just a matter of keeping the eyes open. 
It is an undisputed fact that it is the tech jobs that fuel the global economy to a greater extend. In the remarks of the US President in his recent State and Union address stated that there are as many opening in the Science and technology sectors as there are people to fill them. It is also a generalized scenario of the global industry which is unveiled from the facts and figures of the global statistics on demand vs supply of talented human capitals. But now the matter of concern is where exactly are these jobs? And who exactly fits in?
Today, we have a more genuine and valid data that helps us understand where are the tech jobs and that tells us we need more trained people in the most profitable and rewarding areas of tech.
From the reports of The tech Job News, the two most lucrative area in the tech job market are Linux development and System administration and it is said that Eighty One percent of recruiters surveyed says hiring Linux professionals is a priority in the year ahead (2013 – 14)
And Sixty three percent will be hiring Linux talent over candidates with other skill sets.

A NYU Professor recently said "code is the literacy of the future" (CNN: Computer Geeks King in Job Hunt). We agree. And, we believe that Linux is an important currency in that future. It powers the Internet. It runs Google, Face book, Amazon, Twitter and millions of other Internet technology companies. It runs the world's supercomputers, data centers, smart phones, financial institutions and stock exchanges, and the list goes on. It's no surprise that with its widespread ubiquity that today there is also growing demand for talent to support it. In fact, when the Linux Jobs Report survey respondents were asked why hiring Linux talent was a priority in the year ahead, most reported their companies are growing, increasing their use of Linux and requiring in-house expertise to support the OS.
But what brings wrinkles in the forehead of employers who are seeking for the right skills is that Linux and open source developers can be hard to find. Eight-five percent of those surveyed say that finding Linux talent is really difficult.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Qualcomm, IBM, Intel and hundreds of other companies who rely on Linux to support their businesses, especially their highly-valued data centers and embedded systems, are paying big bucks to find and retain Linux talent. The Linux Jobs Report shows that nearly 1/3 of the companies surveyed are giving pay increases to these professionals that are above the industry norm. Dice's 2012 Salary Report backs this up, showing that Linux professionals have seen salaries go up by 5% over the last few years, while tech professionals overall have seen just a 2% increase. The 15% bump in bonus payouts to Linux professionals just solidifies the point.

When the tech job industries are flooding with opportunities it is quite ridiculous to see tech aspirants wandering in search of jobs. For a good entry in a sustainable tech job market just keep the eye open and enjoy a cool career as penguin is quite cool.

Content courtesy: http://www.linuxfoundation.org

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ipsrian Biennale of Redhat technologies: bridging RHCA

A fete of international manifestation for mastering the contemporary technology in Redhat with intends to scale the tangible heights of RHCA. The international centre of Ipsr has become a magnetic platform for ambitious technocrats to touch the sky of Redhat technologies. The higher end session of specialization in Redhat technologies summoned for IT aspirants from Netherland and Sri Lanka has marked a good start and for this Year 2013 season has well. 

It is rather a boastful moment that Mr. Sliman Kalai from Netherlands is enjoying his second visit to India and ipsr for doing the higher certifications of Redhat. His first visit was back in November 2012 where he became RHCVA with 100% score and RHCDS from IPSR. He is now in the urge to become a RHCA. Mr. Sliman is a freelancer in Linux.and the proud owner of Kalai IT Services with ample experience in Linux. The rich ipsrian lab and hospitality, the favors of south Indian cuisine, mind-blowing adventurous cruise and trekking moments of boot camp session and the victorious moment of success has put no other option other than gods own country for his onward destination of RHCA.

The wonder man of centuries from Sri Lanka Mr. Rumesh Milan is back again to IPSR to define new wonders in Redhat certification. Mr Rumesh Milan is the first RHCDS from Sri Lanka. He is currently working as the Systems & Network Administrator at Calcey Technologies Pvt Ltd, Colombo. This time he is here for RH 333 & RH 442. His Miraculous touch of centuries (100% score) in RHCSA, RHCE, RHCVA and RHCDS is expected to continue this season too. 

Ipsr team wishes the entire batch a fruitful accomplishment of RHCA dreams