Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why CISCO Certification?

Here are a few reasons:

* Cisco Certification gives you a better pay.
* Cisco Professionals rank as highest paid employers
* Cisco Certified is a respectable position in the Networking industry.
* In case you are already in the industry, Cisco Certification gives you 15% to 20% increase in salary and other benefits.
* Surveys speak for themselves. Average incomes of CCNA- $45,000; CCIE- $60,000; CCNP-$55,000

Level of Expertise
Cisco Certifications are offered in an increasing level of expertise

* Associate level is the apprenticeship or foundation level. The corresponding certification is CCNA-Cisco Certified Network Associate
* Professional level certifications are for those who have passed out the foundation level and have enough of experience in the industry. The corresponding certifications are CCNP-Cisco Certified Network Professional, CCDP- Cisco Certified Design Professional, CCIP-Cisco Certified Internet work Professional, CCSP- Cisco Certified Security Professional
* Expert level is the highest category of certification; the corresponding certification is CCIE- Cisco Certified Internet work Expert.

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