Monday, March 9, 2009

Winny Thomas, Ace Security Researcher is Routerdome Consultant

Winny Thomas has been a consultant for ipsr Penguin Planet(Redhat Division) and Router Dome (Cisco Division) right from its inception. Winny is Cisco Certified CCIE Security, CCIE #23720 making him join an elite rank of security specialists. There are approximately only about 2000 people in the world who have this prestigious certification. Winny has also worked for CISCO in their Offshore Development Centre.
Primarily a security researcher, he has worked for Nevis Labs and HCL and is now handling independent assignments as a Security Consultant. He has been credited with independently discovering a number of vulnerabilities in various applications including a vulnerability in the windows operating system. The Real Labs at ipsr Routerdome are his brainchild. We hope that his guidance will help us achieve never-before heights!

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